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Date: 19/10/2016

Instructions for Group HW #1, MKTR
This group homework is based on (a) Session 1 - problem formulation, (b) Session 2 - Constructs
in MKTR, (c) Session 3 - Principles of survey design, and part of (d) Session 4 - Exploratory
It aims to familiarize the intricacies, advantages and limitations of the Questionnaire tool
by actively getting you to design that tool. This is a group based homework. Only one
submission per group. If you don't know who your group is, pls ask the AAs about this.

Problem Context
You are a startup bridging doctors and patients in metropolitan India. But your startup offers a
house-call solution to elderly or otherwise infirm patients in the reasonably wealthy uppermiddle class.
You connect medical professionals (including doctors) who are willing to make house
calls (at some premium, presumably) with patients who are willing to pay the premium for the
convenience of a house-call visit by a trustworthy doctor.
Pls feel free to use any web based or other sources to do your background research. For
instance, this ET article from 2014 may be useful to start off with:
Imagine you are still in the process of figuring out the contours of their revenue/business
model, which crucially depends what the demand levels are like for such services at what price,
and what the supply levels are like at that price. Based on that one can figure out who to target,
how and how large the market is.

Your task is to:
(1) Formulate your D.P. and corresponding R.O.s. (My suggestion: Choose a sharply defined
D.P. that can be well-covered by at most 1-2 R.O.s; choose a suitably narrow demographic as
your target population that isn't too heterogeneous in its likely needs and preferences).

what price levels might be viable. 2. 3. (Hint: Think in terms of the average target customer's motives/needs and the his/her self-perception of the requirements) (3) Design a questionnaire that: [a] surveys target segment respondents on their propensity to use app-based on-demand commuting solution services. conduct a few interviews (these could be casual conversations or telephonic ones) with a few people in that target segment about the subject. Save it as groupName_session1.P and corresponding R. quick qualitative research: E. what they see others around them doing etc. Write (or 'Program') your survey into either Qualtrics (or free versions of websurvey softwares such as zoomerang or surveymonkey).O. . what they need.pptx (or group number) Title slide: Homework name and names+ roll numbers of group members..(2) Next. [c] collects info on the distribution of quantities of interest (such as awareness levels about these services.) My suggestions before you start: 1. ideally based on your R. accounting for order effects etc in questionnaire design. Bonus points for pretesting the survey with a few folks first. etc. To understand this target segment's needs and preferences.s Third slide: Brief Description of qualitative research carried out to first narrow-down what topics to cover in the survey. interest levels in using them. Submission Format This will be a traditional PPT for this assignment. First slide: Brief description of your client and their business (Also. See if you can obtain the "launch" survey link. etc. Start with a plain white PPT. [b] can be taken in under 15 minutes on a good net connection. Find out what they think. a line or two to justify why you picked them) Second slide: Statement of D.g. do some preliminary. identify the main [mental] objects of interest / constructs that will likely drive demand for your client.s.O.

The Q numbers in the 4th slide should match the ones here. Sudhir . Sixth slide: Any learnings you as a group made .. Deadline for this is 11:55 pm of 29-Oct (Saturday). what constructs were the easiest to measure? Hardest? Did exploratory help? Etc. Should be a working link. Drop box for the PPT will be set accordingly on LMS Any Qs etc. Also.g. contact me or the AAs. Fifth slide: Deliverable .E. attach the word or PDF version of your questionnaire onto this slide.websurvey link.Fourth slide: Make a table that maps the 1-2 major mental objects / constructs to the corresponding survey question numbers.