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182, IF YOU GO ‘Words and Music by JON SECADA and MIGUEL A. MOREJON Arranged by DAN COATES Steady rock tempo sz os ee Am? Verse: F a1 \ dont wan na hide. —, Yeu 9-9-4 © 1998 FOREIGN MPORTED PRODUCTIONS & PUBLISHING, NC, MHD ‘AU FIISResores Hes ae Tried t0 find my - self,| tried to find the truth,_| eg ~~ get out from this shell. Gi, Tm al most there. Is zi — ; J — wd Z od SSS s nd G Chorus: ——™. t 2 oN x T T | ——_ to jshow you how much__._-_ ‘Isreal ly care. Uf you go,_} 184 a1 real- ly want is Verse 2: Sorry if you fekt misled But I know what I feel, I know what 1 said, baby. God, 1 believe, believe in all that we can be, 4 ‘he futur in love. ‘You're the reason. strong. Don't you think I don't know ‘This is where I belong? Give me the time to say thet you're mine To say that you're mine. (To Chorus:) Yeu Ge-3-9)