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White & Red Wine
Sherry & Port

4.3%- 5.5%

In accordance with the Weights and Measures Act of 1985, the measure for the sale of Gin, Vodka and
Whisk(e)y in these premises is 50ml and multiples thereof.

M i xed d r i nk s i nspi r e d by L o ndo n a nd it s st o r i e s


Champagne and sparkling wines are sold by the glass measured at 150ml.
Wines are sold by the glass measured at 175ml.


Port and Sherry are sold by the glass measured at 75ml.


All vintages were correct at the time of printing, but are subject to change depending on availability.

Please note that while we serve 175ml of wine and 50ml of liqueur & spirits as standard measure, smaller
serves (125ml of wine and 25ml of spirit) are available upon request.


All prices are inclusive of VAT and a suggested discretionary service charge of 12.5 % is added to your
final account.
Food allergies and special dietary requirements can be catered for by our bartenders, please make us
aware and they will prepare something especially for you. We are happy to provide you with full details
on our cocktails with regard to the products used, allergen substances and nutrition.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.5%
will be added to your final account.


sugar beet molasses and grain.00 P OTATO Smooth in character with naturally sweet and creamy taste Chase 10. Citron & Orange 12. with the most common bases including potatoes.00 RYE Pleasant light flavours of vanilla with a silky smooth palate and a hint of black pepper. W H EAT Very neutral on the nose with a light hint of nuts and fennel. Belvedere 10.00 Absolut Elyx 15. the raw material used in the production process is what differentiates one vodka from another.00 BA RL EY Almost neutral on the nose with an extremely clean palate and a light hint of peppery finish.50 Belvedere Rye Unfiltered 11. Grey Goose 10.50 Beluga Noble 19.00 Stolichnaya 10.WO R LD O F VO D K A Vodka is a clear spirit that can be produced from anything containing starch. Even though it is described as tasteless and flavourless.5% will be added to your final account.00 Grey Goose Poire.50 Ketel One 11. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.50 Snow Queen 10.50 Beluga Gold Line 40.50 All prices are inclusive of VAT.00 Ultimat 36. Clean on the palate and makes the perfect choice for a martini.50 Stolichnaya Elit 14. . Sipsmith 10.

00 All prices are inclusive of VAT. celery bitters.00 Towering above the entrance to The Savoy is a gilded statue of Count Peter of Savoy.50 Beefeater 24 12. Amontillado sherry. At the western end of the park is the Wellington Arch which was built in 1826 to celebrate the Duke of Wellington’s victories in battle. Prior to that. roasted fortified kombu. Count Peter.3 11. angelica. the square was a popular venue for illicit activities. G REE N PA RK 1 6. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. camomile. lemon verbena. lemon juice and sugar syrup P I CK E RI NG P L ACE 5 0. ~Full~ Haig Club Grain Whisky.00 The Botanist 12.00 Tanqueray No.WO R LD O F G I N W E ST M I N ST E R Gin is a distilled spirit that is flavoured with botanicals such as juniper.00 Fords Gin 11. ~Light~ Grey Goose Vodka. sugar syrup and coffee F LAVO U R F U L AND FLORAL Connoisseurs’ choice of gin with complex notes and big-bodied aromas.The Elegant: Bombay Sapphire Gin. fresh and floral notes. coriander. ~Light~ Jensen’s Old Tom Gin. sugar syrup. is located down a narrow passageway off St James’ Street. Fernet Branca Menta.5% will be added to your final account.00 B RO NZ E G UA RDI A N 1 6. lemon juice. During the peasant’s revolt of 1381 the Savoy Palace was destroyed. saffron syrup and Champagne Cocktail 2 . No. Cocchi Rosa. In 1889 part of the land became the site of the present Savoy Hotel. roasted barley syrup and Angostura bitters All prices are inclusive of VAT. The various amount and combination of botanicals create certain flavours with distinctive notes. who built a palace on the site. Byrrh.50 Bombay Original 10. Campari.00 ( FO R T WO ) London’s smallest public square. egg white. lemon juice. We pay homage with two contrasting cocktails – choose your side with one of each or two of the same: Cocktail 1 .50 Millers Westbourne Strength 10.00 Plymouth Navy Strength 12. a simple nail was used for hanging coats by police directing traffic.50 C IT RU SY AND F RES H A more complex style of citrus-driven aromas that are balanced with juniper flavours. Historically. .10 12. Tanqueray 10.00 Portobello Road Gin 12.50 City of London Distillery Gin 10. The park is still owned by the Crown and has been open to the public since 1826. liquorice. In 1246 King Henry III granted this estate to his wife’s uncle.The Bold: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey. Bombay Sapphire 9.00 SWEET AND SAVOURY Unique category of juniper-flavoured spirits with a subtle note of savoury aromas.00 The park is said to have originally been a burial ground for lepers from the nearby hospital at St James’s. More recently the importance of the nail was pointed out by a passing policeman to a surveyor and this elegant hook appeared. lemon peel and even cucumber or green tea. Pickering Place.50 Beefeater 10.50 Plymouth 10. particularly duelling. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your final account. pine. LIG H T AND F LORAL This category contains a mixture of light.50 Oxley 13. egg white and basil P O L I CEM A N’S H O O K 25 . apple. Jensen’s Old Tom 12.50 Hendrick’s 10.00 Sipsmith 10.00 Bols Genever 12.00 The hook on Great Newport Street was placed there in the 1930s.

the difference between the two. Jack Daniel’s Old No7 9. .WO R LD O F W H I S K EY ( c o nt i nu ed ) TENNE S S E E W H I S KEY In theory. Rittenhouse 100 12.00 Sazerac Rye 15.00 WhistlePig Rye 23. is a charcoal mellowing process called the ‘Lincoln County Process’. the liquid filters through ten feet of Sugar Maple charcoal that give the whiskey its distinctive taste and aroma. may or may not include rye: so long as it possesses the aroma. taste and character generally attributed to Canadian whisky it may legally be labelled “rye”.50 Bulleit Rye 13. Canadian rye whiskey.00 RY E W H I S KEY These may refer to two types of whiskey: one. must be distilled from at least 51 percent rye.5% will be added to your final account.00 Redemption Rye 12. Tennessee whiskey is produced in the same way as bourbon. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.50 All prices are inclusive of VAT.00 Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select 45% 44. the other. however. American rye whiskey. With Jack Daniel’s.00 Jack Daniels Single Barrel 15.50 Gentleman Jack 12.00 Sazerac 18 yrs 27.

lime juice. and the keys required to open the doors are three feet long. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Kingston Black Apple Aperitif. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren. ~Medium~ Bacardi 8 Year Old Rum. ~Light~ Tapatio Blanco Tequila. Amaro Tosolini and Pedro Ximenez sherry B OU R B O N Bourbon whiskeys are made from a mash bill of at least 51% corn and usually mixed with small percentage of barley and then either wheat (sweeter) or rye (spicier). lemon verbena. sugar syrup and aromatic bitters P H A RM ACI ST 1 8. Savoy grenadine and dehydrated raspberries All prices are inclusive of VAT. Suze.00 Four Roses Small Batch 12. Cordwainer is a small.50 R IC H & SP ICY Bourbons with a very intense spicy notes. ETERNA L W H I S P ER 1 6. . A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. In general. absinthe. vanilla sweetness and toasted oak. one of the world’s oldest banks. ~Medium~ Bombay Sapphire Gin. ~Full~ Bulleit Rye Whiskey.00 In the heart of the City of London stands the Bank of England. charred American oak barrels. or the Great Cordial Elixir.00 One of the first patented medicines in the UK was secured in 1712 by an apothecary. Offering light vanilla notes with mellow ripe fruit flavours. It is named after the cordwainers. before being rested in new. the dome of the Cathedral has a whispering gallery named because a whisper is audible to a listener at any other point around the gallery. almost rectangular-shaped ward in the City of London. SOF T & M ELLOW Whiskies in this category are predominantly very approachable in mixed drinks or its own. percentage of alcohol at which they are distilled and manner of their ageing.00 St Paul’s cathedral sits as the highest point of the City of London. The ward is sometimes referred to as the “Cordwainers’ ward”. officially known as Stoughton’s Elixir Magnum Stomachii. Riesling. who invented Stoughton’s bitters. sunflower seed and honey water Woodford Reserve 12.00 Basil Hayden’s 13. tasting notes include spice. All of these methods affect the final taste of the whiskey. Suze. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.00 The North American whiskies are classified by the type or variety of grains. Richard Stoughton. Barolo Chinato.WO R LD O F W H I S K EY CITY OF LONDON (c onti nu ed) AMER IC AN WH ISKEY KE E P WA L K I NG 1 6. The floor space of this vault is greater than nearby Tower 42. Stagg Single Barrel 26.5% will be added to your final account. yerba maté.50 Blanton’s Special Reserve 15.5% will be added to your final account. at his pharmacy located opposite Borough Market.50 G O L DEN TO U CH 1 8. The bank is the custodian to the UK’s official gold reserves which are stored in the vault. rich and complex vanilla flavours Bulleit 12. the professional shoemakers who lived and worked in London.00 George T.00 Maker’s Mark Small Batch 12.

WO R LD O F W H I S K I E S ( c o nt i nu ed ) G RA I N Spirits distilled from cereal grains but not malted barley. Delicate and refined.50 Penderyn Portwood (Welsh) 14.00 Laphroaig 17 yrs Savoy collection. smooth and balanced expressions from our neighbours.00 Dalmore 1979 Constellation Collection 1350. Yoichi 12 yrs Hokkaido 22.50 JA PA NES E First produced in the style of Scotch. Haig Club 14. but now have a style and identity of their own. Grain whiskies have a very distinct and individual flavour profile.00 Yamazaki 18 yrs Osaka 39. .00 Redbreast 12 yrs 14.50 RA RE A selection of extremely unique offerings for the true whisky connoisseur or collector. Jameson’s 10.00 All prices are inclusive of VAT.00 I RI S H / W E L S H Fruity. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your final account.00 Laphroaig 30 yrs 350. bottle only 380. Johnnie Walker King George V 113.00 Bushmills Black Bush 10.00 Savoy 125th Anniversary Macallan 48yrs 3000.

00 Chivas Regal 12 yrs 10. Sadly. with a total of 12 000 flowers making it London’s largest collection of roses. sugar syrup and eucalyptus leaf Highland Park 18 yrs Orkney 17. Talisker 10 yrs Isle of Skye 11.00 A combination of Single Malt Scotch from two or more distilleries.50 TH E F LY I NG S COTS M A N 5 0. thyme and ash BLENDED A combination of malt and grain spirits from many regions and distilleries. Martini Rubino. which helps to craft some great well-rounded whiskies. Rich and smooth.5% will be added to your final account.00 Johnnie Walker Blue Label 41. Whiskies tend to have a slight richness cut with a whisper of smoke and a pinch of salt. the Hollies and Badfinger.00 A B B EY ROA D 1 8. yuzu juice. . lemon juice.00 Ardbeg 10 yrs 11. Abbey Road Studios is famously known as being a venue in the 1960s for the Beatles. Compass Box Spice Tree 10. Becherovka. caper-infused Savoy Dry Vermouth.00 Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt 10. root syrup. which. still stand today.50 Lagavulin 16 yrs 13.00 Laphroaig 10 yrs 11. pomelo juice.5% will be added to your final account.00 Talisker 1981 Isle of Skye 258. On Charles Dickens’ death in 1870. Bunnahabhain 12 yrs 11. Powerful whiskies tasting of smoke and strong maritime aromas.00 ISLAY Bold flavours driven from the high winds and wild seas which engulf the island of Islay. Champagne syrup and citrus dust VAT T ED MALT U NF I NI S H E D A RT 1 8. ~Full~ Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Rum Cask Whisky. The park opened in 1932 and was named after Queen Mary. ~Full~ Hennessy Fine de Cognac.WO R LD O F W H I S K I E S CAMDEN (c onti nu ed) RO S E GA RDEN 1 8. the wife of King George V. artist Robert William Buss attempted a large watercolour which portrayed the dozing author seated in his study surrounded by many of the characters he had created.00 Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve 18. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. Pink Floyd. root beer and Jerry Thomas’ Own Decanter Bitters All prices are inclusive of VAT. ~Medium~ Hendrick’s Gin.00 Originally a nine-bedroom Georgian townhouse built in the 1830s. Savoy grenadine. Dewars 12 yrs 9.00 Talisker 18 yrs Isle of Skye 20.50 All prices are inclusive of VAT. Acquired by the Gramophone Company in 1931 and converted into studios.00 Bowmore 18 yrs 19.00 Johnnie Walker Black Label 10. Buss died before he could finish it. the original journey took 10. yuzu juice.50 Jura Origin 10 yrs Isle of Jura 17.50 Port Ellen 1978 112.50 J&B Rare 10. the building was later converted to flats.5 hours. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.00 ISLAND S A diverse region known for the beautiful scenery and wildlife which thrive upon the range of islands. lemon juice.50 The rose garden became part of Queen Mary’s Gardens in 1934. From 1896 the train was modernized with various features such as heating and dining-cars.00 The first Special Scotch Express ran in 1862 from London’s Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. along with the name. ~Medium~ Star of Bombay Gin.

50 L OW L A ND S Whiskies from this region are fondly nicknamed “The Lowland Ladies” due to their delicate.50 Glenfarclas 25 yrs 26.50 H I G H L A ND S The largest and most varied whisky region in Scotland.5% will be added to your final account.00 Balvenie Port Wood 21 yrs 25. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. . All prices are inclusive of VAT.50 Oban Distillers Edition 17.50 Glenfarclas 30 yrs 39.00 Clynelish 14 yrs 15.WO R LD O F W H I S K I E S S P EYS I DE Named after the River Spey which runs through the region. and a lasting dry aromatic finish. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. now a handful of distilleries remain. Glenlivet Founders Reserve 11.00 CA M P B ELTOW N Once upon a time this region was deemed the most fruitful for whisky in all the land.00 Glenfarclas 40 yrs 98. Speysides tend to be complex and elegant with crisp green fruit flavours. Glenmorangie Original 11.00 Blair Athol 12 yrs 11. salt. The terrain is perfect for producing a light-bodied and fragrant dram. With age.00 Macallan 18 yrs 28. Highland malts are full-bodied and well-rounded whiskies. An extraordinary mixture of smoke.5% will be added to your final account. gentle and floral style. notes of dried fruit and sweet spice can be expected.00 All prices are inclusive of VAT. from rugged peaks and heather covered moorlands to the salty air of the coasts.00 Glenfiddich 18 yrs 13. Springbank 15 yrs 15. Auchentoshan Three Wood 11.

00 EAU X DE V IE Framboise . sugar syrup and Peychaud’s bitters All prices are inclusive of VAT.50 Kirsch – G. avocado oil.00 Built in 1865 and established as an independent arts and events venue in 2004.50 Chateau Boulard 14. Including our own guest Charlie Chaplin who proudly showed his wife the south London streets where he had been born and raised.50 Hine Antique 17. Cognac has been described as a ’liquid history in a bottle’. Miclo 10.00 Lemorton 25 yrs 33. lemon oil and earth essence H ACK NEY CA RRI AG E 1 8. warmth.50 Domaine Dupont 17 yrs 27.00 Courvoisier L’Essence 410.00 C ALVADOS Camut 6 yrs 14.00 The Hackney Empire was built as a music hall in 1901. Cocchi Rosa. it is distilled from a single grape variety with thousands of flavours and sensations.00 Hennessy Richard 169. which attracted none other than Alfred Hitchcock. to oaky notes. Pear Eau de Vie. the Gainsborough Pictures film studios produced mainly B Movies and melodramas.5% will be added to your final account. lemon juice.50 Poire William – G. Laphroaig Whisky. Founded in 1924.00 Hennessy Paradis 82.WO R LD O F B R A N DY HACKNEY Well known as the finest of all the spirits.00 C O GNAC Remy Martin VSOP 9.00 AR M AG NAC Chateau de Tariquet Armagnac VSOP 9. and set up what was undoubtedly London’s first cab rank. filling a vital local need for flexible. ranging from fruitiness. Umeshu. The first man who organized hackney coaches and coachmen in a form that we would recognise today was Captain John Baily. ~Medium~ Patron Gran Platinum Tequila. who made some of his classic films here. Miclo 10. a veteran of Sir Walter Raleigh’s expeditions. Miclo 10.50 Remy Martin Coeur du Cognac 12. sugar syrup and egg white A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. Laphroaig Whisky.50 Louis XIII de Remy Martin 230. ~Full~ Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum.50 All prices are inclusive of VAT. They used continental filming methods. non-traditional creative space. S ECRE T AG ENT 1 6. the area in an ageing cellar where the Cognac is kept for long ageing. This building has seen it all. spicy and dry.50 Remy Martin XO 32. absinthe. sugar and Moët et Chandon Rosé TOW N H A L L 5 0. Daroze 72. closed 100 years later and re-opened in 2004. Cocchi Amaro. who put four coaches to work by the Maypole in the Strand in 1634.50 Chateau de Gaube 1959.00 GR AP PA Domenis Storica Nera 12.00 Hennessy XO 29. and hosted many great names.50 Nonino Picolit 26.G. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. Martini Ambrato. . ~Light~ Grey Goose Vodka Flower Shop tincture. Savoy dry vermouth.5% will be added to your final account. The studios were finally demolished in 2002: however the Borough of Hackney has attached a historical plaque to the new building.50 Cles des Ducs XO 15. Hackney Town Hall has become a key part of the cultural landscape. lemon juice.50 CI TY L I G H TS 20. ~Medium~ Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey. Many Cognacs are aged in the ‘Paradise’. from the roof of The Savoy.

Bacardi Gold 10.00 All prices are inclusive of VAT. Each ingredient plays an important role during the production process.5% will be added to your final account.50 Trios Rivieres Single Cask 22.00 Zacapa 23yrs 15.00 Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 13.50 Diplomatico Blanco Reserva 11. country of origin and production process. before being filtered to help remove their colour.50 Bacardi 8 yrs 11. though some are rested for several years.50 J.00 A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.00 Cana Brava 11.50 Gosling Black Seal 10.00 DA RK This colour detonates ageing in wood barrels and these rums are more complex in aroma and flavour.50 Diplomatico Single Vintage 40.50 Cruzan Single Barrel 10. Made from either molasses or sugar cane juice.Wray & Nephew 10. with a versatile flavour that harks back to its origins of raw material. Bacardi Superior 9. W H I TE Also known as “Blanco” is the most popular type of rum. White rums in general are unaged. Mount Gay XO 11. .50 10 Cane 10. as well as yeast and water.WO R LD O F RU M One of the most complex spirits around.50 El Dorado 21 yrs 23.50 Trois Rivières 10.00 Havana Club 15 yrs 41.50 Element 8 Spiced 10.50 Appleton 8 yrs 10.00 El Dorado 15 yrs 15.50 Havana Club 7 yrs 10.

00 27b Canonbury Square was the residence for somewhat controversial author George Orwell. is the home of the oldest surviving terraced houses in London. Peychaud’s bitters and hickory R EP O SADO Reposado Tequila is generally a little smoother than blanco tequila.800-seat theatre with 10 bars.80 Tapatio 11. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Savoy grenadine and Angostura bitters SA M CO L L I NS 1 8. grapefruit juice. Boulard Calvados. Built in 1658.00 Gran Patron Platinum 53. the four buildings at 52-55 Newington Green have survived the Great Fire of London as well as two World Wars.80 Don Julio 11. Crème de Cassis. These Extra Anejo’s are extremely smooth with a very complex flavour. Its heyday came during the 70s when the pub embraced punk rock.50 Having opened nine years before The Savoy. Upper Street’s ‘Hope and Anchor’ Pub went on to have quite the alternative future.00 BLANC O This is the Blue agave spirit in purest form. . Blanco Tequilas are aged for up to two months to provide a smoother character. It opened in 1863 and became a 1. with a pig named Napoleon assuming command. and contribute to both the final product and the classification of the spirit in question. However. O L D TE RRACED H O U S E 20. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. but certainly its most iconic moment was when Madness filmed their video For ‘One Step Beyond’ in the basement in 1979.00 Collins’ Music Hall in London’s Islington Green was converted from a public house called the Lansdowne Arms by the Irish Vocalist Sam Collins. Pear Eau de Vie. Cocchi di Torino. After ageing.50 All prices are inclusive of VAT. ~Full~ Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey. sugar syrup and soda ANEJO The Anejo Tequila is aged for at least one but no longer than three years in wooden barrels. From Dire Straits to The Police this pub has housed many famous artists.00 Don Julio 12. Tapatio 9. Quiquiriqui Mezcal 9.00 Don Julio 1942 39.5% will be added to your final account. One of his best known novels was A ‘ nimal Farm’ set in the surroundings of Manor Farm.WO R LD O F T E Q U I L A ISLINGTON The main two types of Tequila are categorized as 100% Blue agave. and mixto tequila. ~Medium~ Belvedere Vodka. where the true flavours and the intensity of the agave are present.00 M EZC AL & SOTOL Similar to Tequila in that it must be distilled from the Agave plant. real name Sam Vagg. with the rest stemming from other types of agave or sugar cane.00 Tapatio Excellencia 41. the spirit generally has a good balance between fresh agave and wood. Jose Cuervo de la Familia 20.50 Casamigos 16.00 A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. and is rested in wood barrels for minimum of two months. Herradura 9.00 On the west side of Newington Green.00 EXT R A ANEJO The minimum period of ageing is three years in wooden barrels.00 NA P O L EO N’S W I S H 20. For those unfamiliar with the plot an animal revolution takes place. These Tequilas are more complex and rich in flavour. caramel vanilla. perched on the border of Hackney and Islington. Casamigos 20. but less than a year. sugar syrup. the type of agave.5% will be added to your final account.50 Casamigos 18. lemon juice. almond milk. smoked salt. ~Full~ Chivas Regal 18 Year old Whisky. Byrrh. which must contain 51% Blue Agave spirit. distilled only from the Blue agave plant. Lagavulin Whisky. Ancho Reyes. with the most common being American or French oak. agave and yoghurt Del Maguey Tobala 29. P U NK RO CK 1 6. the state of where it is distilled and distillation methods are all different. absinthe. ~Medium~ Bacardi Superior Rum.80 Ocho 9. Collin’s Music Hall finally closed in 1958.

NZ 2012 90.00 Pomerol.00 All prices are inclusive of VAT. Goulley. Grand Cru.00 Petit Chablis.00 RO S É W I NE Costiere de Nimes.00 Pinot Noir. Clos de Gat. France 2014 36.50 Grenache Syrah Mourvedre.00 Paulliac. NZ 2014 52.00 Saint-Julien.00 Pouilly Fussé.00 Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1995 1500. Grenache Blanc. All prices are inclusive of VAT. J. Burklin-Wolf. Rene Bouvier 2012 105. Te Koko by Cloudy Bay.00 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. “Les Pierres Seches”.00 Gevrey Chambertin. Pichon-Longueville Baron 2007 300.WINE SELECTION by t h e b o t t le W H I TE W I NE S La Loupe. Pio Cesare. Mellot. Italy 2008 420. Germany 2014 56. . Domaine Michelot 2011 90. Merlot. Croix De Beaucaillou 2006 150. 2007 160. Geoff Merrill Australia 2009 50. Super Tuscan. Little Beauty. Dr. Italy 2011 98.00 RED W I NES Domaine Du Mage. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. D.00 Cabernet Sauvignon. special Cuvée 2014 44. Israel 2011 125.50 Chardonnay. Italy 2011 46.00 Sancerre.00 Sauv. Vincent Girardin 2011 160.5% will be added to your final account.00 St Joseph.5% will be added to your final account. Chateau Lafleur Gazin.00 Barolo. La Moussiere 2014 75.Blanc. de Campuget Rosé 35. France 2014 37. Ch.00 Meursault Clos St Felix. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. Artemis Stag’s Leap 2012 119. Cordier 2014 70.00 Puligny Montrachet. Indio. A.00 Sassicaia. Yves Cuilleron 2011 75. Vieilles vignes D.00 Riesling.

“Les Pierres Seches”. Its source is disputed. Grenache Blanc. Te Koko by Cloudy Bay.50 Dow’s Fine Ruby 11. By 1853. pink grapefruit juice. before selection for Navy consumption. however it is widely believed to be the ancient Seven Springs. pimento dram. with an annual production of 400. which too was managed in this area.50 Pouilly Fussé. The River Thames is the longest river entirely in England and the second longest in the United Kingdom. Savoy grenadine.5% will be added to your final account.50 Pinot Noir. Cordier 2014 18. in particular sugar-processing. Burklin-Wolf. A.20 Tio Pepe 7. France 2014 10.00 P ORT 75M L Taylor’s LBV 2004 10. B L ACK E AG L E 20. France 2014 12.20 La Guita Manzanilla 8. Campari. with various sugar companies setting up in the area. Smith and Cross and El Dorado 15 Year old). Italy 2011 25. rosemary honey water. ~Medium~ Ilegal Mezcal. cold brew coffee and tonic A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. A dock system was set up in this area to manage various industries.00 Meursault Clos St Felix. Domaine Michelot 2011 25. Truman’s subsequently became Truman. Indio.00 O LY M P I A 20.50 Sancerre.50 Riesling.00 St Joseph.00 DA I LY TOT 1 8. lemon juice and soda RO SÉ WINES Costiere de Nimes. ~Medium~ Rum blend (Bacardi Superior. lemon juice. 2007 45.5% will be added to your final account.00 Barolo. J. Pio Cesare.00 All prices are inclusive of VAT. Dr.50 Taylor’s Tawny 20yrs 13. Hanbury and Buxton.50 Dow’s 1997 13. after the River Severn. de Campuget Rosé 12.00 R ED WINES The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was built for and recently hosted the highly successful 2012 London Olympics.50 Cabernet Sauvignon. in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.WO R LD O F W I N E TOW E R H A M LE T S By th e gl as s 175ml WHIT E WINES La Loupe.50 Grenache Syrah Mourvedre.00 During the 19th Century the Isle of Dogs was commercially pivotal to both London and the Merchant Navy. Little Beauty.00 The Black Eagle Brewery is the former brewing plant of Truman’s Brewery located near Brick Lane. basil. Chateau Lafleur Gazin. coriander and smoked salt All prices are inclusive of VAT. coconut. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. An important by-product of the sugar industry is rum.00 Petit Chablis. greek syrup and egg white Domaine Du Mage. During its construction over 80 000 workers were engaged on the project. Geoff Merrill Australia 2009 13.50 Don Jose Oloroso 10. pink grapefruit juice. Italy 2011 12. Mellot. ~Medium~ Beluga Noble Vodka.00 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Ch.50 S EV EN S P RI NG S 1 8.000 barrels. special Cuvée 2014 12. Germany 2014 17. Roots Mastika. Merlot. Vieilles vignes D. the Black Eagle Brewery was the largest in the world. Yves Cuilleron 2012 21. ~Full~ Dewar’s 12 Year old Whisky. Artemis Stag’s Leap 2012 29. Goulley.Blanc.00 SHER R IES 75ML Harvey’s Bristol Cream 7. Barolo Chinato. NZ 2014 15.50 Sauv. Savoy cordial. D. NZ 2012 24. La Moussiere 2014 19. .00 Pomerol.

grapefruit bitters. 1967 Fernet Branca SAZERAC 5000. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.00 Bollinger La Grande Année 2004 200.5% will be added to your final account. sugar syrup WHITE LADY 120. Dorset 2011 68. Please ask your server for more details regarding our vintage collection: DAIQUIRI 600.00 1974 Grand Marnier.00 Louis Roederer Cristal 2006 1100. fine and rare spirits.00 S PA RK L I NG W I NES 1950s Gordon’s Gin.C H A M PA G N E S E L E C T I O N by t h e b o t t le NO N V I NTAG E Louis Roederer Brut Premier 78. 1970s Cointreau. Such a wealth of cocktail history has inspired our specialisation in vintage.00 Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2006 145.00 Laurent-Perrier NV 130. 1950s Pernod Absinthe.00 Pol Roger Brut 84. Dom Perignon.00 MOONWALK 100. egg white Furleigh Estate Classic Cuvee.00 Ruinart Rosé Brut NV 120.00 RO S É GREENWICH Moët et Chandon NV 109.00 1950s Gordon’s Gin.00 VINTAGE COCKTAILS The American Bar is the oldest surviving cocktail bar in England.00 Louis Roederer Brut 2009 180.00 Moët et Chandon 2006 112.00 Laurent-Perrier 2006 125. It opened in 1893 in the original riverside part of the hotel.00 AL CAPONE’S B OULEVARDIER 150. 1960s Campari HANKY PANKY 120. fresh lime juice. lemon juice.00 Dom Pérignon P2 1998 645. All prices are inclusive of VAT.00 Louis Roederer Blanc de Blanc 2009 175.00 Bollinger La Grande Année 2005 160. sugar cube.5% will be added to your final account.00 Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2004 385.00 Billecart Salmon NV 120. 1900 Peychaud’s Bitters All prices are inclusive of VAT.00 1927 Canadian Club Whisky. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.00 Krug Grande Cuvée 300.00 1858 Sazerac de Forage. orange flower water M AG NU M S Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV 155.00 Dom Pérignon 2005 285.00 V I NTAG E Louis Roederer Brut 2008 135.00 Ruinart blanc de blanc 115. . 1950s Cinzano Rosso.00 1950s Bacardi. and moved to this spot in 1904. 1950s Cinzano Rosso.00 Louis Roederer Cristal 2006 360.

5% will be added to your final account.00 Ros é Moët & Chandon Rosé NV 23. HIBISCUS ICED TEA 11. agave nectar. agave and lemon verbena soda.00 Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2004 90.00 Ruinart Blanc de Blanc NV 26. By th e gl as s 150 ml Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV 18. Based on distilled bark.00 Sparkl i ng Wi nes By the glass 150ml Furleigh Estate. Milk.50 C OV E N T GA R D E N NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS DRURY LANE SPRITZ 11. shaken with fresh lemon juice. All prices are inclusive of VAT. chamomile syrup and topped off with a rose soda.50 Reminiscent of a herb garden with fresh green flavours complimented by soft warming spice.00 Krug Grande Cuvée NV 70. SEEDLIP COOLER 11.00 Ruinart Rosé Brut NV 26.00 Louis Roederer Blanc de Blanc 2009 39.50 Seedlip distilled non-alcoholic spirit offers a revolutionary non-alcoholic ingredient for cocktails. apple juice and fresh berries. almond syrup and cold brew coffee tonic.00 Dom Pérignon 2005 59.00 Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV 29. An iced tea cocktail in the aperitif style with origins that date back to the early 1800s.00 Louis Roederer Brut Rosé 2009 38. Classic Cuvée 2011. GARDEN SQUARE 11. cloudy apple juice. JUBILEE SLING 11.00 Louis Roederer Brut Vintage 2008 29. Dorset 17.50 Russell Street just off Covent Garden Piazza has been the home of coffee in London for a number of years. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12. Basil. In 1712. All prices are inclusive of VAT. poets and artists. citrus and agave nectar to deliver a versatile long cocktail suitable for all occasions. Pine infused apple juice.50 A refreshing cocktail based on ice cold Hibiscus tea.5% will be added to your final account. . lemon. A suggested discretionary service charge of 12.W O R L D O F C H A M PA G N E Here at The Savoy we pride ourselves on our wine selection as much as we do on our spirits and mixed drinks.00 Louis Roederer Cristal 2006 85.50 Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2006 32. spice and citrus this spirit helps capture natural flavours in their purest form. white and sparkling wines to suit all and any occasion. ginger. We offer a wide selection of red.50 The Jubilee market has sold flowers since the early 20th century and was the first foreign flower market of its kind in London. Button’s coffee shop was home to play writes. Seedlip is then combined with citrus.