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The authors are highly grateful to Dr.

Gurdeep Singh, Executive
Director and Dr. S. S. Sehgal, Director Engineering, Chandigarh University
Mohali, Gharuan, for providing this opportunity to carry out the Project
DzSoil Stabilization by Solid Waste Ashdz.
The constant guidance and encouragement received from professor
Sandeep Salhotra, Head of Department of Civil Engineering and Er. Shalika
Mehta, Academic coordinator, has been great helping carrying out the
project work and is acknowledged by reverential thanks.
The authors would like to express a deep sense of gratitude and thanks
profusely Mr. Simranjeet Singh, without the wise counsel and able guidance,
it would have been impossible to complete the report in this manner.
The authors express gratitude to other faculty members of Civil
Department, Chandigarh University, Mohali for their intellectual support
throughout the course of this work.

14BCE1084, Azad Singh
14BCE1082, Atul Sharma
14BCE1085, Bahadur
Singh 14BCE1086.
Baldeep Kaur
14BCE1088, Balwinder

I have gone through the content of the synopsis submitted by above
students and found it in order and fit to carry on the proposed studies.

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