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A Christmas Carol

Scene 1: In Scrooge office

Chirstmas Eve.
Ebenezer Scrooge: rich, old man. He doesnt like spending money.
Bob Cratchit: his clerk.
Fred: his nephew.
Fred comes to invite his uncle Scrooge to have dinner with them but he denies because
he doesnt like Christmas. He thinks its a waste of time and money.
When Fred leaves two gentlemen come into the office asking for Mr Marley, the
Scrooges partner who died seven years ago. The gentlemen want to get money to buy clothes
and food for poor people but Scrooge doesnt give them any money. In his opinion there are too
many poor people in England so they can die.
Bob Cratchit tells Mr Scrooge that next day he wont come to work because he wants to
spend Christmas Day with his family and Mr Scrooge doesnt like it at all.
Scene 2: Marleys Ghost
When Mr Scrooge arrives home he can see Marleys face on the knocker. Hes scared
and comes into the house. While he is having dinner a bell starts to swing and all the bells in the
house start ringing. Marleys ghost appears and tells Scrooge that he wants to help him. He only
liked money when he was alive and now he has to wear chains on his body and he cant help
poor people. He tells Scrooge that he has to change and become a good person. Three visitors
will appear that night to teach him to be a good man.
Scene 3: The Ghost of Christmas past
As Marley had told him, at one oclock the first ghost appeared wearing a white robe
and a bright light over its head. The ghost takes Scrooge to the countryside, to the place where
Scrooge had lived when he was a boy. He can see himself alone at the school because his father
didnt want him at home. But later his sister Fan appeared to take him home at Christmas saying
that their father was nicer now.
Then the ghost takes Scrooge to a big city and stop at a warehouse (Mr. Fezziwigs
place). Scrooge worked for him when he was young. He was very good for his workers and
made fantastic Christmas parties for them. Then Scrooge admits that hes not good to Cratchit.
Then they go to a garden where the young Scrooge and the young Bella are sitting.
Bella wanted to marry Scrooge but she knew that he didnt want to marry her because she was
poor and Scrooge only loved money. Then they visit Bellas house. Shes married and with a
lot of children. They are happy. After opening the presents the children go to bed and Bella talks
with his husband about Scrooge. The husband had seen him that afternoon alone in his office
because his partner was dying. They feel very sorry about Scrooge because he has nothing in
this world but money. Scrooge learns that money cant buy happiness. He gets angry and
attacks the ghost that finally disappears.
Scene 4: The Ghost of Christmas present
Some time after that, Scrooge sees a light and hears a voice. He comes into a room
which is now decorated for Christmas. A big figure is sitting on a sofa in the middle of the
room. This time the ghost is wearing a green robe and has a torch in his hand. Touching its robe,
they go to Cratchits house. The clerk is with his son, who is very ill and has to wear crutches,
and the rest of his family. Tiny Tim is a very good and sweet boy who asks God to help him.
The Ghost tells Scrooge that the boy needs medicine and doctors that his parents can not afford ,
so he will finally die. Now Scrooges is very sad and sorry because he had said that poor people
can die. Although the family says that Scrooge is a very mean person and that he never sent any
presents to the children, they drink to him.
Then they go to Freds house. He and his wife are having dinner. Although Scrooge
didnt want to have dinner with them, Fred says that he will invite him again year after year
until he accepts to celebrate Christmas with them. Scrooge hears that and says that he will do it.

Finally they go to a poorhouse. There are a lot of poor children crying that will probably
die because their parents are very ill or already dead. Scrooge says that he can help them and
give them money. The ghost disappears.
Scene 5: The Ghost of Christmas future
Suddenly a figure covered with a black robe appears. The Ghost asks Scrooge to follow
him. The walk along the street and see the two men who had visited Scrooge asking for money.
They are talking about Scrooges death. Nobody will go to his funeral because nobody liked
him. The Ghosts shows Scrooge a dead man on a bed, with the only company of the rats. As
nobody liked him when he was alive, now nobody is crying for him. On the other hand, the
Ghost shows him Tiny Tims death. His parents are talking about the boy and crying. Everybody
loved him. Scrooge shouts that it cant be that way. He wants to help the poor boy because he
can not die. The ghost takes Scrooge to the cemetery and shows him his own grave. Scrooge
wants a different future for him. He wants to change. The ghost disappears and Scrooge is back
in his bed but he remembers all the things that he has learnt and wants to be a good person now
and help poor people.
Scene 6 : A new Scrooge
On Christmas day in the morning Scrooge asks a boy in the street to buy a turkey and
take it to the Cratchit family. He also gives him money to take a cab. Then, Scrooge goes into
the street and gives a lot of money to the 2 gentlemen that had visited his office the day before.
Finally, he bought flowers and went to have dinner with his nephew Fred.
Scene 7: The next day
Cratchit arrives late at work and Scrooge pretends to be angry. He tells his clerk that he
s going to pay him more and that he will pay all the medicine and doctors that Tiny Tim needs.
Scene 8: Christmas one year later
Scrooge is making a big Christmas party. All the guests are happy and thank Scrooge
for helping them.