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Peplau’s Theory Application in Nursing Process

Theory Applied

Patient’s Profile
: Patient “Bapa Datu”
: 56 Years Old
: Male
: Islam
: Jeepney Driver
: Pneumonia
: Peplau’s Interpersonal
Relationship Theory

Nursing Diagnoses & Planning:
Ineffective Airway clearance related to presence of secretions secondary
to Pneumonia.
Goal: To minimize secretions, clear the airway, maintain normal airway,
improve breathing pattern and relieve dyspnea.
Nursing Implementation:

Established rapport to gain trust and cooperation.
Monitored and recorded Vital signs for base line data
Assessed patient’s condition to determine patients need.
Encouraged to increase oral fluid intake to liquefy the phlegm for easier
Encouraged steam inhalation to moisten secretions.
Assisted patient to change position every 30 minutes to mobilize
Provided health teachings with effective coughing and deep breathing
Administered medications as ordered to reduce bronchospasm and
mobilize secretions.
Kept environment allergen free like dust, feather, and smoke to prevent
further increase of mucus secretions.
Encouraged patient to eat nutritious foods to increase resistance and
feeling of comfort.


).  Patient Bapa Datu expresses the needs to get relief from breathing problem. Identification Phase  “Bapa Datu” participates and interdependent with nurse. Bapa Datu was able to maintain patent airway. Bapa Datu’s respirations was improved and difficulty of breathing have been relieved. drinking plenty of water.  Bapa Datu cooperates in nursing interventions (eating nutritious foods. needs for improving the health condition and needs to know more about home care and follow up. Peplau’s Theory Application Orientation Phase  Patient “Bapa Datu” was initially reluctant to talk because of difficulty in breathing. etc. Bapa Datu verbalized awareness and demonstrated proper deep breathing technique to alleviate difficulty of breathing. Exploitation  Patient Bapa Datu actively cooperates and participates in performing breathing exercise.  Patient “Bapa Datu” expressed that his health condition is poor. Resolution  Bapa Datu expressed that difficulty of breathing has reduced and able to breath normally.  Nurse established therapeutic relationship with the patient “Bapa Datu”.  Bapa Datu explains that he gets relief breathing difficulty.   After 4-5 hours of nursing interventions.  He also expressed that he will come for regular checkup after discharge and will continue healthy lifestyle to prevent recurrence of pneumonia. performs breathing and coughing techniques. Conclusion .

Unlike Nightingale's theory which focuses on the environment. Hildegard Peplau’s theory of nurse-patient relationship involves the stress management. Psychodynamic Nursing can easily understood because of its simplicity and being consistent. So Hildegard Peplau's Psychodynamic in nursing which includes the nurse-patient interaction is very applicable in nursing practice nowadays. So the readers may easily understood the theory. it practice the stress management and also we can apply it to anyone. Like Environmental theory. Before helping other people we should first communicate to them because without understanding. Sometimes it may result in errors and complications to the patient. The orientation. And in establishing good relationship. the nurse should pass the four phases of relationship according to the theory of Peplau. The nurses will spend a hard time in assessing their patients. We must study every individual's behavior so that we can help them from what they are experiencing. while Peplau's theory focuses on this aspect. This theory help me realize one of the important things that nurses should know to help patient as well as his or her approach to the patient. We can pick out many benefits in this theory it include improving our social interaction. It only tells us that we should be part of our patient’s life as we render our care and accomplish our mission successfully. exploitation and resolution. She conceptualized the four phases of relationship. For nurses to be successful. identification. we cannot help them. she lack one factor in attaining patient's recovery which is the nurse-patient relationship. because of her status. Peplau's theory helped us how to handle and how to analyze different situations as we encounter different patient's personality.The nurse-patient relationship was really a great help. Without psychodynamic theory. I like Peplau and her work very much. I believe that to become an effective nurse you should interact to your patient to give an appropriate cure to him. . If Florence Nightingale’s theory emphasized on the environmental management that is important to patient’s recovery. they should establish good relationship with their patient. there is no nurse-patient relationship. The four phases of relationship from orientation to resolution must be done successfully for better outcome of the interaction. I am truly amazed on her uncommon intellect.