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tablet. pc.3 to 9. Sony Experia. Safari 5. HuaWei.3 and Download and activation of HyppTV Everywhere application Where can I download HyppTV Everywhere? Apple device: App store Android device: Google Play Store PC: http://hypptv. PC: Windows XP and 7 Mac: OXS and above Web browser: Chrome 10.0+. What is the minimum requirement for my devices? Apple devices: iOS 4. General Information What is HyppTV Everywhere? HyppTV Everywhere is an add-on service offered by Telekom Malaysia Berhad to allow users to watch HyppTV via smart phone.1. Asus Samsung Smart TV: 2013 model and above. some programs will not have subtitles. 2. IPhone 4 and above. Firefox 4.0+. How do I change my password? If you would like to change your login password. LG. please follow these steps: 1. Go to Settings > Account > Password 3. and web browser.0+. Can I watch HyppTV Everywhere content when I’m offline? Currently. Fill in the required details .my (need to download plug-in) How do I get my login ID and password? You may register via the HyppTV Everywhere apps using your mobile number or Facebook as your login ID. Android devices: 2.2. IE10 Does HyppTV Everywhere provide subtitles? Due to some Login to your account via app or web 2. HTC One X. Samsung Galaxy. you can’t download content when offline.

now Hairun now Jelli (HD) Polimer RTL CBS Entertainment HD SETI TVB8 UTV Bindass UTV Movies Warner TV .3. Content Information HyppTV Everywhere Channel offerings:Free Channels 8TV Bloomberg TV Capital TV Channel NewsAsia Euronews Hao Xiang Shopping TV Hikmah now International HD NTV7 Outdoor Channel HD Parlimen Malaysia RTL CBS Extreme HD TV AlHijrah TV Direct Showcase TV3 LUXE TV HD TV9 VOD Channels AlHijrah on Demand Dunia Sinema FriedChillies Food Hypp Dino Hypp Flicks Plus Hypp Play Live TV Channels BabyFirst BBC Earth HD BBC Lifestyle Bindass Play DW Boomerang HD CBeebies CinemaWorld HD Comedy Central HD DreamWorks HD France 24 HyppInspirasi HyppSensasi HyppSports 2 HD HyppSports 3 HD HyppSports 4 HD HyppSports HD iConcerts HD Jaya Max MNC Channel Motorvision HD MTV Live HD Nick Jr.

And select your preferred CIMB Click)  PayPal  U Mobile bill  Voucher (Free Trial and Promotional Offer) How do I get and redeem the 60 days voucher code for Video Onz – U Mobile? Go to this link exclusive for U Mobile customers only Zero data when you watch HyppTV Everywhere using U Mobile simcard.00 for VOD.00 for Live TV and Everywhere Subscriptions & Packages Ala-Carte Subscription Buy only the channels you like for as low as RM6. Payments What payment options are available?  Credit card/Debit card  Online Banking (Maybank2u.    Everywhere pack daily – RM1 for 3 channels Everywhere pack weekly – RM5 for 3 channels Everywhere pack monthly – RM15 for 3 channels U Mobile 60 Days Free Trial   60 days free access to all live channels.html Or follow these simple steps: Step 1: SMS Hypp to 28122 and receive your 14 digit HyppTV Everywhere voucher code Step 2: Go to the app to login or register Step 3: Click on U Mobile 60 Days Free Trial icon Step 4: Click Buy Step 5: Select U Mobile Free Trial Step 6: Select Voucher Step 7: Key in your 14 digit voucher code Step 8: Enjoy watching all premium live channels For iPhone users to redeem voucher code at Everywhere Pack Pick and choose 3 of your favourite channels. RHB. via PC .

5. Support Team U Mobile Others –Email to he.Customer Service Helpline 1318 Email .