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Bar Manager - Johny Hume

Rooms dedicated to the most

Elegant Recreation
Est. 2014

Bonbar and the Assembly Rooms can cater for all your needs. black pudding squares. home cured salmon £3. apple sauce £3 Scotch egg.5 Mini sausages.5 Sausage roll. Our menu is a convergence of classic and contemporary where mainstream meets mixology. HP sauce £3 Blinis. olives. hummus. mango chutney £3. parmesan nuggets £3. With rooms dedicated to the most elegant recreation. dill tzatziki £3 Salami.BITS AND BITES We treat you to a display of the old and an introduction to the new. private cocktail classes. piccalilli £3. mayo £3 Sweet potato fries. grain mustard £3. cherry tomato and coriander chilli salsa £3 Bowl of Haribos £2 . Bonbar and the Assembly Rooms will help you celebrate whatever the occasion.5 Crispy flatbread. Marinated olives. wedding receptions. Moroccan tomato jam £3 Homemade crisps £2 Crispy flatbread.5 Spiced nuts £3 Pistachios £3 Pork crackling. to satisfy your liquid temptations. pickled vegetables £3.5 Mini onion bahjis.5 Hand cut chips. seasonal celebrations and outdoor parties. From exclusive booth hire for celebratory meals to birthday nights out.

Northern Dripping washed Bulliet Rye. RICH DRY Locomotive Big Fat Sazerac Zombie Negroni Martinez *Ms Gracie’s Last Word Tanqueray Gin. SOUR STRONG SWEET Sugar snap infused Ketel One Vodka.A CLASSIC.CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT COCKTAIL START HERE What are you in the mood for? VINTAGE COCKTAILS ‘Some of the best cocktails are those that have been around the longest. A buzzzzing mix of Tanqueray Gin. orange and a cherry float.PERFECT BALANCE OF SWEET FRUIT & DRY RUM £6 CLOVER CLUB . Remy Martin cognac and Tanqueray gin. lemon sherbet. shaken with pineapple. fresh lime.5 BIG FAT SAZERAC .SWEET. lemon and homemade lavender and bee pollen syrup. raspberry and vanilla reduction. balanced with a soda top. finished with Buckfast reduction. lemon juice. fresh mint and lime.5 BEE’S KNEES . MADE FAMOUS BY THE 1940’S FILM ‘CASABLANCA’ £9. Luxardo Maraschino liqueur and a drizzle of grenadine. Remy Cognac. (contains egg white) Monkey Shoulder whisky mixed with cherry liqueur and orange juice. .’ MARY PICKFORD . MOREISH WITH A FLORAL PERFUME £7 BLOOD & SAND THE BEST SWEET SCOTCH COCKTAILS AROUND £7 FOG CUTTER .UPBEAT.OUR ADAPTATION OF THE NEW ORLEAN’S CLASSIC £8 Brugal Rum. Tanqueray Gin fused with Dry Vermouth. DELICATE AND EASY DRINKING £7 SUGAR SNAP DAISY . spritz of Absinthe and lengthened with Champagne.LIGHT. ZESTY AND FRESH £6 PARISIAN 75 . SOUR Bee’s Knees Parisian 75 Aperol Spritz *Crystal Hedonism *Sharing punch cocktails RICH Disco Pisco Joe’s Electric Currant DRY Clover Club Novelist Bitter Sting Sugar Snap Daisy *Coal House Punch Champagne Jerry SOFT Geordie Porn Star Mary Pickford What’s Poppin RICH Fog Cutter Blood & Sand Amelia #2 Gin & Juice Brugal Rum.ONE OF THE ORIGINAL AND REFRESHING TIKI STYLE COCKTAILS £7. D&B syrup.

St Germain elderflower liqueur. BOTTLE. Served with a shot of Lambrini fizz. SHARING PUNCH COAL HOUSE PUNCH . Newcastle Brown Ale syrup.5 THE NOVELIST . Benedictine and orange. Falernum. lemon juice. Absinthe.A FRESH AND MOREISH APERITIF £9. blackberry puree.INSPIRED BY MR STEPHENSON. fresh lime.SERVED WITH A HELPING OF POPCORN £7. Pineapple juice. topped with Champagne.5 £8 £7 WHAT’S POPPIN’ .HIT THE DANCE FLOOR IN STYLE AFTER A FEW OF THESE! Pineapple infused Pisco. Cucumber. Served with a novel origami bird. sensual self indulgence’ Crystal Head vodka. Chambord.SERVED IN A COAL BUCKET. Fentimans Victorian Rose lemonade. £6. DISCO PISCO . Served on a smoked Macallan Whisky barrel shard. Lime. peach liqueur. £9. lemon sherbet. Champagne. Ginger. Chai Vermouth. The Great Brugal Rumble National Competition Winner 2013. red currant jam. £40 for 4 £70 for 8 MS. camomile tea.NEED WE SAY ANYMORE! Stoli Vanilla. £7. Gin. BARREL & SHARING PUNCH Our bartenders twists.COCKTAILS. lemon sherbet & Grenadine. Punt e Mes Sweet Vermouth. Passion fruit. flips & experiments A twist on a Jerry Thomas original recipe. Tip of the cap to the 90’s Hip-Hop scene.LIGHT AND FRUITY . Pineapple.SERVED BLACK IN A SMOKED SKULL. BOTTLES . £50 for 4 Hendricks Gin. . Byrrh Grand Quinquina. lemon curd. nettle cordial and lemon juice.5 BITTER STING . GRACIE’S LAST WORD .INSPIRED BY THE INVENTOR OF THE LIGHT BULB Brugal Rum. Fruity with an electric zing! Served in a light bulb. Cola. Picon Italian aperitif & walnut bitters. £6. Newcastle Brown Ale syrup. Earl Grey tea and orange. £45 for 4 £75 for 8 CRYSTAL HEDONISM . wine reduction and teapot bitters. Maraschino.INSPIRED BY THE FAMOUS NOVELIST CATHERINE COOKSON A blend of Tanqueray Gin.5 ZOMBIE £7. ‘A pursuit of pleasure. dry sherry.OUR HOMEMADE BATCHED COCKTAIL. teapot bitters. Charteuse. finished off with tropical juice. GEORDIE PORN STAR MARTINI . Stirred down and served over ice. Tanqueray Old Tom. £7 Brugal Blanco rum infused with popcorn shaken with Frangelico Hazelnut liqueur and Half & Half. PIONEER OF THE RAILWAY Ron Zacapa 23.5 Ketel One vodka mixed with Aperol.5 BARREL .SERVED WITH FRUIT CAVIARS IN A ICE COVE Ketel One Vodka.5 NEGRONI £7 MARTINEZ £7 House mix of rum and pimento dram. honey. lime and D&B syrup.CONTEMPORARY COCKTAILS Our tantalising tipples. Aperol. £35 for 4 CHAMPAGNE JERRY . Sweet Vermouth. *Warning contains explicit material JOE’S ELECTRIC CURRANT . Brugal 1888 Reserva Rum.SERVED IN A ABSINTHE FOUNTAIN. Boker bitters. taking inspiration from our north east roots AMELIA #2 . MATURED AND BLENDED FOR A MINIMUM OF 4 WEEKS. GIN & JUICE Gin. Pimento. Campari. LOCOMOTIVE .SERVED IN A COPPER TEA POT. Luxardo Maraschino and Angostura Bitters. Ketel One Vodka.

75ltr Halo GIN 2x Stoli Elit / 1x Ron Zacapa / 1x Gout De Diamant Champagne 1x Crystal Head 3ltr / 1x Johnnie Walker Blue 1x Gout De Diamant Champagne PERFECT SERVE £5pp A selection of premium mixers and garnishes to compliment your premium spirit.5ltr £70 £75 £80 £90 £90 £90 £110 £120 £130 TEQUILA £60 £65 £60 £70 £80 £80 £280 Cazcabel Honey Herradura Patron XO Patron Silver Patron Reposado Jose Curvero Famillia Patron Silver 1.75ltr Crystal Head 1. RED BULL CURVE 6 cans £12/12 cans £20 COCKTAILS & FIZZ £9pp Glass of fizz on entry for your party with a cocktail set up to compliment your premium spirit (max 6ppl) *All bottle to booth bookings are subject to a 10% service charge .75ltr Ciroc 3ltr Stoli Elit 3ltr Crystal Head 3ltr £120 £140 £140 £260 £320 £350 £450 £475 £500 RUM £75 £75 £80 £130 £135 £140 £150 £380 £2000 Brugal Especial Kraken Spiced Brugal Anejo Brugal 1888 Diplomatico Reserva Havana Meastros Ron Zacapa Havana 7yr 3ltr Taittinger Brut Magnum Dom Perignon Vintage Laurent Perrier Rose Magnum Gout De Diamant Brut Krug Grande Cuvee Louis Roederer Cristal ‘04 Ace Of Spades Gold Brut Ace Of Spades Pink Rose Ace Of Spades Gold Magnum £70 £80 £70 £135 £140 £155 £170 £450 Sambuca Jagermeister Agwa Disaronno Amaretto Saliza Amaretto Wild Turkey Honey Coca Blue Agwa PACKAGE TWO £550 (save £40) PACKAGE THREE £700 (save £60) PACKAGE FOUR £1000 ( save £80) PACKAGE FIVE £1500 (save £250) 1x Havana Club 7yr 3ltr / 1x Ciroc 3ltr Halo 1x Ace Of Spades Gold Magnum Tanqueray Export Bombay Sapphire Hendricks Sloanes Sipsmiths Millers Monkey 47 Tanqueray Ten Bombay Sapphire 1.75ltr £90 £90 £100 £140 £150 £240 £280 PACKAGES PACKAGE ONE £350 (save £10) 1x Stoli Elit 3ltr / 1x Patron Xo / 1x Laurent Perrier Rosé Magnum £100 £150 £140 £200 £230 £260 £425 £700 £850 LIQUEUR SUGGESTED SPENDS 2x Taittinger Brut / 1x Ciroc 1.BOTTLE TO BOOTH MENU Choose your bottle then your package ( all bottles come with a complimentary mixwer) VODKA Ketel One Ketel One Citron Ciroc Pure Ciroc Coconut Ciroc Peach Ciroc Red Berry Chase Reyka Stoli Elit CHAMPAGNE £70 £80 £90 £95 £95 £95 £100 £100 £110 WHISKY Johnnie Walker Black Jack Daniels Bulleit Bourbon Johnnie Walker Gold Haig Club Macallan Gold Johnnie Walker Black 1.75ltr Grey Goose 1.5ltr Johnnie Walker Blue Johnnie Walker Odyssey Grey Goose Grey Goose Poire Crystal Head Ciroc 1.

CHILE Bright.5 £50 £100 TAITTINGER. crisp & dry style with typical pear fruit £11 £65 £130 MARSANNE-VIOGNIER.4 £28 CHABLIS.5 £25 FRIZZANTE ROSÉ £6. NZ A complex wine displaying characters of gooseberry & GOUT DE DIAMANT BRUT Generous strawberry and raspberry fruit gooseberry & lemon fruit. £5 £6. FRANCE Stylish & crisp aromas of gooseberries & powerful fruit flavours. CENTRAL VALLEY. ITALY Lovely buttery. full-bodied flavour.6 £9. PRÉSTIGE ROSÉ Stylish and dry with delicious summer fruit aromas A long. WAIPARA HILLS. refreshing. STELLENBOSH This refreshingly dry wine shows subtle floral notes on the nose. PINOT GRIS. JEAN-LUC COLOMBO. with a tangy minerally palate. £90 from this area of central Northern Italy. JOSEPH MELLOT. linked with a clean finish.5 £6 £18 PAYS D’OC.THE VINO / CHAMPAGNE & PROSECCO TAITTINGER. MALBROUGH. LOUIS JADOT.5 £30 175ML | 250ML | BOTTLE £4. BRUT RÉSERVE Fragrant character with subtle biscuity complexity.5 £32 £25 £35 £22 £28 . FRANCE A fuller style of Chablis.5 £19. NOCTURNE SEC A touch of richness on the palate which shows brioche. SAUVIGNON BLANC. An intense elegance divinely presents a full richness yet lively crispness with lingering finesse. KLEIN ZALZE VINE YARD SELECTION. THE VINO / WHITE WINES nettles combined with rich herbal & tropical characters. PINOT GRIGIO. SANCERRE. FRANCE Soft & aromatic with notes of peach blossom and citrus on the deliciously refreshing finish. LES COLLINEES. £60 £120 TAITTINGER VINTAGE 2003 Light and lively. ‘Producer of the Most Expensive Champagne in the World. PIC POUL DE PINET. CHENIN BLANC. FRANCE A rich. Only Stockist in Newcastle’ £200 VEUVE CLIQUOT YELLOW LABEL PERRIER JOUET GRAND BRUT LAURENT PERRIER ROSÉ DOM PERIGNON VINTAGE KRUG GRANDE CUVEE LOUIS ROEDERER CRISTAL ARMAND DE BRIGNAC ACE OF SPADES GOLD BRUT ARMAND DE BRIGNAC ACE OF SPADES PINK ROSÉ £70 £140 £68 £75 £150 £150 £300 £230 £460 £260 £425 £850 £700 *Other large format bottles available via pre-order 125ML | BOTTLE PROSECCO & SPARKLING WINE GALANTE PROSECCO £5. RARE VINEYARDS. NZ Rich and textured with baked apple. 125ML | BOTTLE | MAGNUM £8. mouth filling wine with notes of fresh flowers and ripe summer stone fruit and melon.5 £4. with ripe pears and lemons SAUVIGNON BLANC. superb elegance from a predominance of Chardonnay. but also with a well-rounded finish & subtle hints of toasty-vanilla oak flavours. herbaceous aromas with gentle £10 TAITTINGER. ALTORITAS. NOBILO. citrus and hints of peach. £6. pear and stone fruit as well as spice on a refreshing finish. DI PAVIA COLLEZIONE MARCHESINI.3 £5.6 £15.

ARGENTINA Plums. VENETO. fennel.5 Light-to-medium-bodied wine with an easygoing. FLAGSTONE THE MUSIC ROOM. warm toasty oak. FRANCE A small district of St Emilion with a common terrain. a fresh fruity character & hints of raspberry & strawberry. light and fruity Merlot with plummy 175ML | 250ML | BOTTLE aromas and a hint of spice. cassis.6 £6 BARDOLINO CHIARETTO. fresh fruit flavours. a rounded silky texture and smooth tannins. sociable character.5 £22 A refreshing. £4.5 Cool-fermented to conserve the maximum of fruit & aromas. VENDANGE. CENTRAL VALLEY. SHIRAZ. WHITE ZINFANDEL.5 £5. JEAN-LUC COLOMBO £6 £7. Fevertree 200ml Tonic / Slim Tonic / Bitter Lemon / Elderflower Tonic £27 £33 Fentimans 275ml Curiosity Cola / Dandelion & Burdock / Rose Lemonade / Victorian Lemonade / Ginger Beer Peter Spanton Tonics 125ml Chocolate / Lemongrass / Cardamom Frobishers 250ml Mango / Tomato / Bumbleberry / Fruit Smoothie £42 LOUIS JADOT. ITALY Top Chianti. MALBEC . blackberries and a touch of vanilla.6 £15. ST AUBIN. ITALY £7 £9 £17 £28 175ML | 250ML | BOTTLE £4. ALTORITAS. a lovely salmon pink colour. highlighted by strawberry and a touch of lemon.3 £5. supported by a touch of spice. CENTRAL OTAGO Bramble fruit. with a Mediterranean herb and cherry character. cherry and plum. CHIANTI RESERVA DUCALE. WESTERN CAPE Summer fruits. PORTILLO. complemented by vanilla spices. £6 £8 £24 LA COLLINE AUX LAVANDES ROSÉ. black cherry and plum on the palate supported by oak spice. dark. AUSTRALIA Medium-bodied and fruity with raspberry.6 £3 £2 £2.5 £2 £4 . CHATEAU LYONNAT. mint. FRANCE From the Côte de Beaune’s western fringe: so velvety character with red berry richness. CALIFORNIA £4.THE VINO / ROSÉ WINES THE VINO / RED WINES MERLOT. Light-bodied. RIOJA CRIANZA. BERRI ESTATE.8 £17. MENDOZA. dominated by powerful herbaceous aromas. CHILE So. WAIPARA HILLS. smooth and supple in the mouth with perfectly integrated oak. £29 THE SOFT DRINKS £28 CABERNET SAUVIGNON. bitter chocolate are all wrapped up in serious. the style is full of so plums and brambly cassis flavours. dry rosé with a subtle red-fruit character. SPAIN Rich aromas of fruit cake and spice. VIÑA REAL. BOLLA. PINOT NOIR.75 £2 £2. Fentimans 125ml Tonic / Ginger Ale / Ginger Beer Coca Cola / Diet Coke 200ml Red Bull Original / Sugar Free / Editions 250ml £40 VOSS Still Water / Sparkling 330ml VOSS Still Water / Sparkling 800ml £2 £1. full of elegance and with a good concentration. produced only in the best years.

5 £4.4% Vedett 5% Aspalls 5.5 £3.5 £4 £5 £5 £6 £4.6 £4.5 RUM BOTTLES / AMERICA Sol 4.6% Brooklyn Beer (seasonal) Ketel One Ciroc Stoli Elit COGNAC £5.9% Wylam Rocket 500ml 5% Camden Pale Ale 4% £3.5 £5.9 £4.8 £4 £4.Eclectic Range Erdinger Alc Free 500ml 0.6 £4 £4.6 £5. GIN Tanqueray Export Tanqueray Ten Monkey 47 £3.5 £4 £4.2 £4.2 £4.5 ARMAGNAC Remy Martin VSOP Remy Martin Couer Remy Martin XO Remy Martin Louis XIII £4 £6. please ask your server about our seasonal selection.5 £14.5 £5.5% * We have a wide range of local and international craft beers.6 £5 £7 Baron De Sigognac £6 Baron De Sigognac XO £12 * Please ask your server about our full range .5 £4.2% Grolsch 5% Blue Moon 5.5 £16 £90 WHISKY / BOURBON Johnnie Walker Black Label Johnnie Walker Blue Glenfiddich Auchentoshan 3 Wood Haig Club Lagavulin 16 Talisker 10 Dalmore Cigar Springbank 18 English Whiskey Chapter 6 Bulleit Rittenhouse 100 Hibiki 17 £3.2 £7.2 £4 £4.5% Peroni 5.3 £4.5% Guinness 4.1 £4.8 TEQUILA BOTTLES / UK St Mungo 4.3% Liefmans Fruitesse 4.8 £3.THE BEER Hand selected favourites from around the world THE LIQUOR VODKA DRAUGHT Coors Light 4.2 Brugal Blanco Brugal 1888 Ron Zacapa 23 £3.2 £8 £4.3 BOTTLES / EUROPE Duvel 8.2% Wylam Brewery Seasonal Ale (please ask your server) £3.5 £3 Olmeca Blanco Patron Silver £3.5 £4.1% Kopparberg .9 £4.5% Sierra Nevada 5.

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