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Installation Instructions Cont.

5. Connect your microphone, other input audio sources, and output equipment to your Vortex
device. Refer to the Vortex User Guide for more information.
6. Configure your Vortex system using Conference ComposerTM Instant DesignerTM software (refer
to the Vortex User Guide for more information). You will need to select the SoundStation VTX
1000 in Instant Designer. As
you complete the setup
process in Instant Designer,
verify the inputs and outputs
you have chosen match
those that Instant Designer
has selected.

Quick Installation Guide
Vortex® - SoundStation VTX 1000TM
Installed Voice System with Wideband Telephone Connection

7. Configure your SoundStation VTX 1000 via the unit’s
keypad and display, utilizing the Administrative Setup
tools. You will need to enable the Vortex mode. To
access the Vortex mode, press MENU on the
SoundStation VTX 1000. Scroll to ADMIN SETUP and
press SELECT, then scroll to PHONE SYSTEM and press
SELECT, then scroll to VORTEX MODE and press SELECT.
Select VORTEX MODE ON, then press SAVE to save the





Note: If your SoundStation VTX 1000 has been assigned a passcode, you will need to enter the passcode after you press
the MENU button. See your SoundStation VTX 1000 user guide for more information.

Connect. Any Way You Want.
Please refer to the respective User Guides for each product for warranty and support information.
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If using a Vortex EF2241. Using the supplied color coded (black connector) cable. The Vortex EF2280 will always connect using option B. F. Using the supplied color coded (white connector) cable. 3. or with the keypad of the SoundStation VTX 1000. D. C. This will allow you to control the narrowband telephone capabilities of your Vortex device via a control system such as an AMX® or Crestron®. see connection options to the right. then connect the PHONE jack on the Vortex device to the phone jack on the Interface Module. Option B: Connect the wall jack to the phone jack of the Interface Module and do not use the telephone capabilities of the Vortex device. Vortex unit (Vortex EF2280 shown) Telephone line connection SoundStation VTX 1000 conferencing unit Interface module Vortex input connection Vortex output connection connection on the rear of the Vortex device. If you answer with the SoundStation VTX 1000. If you answer through the Vortex device. Connect the telephone line (B) to the Interface Module’s LINE input (D). there are two ways to connect the telephone line: A Option A: Connect the wall jack to the LINE E B F D C A. Option A Telephone wall jack Vortex EF2241 telephone connections With Option A. B. E. the phone can be answered either through the SoundStation VTX 1000 or through the Vortex EF2241 / EF2211. (Installation instructions continue on rear page) Option B Telephone wall jack Vortex EF2241 telephone connections . you will control all calls with the keypad of the SoundStation VTX 1000. the SoundStation VTX 1000 does nothing as it is not in the loop. 2. Connection of conferencing unit to interface module Installation Instructions 1.If you are using a Vortex EF2241 or Vortex EF2211. it operates as in Option B below. With this connection. connect the Auxiliary Output of the Interface Module (D) to the desired input (such as Input B) of your Vortex Device (E). connect the desired output (such as Output B) of the Vortex Device (F) to the Auxiliary Input of the Interface Module (D).