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Department of Trade and Taxes

Government of NCT of Delhi
Form DVAT 38
[See Rule 52]
Objection Form under Delhi Value Added Tax Act, 2004
The commissioner of Trade and Taxes
New Delhi
1. Registration Number / TIN
2. Full Name of the Dealer
3. Address
4. Contact Telephone Number(s)
5. Nature of objection
Please attach copy of Assessment,
order or decision objected against


Against default assessment order u/s
9(2) of CST Act

6. Tax period to which the objection

01.07.2008 TO 30.09.2008

7. Number & Date of issue of
Assessment order in DVAT 24/24A
or any other order or decision
objected against

Ref NO:040909611112966
Dt 20/12/2011

8. Date of service of Assessment,
order or decision objected against


9. Is the objection filed within time


10 If no in (9) above, attach Form DVAT 39.


11. Is the objection against an
12. If yes, then specify the amount of
additional demand
13. Specify the amount of undisputed
demand (Please attach proof of
payment of said amount)


) (ii) As assessed A 47. if any.@ 5987/2768 12.893( Sale ---by appellant against H form) Amount in A-B 5987/2768 dispute 15. 16. (ii) Date of filing the application or written request.893/.) (i + ii + iii) --- --- ----- 8755/- 8755/- No .8.755/14. Specify the amount of said demand objected against Taxable Tax (Rs. Do you want a hearing? Yes Penalty (Rs.Whether the objection is under the provisions of section 74(2). to the above named authority (Attach a copy thereof duly supported by proof of filing) (iii) Specific date by which the matter was supposed to be disposed off in view of the limitations provided under the Act and rules made thereunder. (iv) Other details. if any.5% As admitted B 47. (please  one) If yes.) (i) (Rs. please give the following details:(i) Name of the authority against whose failure to decide or to issue any assessment or order the objection is being filed.) (iii) ----- Total (Rs.) Interes turnover t (Rs.

01. Please annex the list of enclosures a) Power of Attorney b) Grounds of Appeal c) Statement of Facts 19. This must be done even if you have requested for a hearing. Authorised Signatory Name VIKAS JAIN Designation/status Director Place NEW DELHI Date 15. As per Annexure-II 18.2012 . Please state fully and in detail the grounds on which you are objecting. Verification I VIKAS JAIN hereby solemnly affirm and declare that the information given in this form and its attachments (if any) is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed there from.17.

ASHOK VIHAR STATEMENT OF FACTS 1. That the Ld DVATO taxed the sales against H form at full rate of CST @ 12. . 3.ANNEXURE –II M/S OLINA PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS PVT LIMITED D-9. All the export documents which were required as per the rules were furnished to the Ld DVATO.against H form to M/s Rangeela Exports vide invoice no OPC/098 dt 05. That during the period under consideration the dealer has made central sale of Rs 47893/. That the appellant is registered dealer of ward -65 vide TIN 07970341718 2. 4.08. That the dealer is trading in cosmetic items. G T KARNAL ROAD. however the same has not been appreciated. bill of entry and other relevant export documents were furnished at the time of assessment. though the copies of invoices.2008. SMA INDL AREA.5% being unspecified item .

2. SMA INDL AREA. 3. however the same has not been appreciated. That the order has been passed without giving sufficient opportunity to the appellant. .M/S OLINA PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS PVT LIMITED D-9. That the order as passed is bad in law and against the facts of the case. 4. That the sale against H form are properly supported by all the documents required by law which were filed during the assessment proceedings. G T KARNAL ROAD. ASHOK VIHAR GROUND OF APPEAL 1. That the appellant reserve the right to amend / add/ delete any ground of appeal during the course of hearing.. 3. That it is prayed that tax levied along with interest be ordered to be deleted.