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Politics, money, obliviousness, and

the Anthropocene.
Syed Arsalan Ghani
English Literature HL
Readings on the Anthropocene
Andrew Mahlstedt
17 November 2015

Pigeons, when confronted with immediate danger and are unable to
flee, instinctively close their eyes and purge their world into darkness,
thinking that their attacker will also not be able to see them, and this would
ensure the bird’s safety. Humans pride themselves on being the most
intelligent creatures in the known universe but in reality, are not so different
than the foolish pigeons, but probably are worse than them because at least
the pigeon makes some effort to save itself, while we have completely
ignored the elephant in the room.
Climate change is a problem. It is happening and it has been
escalated by our actions. Anybody who says otherwise is not a skeptic but
simply a climate change denier, and the root of the problem. On 26th
February 2015, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) brought a snowball in the United
States’ Senate and declared, “We keep hearing that 2014 has been the
warmest year on record. I ask the chair, you know what this is? It’s a
snowball, and that’s just from outside here, so it’s very, very cold out, very
unseasonable.” He flung the snowball towards the Chair and continued on
with his speech. One might argue that quite a few people disagree with 98%
of the world scientists and that all the proof that we have is not enough, and
that Inhofe is one of those people. But a crucial piece of information is that

D. It is also very interesting to consider that the Anthropocene and climate change will not respect our man-made regional boundaries. the East Coast was colder than usual which is where Inhofe goes to work.” (The Inhuman Anthropocene. Inhofe and his grandchildren built an igloo in 2010. “[Global Warming] is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. Inhofe has also said. A simple snowball picked up from the ground does not disprove the hundreds of scientists that actually put effort in their research. Pg. notwithstanding its scientific verifiability. The idea of Anthropocene needs to be seen as more plausible than it is viewed right now. when little Hushpuppy accidently burns down her father’s house and then rushes to hide under a cardboard box. 2014 was the warmest year on record. This is Inhofe. It will not limit itself to the countries in Africa and the Middle East.” Last but certainly not the least. and will most certainly affect the West.C. after all.1) Inhofe and his team are looking and working with small bits of weather data and are trying to disprove something that is a well-established fact. They forget to put these factors in account. was very cold but the West Coast was very warm. Luciano.he is the chair of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. two of the top bodies of government scientists. its intent is not simply to carve humanity’s name upon the stratigraphic map (humans. There is a very familiar scene in The Beast of Southern Wild. at base a political strategy. this is us in the face of inevitable . with the intent of altering or mitigating them. quite near to the Capitol and put up boards which read. Ironically. “Honk If You Love Global Warming.” It is utterly disgusting and repulsive to see this imminent threat being turned into a joke. “[A]nd the Anthropocene is. invented the map in the first place). something proven by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. but to raise awareness of the negative planetary impact of certain human activities.

words like these come out of the mouths of people whose names will be on the ballot in 2016: “Obama’s carbon crusade shows he’s more committed to confronting American coal miners than Iranian clerics who chant 'death to America'. This mirrors exactly what we have been doing since the last century.Jeb Bush. using oil and exploiting natural gas and expect nothing to happen. We cannot continue cutting down trees. If we have any humanity left in us we will care about what we have done to this Earth and intensify our efforts to restore it. It is our political leaders who are the villains and it is our silence which is deafening. Pg. hoping that all this will go away and we may be liberated from this disaster.and immutable disaster that is the Anthropocene. Luciano. We cannot go forever burning coal. to base policies on or give long winded speeches on.3) Climate change just does not seem the ideal issue to press upon. Hushpuppy again flees. “Civilizations have throughout history marched blindly towards disaster. The scene changes and the glaciers break with a deafening sound and out come the majestic beasts destroying everything in their path. “The Anthropocene story takes as its origin not simply human indifference to nature. “Obama’s Carbon Rule is irresponsible & overreaching.”. Many presidential candidates in the United States especially dodge this issue and when there are actual productive steps being taken to counter climate change.” (The Inhuman Anthropocene. as much as we can to its natural shape. with as much pressure as possible. politicians. because humans are wired to believe that tomorrow will be much like today – it is unnatural . but human disregard for other human lives. It is human indifference that is causing the most damage. We do not care about what the future will have in store for our children and grand-children. urbanizing and convulsing the eco-system and expect nothing to happen. World leaders.”Mike Huckabee. influential people need to address this issue immediately.

but active deniability of some vocal ones. There is a flicker of hope. .for us to think that this way of life.” (Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene. we can act just like Hushpuppy take flight instead of fighting or we can actually make a difference. Scranton. Maybe it will be too late for us. Pg. a tiny ray of light as Hushpuppy confronts the beasts in the end and pets them. this order of things is not stable and permanent. no matter how small it may seem. We can follow people like Inhofe who manipulate and interpret weather data in a way which is completely wrong.7) The problem is not just indifference of the majority. this present moment. our children and our mother Earth. For us. but it is nevertheless worth the risk.