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121-122&123,1st Floor, 38 Ansal Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019, India

38 Ansal Tower. educational qualification.Delhi Dear Sir/Madam.Date : 28th November’2016 CRM : Neeraj Kumar CANDIDATE PROFILE Name : . New Delhi – 110019. Nehru Place. you have successfully secured the minimum points required as per the basic requirements for entry under the Federal Skilled Worker Program under Express Entry system for Canada. Anand Jha Country of Choice : Canada Branch : Nehru Place. we are happy to confirm that Visas Avenue can assist you in obtaining your desired visa.1st Floor. our assessment indicates that your visa application for immigration is strong keeping in mind the age. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Visas Avenue. Your initial assessment with the information that you have provided us. language proficiency. Based on the information you have provided and consistent with the current Canada Immigration Laws.visasavenue. We are glad to inform you that. 121-122&123. India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Email:-info@visasavenue. occupation and work experience of yours and that of your spouse (if applicable).

These factors are part of a 100 points grid used to assess federal skilled workers Program. Nehru Place. 38 Ansal Tower. The current pass mark is 67 points out of 100 points YOU’RE SCORE AS PER THE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM (Mandatory for STATE SPONSORSHIP) Factor Maximum Points Your Score Your Attribute Age 12 12 26 Years Education 25 22 MBA Work Experience 15 13 4Yrs Language Ability 24 21  IELTS General Training Test Adaptability 10 Spouse IELTS General 5 N/A N/A 5 N/A N/A 100 Point 68 Points ELIGIBLE Training Test with CLB Level 5 Blood Relation in Canada Total Points Minimum points required as per the eligibility criteria for State Nomination 67 Points As per above scores you are eligible to migrate under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.1st Floor. India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Web:-www.visasavenue. Please find you’re ranking as per the Comprehensive Ranking System under Express . 121-122& Email:-info@visasavenue. New Delhi – 110019.

visasavenue. based on the four parts of the Comprehensive Ranking System formula.Core/Human capital factors = 342 Spouse factors    Level of education = 8 First Official Languages = 0 Canadian work experience = 0 Subtotal .1st Email:-info@visasavenue.: Your results All Express Entry candidates get a score out of 1.Spouse factors = 8 Skill transferability factors Education   A) Official Language proficiency and education = 50 B) Canadian work experience and education = 0 Subtotal = 50 121-122&123. 38 Ansal .200. Nehru Place. Core/Human capital factors      Age = 100 Level of education = 126 Study in Canada = undefined Official Languages = 116 o First Official Language = 116 o Second Official Language = 0 Canadian work experience = 0 Subtotal . We invite the highest-ranking candidates from the pool to apply as a permanent resident through regular “rounds of invitations. India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Web:-www.” See what minimum scores have been in the past. New Delhi – 110019.

you are eligible for following profiles: 1122 Professional occupations in business management consulting Step Forward Step 1: We give you honest advice.1st Floor. Nehru Place. India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Web:-www. do what we say we will do and are with you all the way on your journey to fulfill your dream of immigrating Email:-info@visasavenue. NOMINATED PROFILE: On the basis of the information provided by you. deliver the best solution for you. Visas Avenue is committed to provide you the . 38 Ansal Tower. accurate and sharp documentation 121-122&123. New Delhi – 110019.visasavenue.Foreign work experience   A) Official Language proficiency and foreign work experience = 50 B) Canadian and foreign work experience B) = 0 Subtotal = 50 Certificate of qualification = 0 Subtotal Skill transferability factors = 100 Comprehensive Ranking System formula Subtotal Core/Human capital + Spouse factors + Skill transferability = 450 Additional points = 0 Grand total = 450 Though the Canadian Government has kept the maximum points as 1200 the 600 points not mentioned here can be claimed by the Primary applicant only if he/she has a valid job offer which is approved by the Canadian Government or nomination from any Province/ Territory in Canada .

Disclaimer: 121-122&123. does you’re detailing and sends across your educational documents (transcripts) for Education Credential Assessment (ECA) to the Authority World Education Service (WES).com Email:-info@visasavenue. This stage indicates that your application is almost through. We would like to reassure you that documents should be uploading properly by our dedicated team of specialists to ensure a positive result. Canadian Government. Nehru Place. we will forward your file to our case management team. Step6: Your file is transferred to the respective High Commission for further processing of the application. you will then be asked to send in your original passports. Step 5: Visas Avenue. who will then confirm the details given and ensure that the initial assessment has been conducted correctly. Step 4: On receipt of your ECA and IELTS score we will file your EOI and we will register your profile in the Job Bank of the Department of Employment and Social Development. You would get an invitation based on your ranking. Then we upload your documents to your EOI Profile. Australia. Denmark & New Zealand. Once we will receive the payment. New Delhi – 110019. Read the agreement thoroughly. processes your Migration Application and documentation after receiving your invitation from CIO. Step 8: The Canada High Commission may call you for an interview before or after the medicals. Sign the agreement and make your payment. This is done to increase your chances of getting a job offer. Our Case Managers have years of experience processing Migration Applications for Canada. 38 Ansal Tower. Our expertise and professional documentation ensures that your case is well presented and has the best possible chance.visasavenue. India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Web:-www. You will then be allocated to the most suitable expert within our team who will then work through your case. please have a detailed discussion with our Manager-Client Services and clear all your queries and understand the process.Step 2: If you decide to proceed with us.1st Floor. Step 3: Visas Avenue. You receive your medical package and you and your family is required to do your medicals. Step 9: Your visa is stamped and your passport is mailed to you. After the CHC receives your . You would be placed in a pool with all the applicants with a ranking (based on your points).

1st Floor. Filling of EOI Profile 4.All relevant documents required .Providing samples (wherever possible) . Right of Permanent Residence Fee : CAD$490 / Adult Medicals/Registration : case specific Note: All costs are subject to change without notice. Registration of your profile in the Canadian Job bank 5. however we are not responsible for any changes in the rules regarding the immigration process under Express Entry Services. Application filing with CIO 7. Increasing your chances to be picked up from the Job Bank based on different profiles created on your behalf depending on your work experience and skills.visasavenue. Applying for ECA for you and your spouse (if applicable) 3.The information in this report pertaining to migration to Canada was accurate at the time of assessment and we make every effort to keep it updated in accordance to the current rules of Email:-info@visasavenue.Authorities to be applied to .05 to CAD$ 650 (for spouse if applicable) Migration Application fee : CAD$550/Adult & CAD$150/Child. Complete migration processing with CHC 8. New Delhi – 110019.05 to CAD$ 650 (for Applicant) Educational Evaluation fee : CAD$ 233.Process timelines . 1. India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Web:-www.Process Flow 2. Informing the prospective client about: . 38 Ansal . Updates & Follow up during application processing with concerned authorities CANADIAN GOVERNMENT FEES : Educational Evaluation fee : CAD$ 233. 121-122&123. Nehru Place. 6.

38 Ansal Tower. Please find below our bank account details.25000+15% taxes payable after receipt of positive skills assessment and required IELTS score and prior to filing of EOI application Installment–III : Rs.VISAS AVENUE CONSULTATION CHARGES: Payment option I ‐Stage-wise Installment Plan Applicant agrees to pay a consulting fee of Rs. Notarization of documents & courier charges etc. PAYING ONLINE/NET BANKING/MAKING BANK TRANSFER. please consult your consultant over the phone. Payment Option Make a payment through Debit or Credit Card only.400/- NOTE: Third party charges are bearable by clients only (i. Nehru Place.000 + 15% taxes.) you can chose any of the plans to initiate the process.ONE SHOT PLAN Applicant agrees to pay a consulting fee of Rs 65. 121-122&123.1st Floor. INR 11. India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Web:-www. Installment –I : Rs. Police Clearance Certificate.000+15% taxes. IELTS. Account Name: Visas Avenue Pvt.40000+15% taxes payable towards initial retainer and at the time of signing of the contract of engagement Installment–II : Rs.25000+15% taxes payable after being selected from the pool of applications filed under EOI process mentioned above PAYMENT OPTION II . New Delhi – 110019. . If you make a payment through debit or credit card using the link online Pay U Money. 90.e. Medical. Education Assessment (ECA). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IELTS Exam Fee : approx.visasavenue. you can pay by Bank transfer/ Email:-info@visasavenue.

Complete We do not process cases with fraudulent documents or fabricated work experience.1st Floor. New Delhi – 110019. education qualification.Precise . India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Web:-www. Nehru Email:-info@visasavenue.Up to date .com . We will ensure that your feedback is responded to within one business sponsor. If you have any questions or complaints. We also want to make it clear that on absence or lack of documentary evidence or providing misleading or fraudulent documentation may result in a hold. You can be sure that we will deal with your question or complaint expeditiously. 38 Ansal Tower. Account Number: 629405042871 IFSC CODE: ICIC0006294 Branch Nehru Place New Delhi You can initiate your case now by making above mentioned payment CLIENT CARE It is important to us that you are satisfied with the work we do. The points that have been awarded for age. 121-122&123. language. detailed supporting documentary evidence must be provided for each factor.True . please contact your case manager at the earliest possible. Alternatively you can email info@visasavenue. income or any other factor in this evaluation report. To claim points for work experience it’s important to have all your job duties in the company letterhead.visasavenue. Standard Disclaimer: Few things to keep in mind The assessment report is solely based on the information provided by you trusting the information is: . delay & rejection of your Application. This assessment report is positive subject to you providing documentary evidence that substantiate and validate your claim. work experience.Bank Name: ICICI Bank Ltd.

121-122&123. Points for education have been awarded based on the assumption that your education is given full recognition as per Canadian Email:-info@visasavenue.visasavenue. If the visa is rejected on the above mentioned grounds. Nehru Place. With best regards VISAS AVENUE PVT. 38 Ansal Tower. Success of visa also depends on employment verification. LTD. India Tel-+91-11-48447777 Web:-www. All information mentioned in this report is correct and accurate at the time of handing over to the client & is valid for a period of 01 month from the date of issue. In case of any deviation none of the departments can be held responsible.1st Floor. Immigration & Visa rules and processes along with relevant fees continuously change.Success of your visa application is always at the discretion of the consulate based on the information provided and the supporting documents submitted. criminal and background . We strongly advise all clients to provide the Immigration Office with information which is truthful and accurate as anything that is contrary could adversely affect your application and the result. monetary or otherwise. Please keep in touch with your consultant for regular updates. However. please note that the equivalency assessment of the Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) authorities is final however the points for education might change accordingly. The points awarded for IELTS are directly linked to your performance in the Language proficiency exam and would affect your score if you are unable to get the required levels. Visas Avenue is not responsible & is absolved of any liability. medical clearance. New Delhi – 110019.