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SAP Value Lifecycle ManagerCustomer Quick Start Guide


A. Register for/Login to VLM

1. Open the Value
Lifecycle Manager

If you forgot your password click

here to receive your credentials
via email

SAP Value Lifecycle

Manager at a glance

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New Users: Register for Value

Lifecycle Manager by
completing new user form (onetime activity)

Existing Users: Enter

username &

See how organizations

are using SAP Value
Lifecycle Manager

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Generic e-mail domain accounts such as

Hotmail etc. are not permitted

Your password must be a minimum of 8

characters and include at least one upper case
character, one lower case character, and one
numeric character.

If having difficulty reading the Word verification

box, refresh by clicking on the button on the

Accepting SAPs Terms & Conditions is

mandatory for all external users

B. Value Lifecycle Manager: Landing Page

My Profile: To edit your user


My projects:
Manage existing

Resources: View SAP's

thought leadership content
and performance drivers for
25 industries and 12 LoBs

To create a new
project directly

Survey already

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C. Resources
(Select Top Content and Survey)

Select relevant Industry

and Area of expertise

Flip through
using arrows

Use Home
button to go
back to
landing page

Click Change to go
back and select
another Industry and
view value maps

Select the relevant business

priority to view the related content:

Use Featured Content

dropdown to view the
related Best Practices,
Pain Points, Soundbites
and Value Drivers

Select /Enroll in a
benchmarking survey

Tips: If your SAP contact has already selected your survey(s) and created your project(s), you can skip this step.
Go directly to the My Projects icon and see the surveys you are enrolled in
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D. Create Project(s)

Create Project option is

1. Open the
and on the
Lifecycle Manager
landing page

If you know the

Industry and the
business priority,
choose Create a New
Project option directly
from the landing page

Revenue should
be in actual
monetary value

Projects are a useful way to organize initiatives by their scope which is typically based on the organization or portion of the
organization they are representing

Project attributes include Region & Country, Scope (entire company or division), Industry & sub-industry, Revenue &
currency and Valid date range for data

All surveys under the same Project share these attributes

If project level info. is changed, you must re-save any surveys within that project so any KPIs that depend on the
Revenue value, you enter when creating a project, can be re-calculated

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E. Complete Survey(s)

Click page
number to
navigate pages

Complete all pages of the survey.

Page1: Read Instructions, Page 2:
KPIs/metrics, Page 3: Best practices

Click Contact Us
to request

Once survey is
completed, click
Show Results to
check responses
for consistency &

After answering
questions in the
survey be sure to
click on Save
Help text
for questions

Select the
Overall Peer
Group to
directly View


Contact Us: For any survey/Value Lifecycle Manager questions, click on Contact Us; it will activate an email to the SAP
Benchmarking team where you can specify your question

Show Results: This allows you to validate your survey responses for completeness and consistency of data. You will be
able to view the results if the Overall Status of Survey Check is Yellow or Green

Request Custom Peer Group: Click on the blue text to provide details of a more relevant peer group and request to enable
that peer group for viewing results online

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F. Add a Business Case

(A Business Case will be added by your SAP contact.)

The Business Case added

your SAP Contact will be
available in your My
Projects section
Edit the
properties of
the Business

Close the Business

Case Window

Save or Discard

Navigate to other

Change the view to Value Driver,

Pain point and Best Practice

Note: If you are not aligned to an SAP contact, please email

2014 SAP AG. All rights reserved.