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Diploma in Developing the HR Professional

Building through Learning...

HR Certification Institute
The HR Certification Institute is a global leader in developing rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery and real-world application
of forward-thinking HR practices, policies and principles. The Institute offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced professional
credentials for HR professionals worldwide. Through the combination of formal education, adherence to high ethical standards,
demonstrated knowledge and achievement through exam and a renewed commitment to continuing professional development,
HR professionals certified by the HR Certification Institute enhance their professional credibility and the organizations they serve.
Since 1976, the HR Certification Institute has been the global leader in professional credentialing for the HR profession.

Program Overview


Organizations are becoming more and more aware of the importance of their
“Human Resources” as one of the most critical resources of the organization’s
success. Organizations realized that reaching the optimum performance of HR
creates the greatest and inimitable asset of an organization. One of the most
challenging aspects in HRM is helping organizations develop their HR’s potential
to the fullest to meet the needs of organization’s success. HRM functions involve
lots of significant decisions that are typically implying considerable direct and
indirect expenses. These expenses need to be regarded as investment by the
management to get its returns. The Human Resources Management Professional
Diploma is designed to achieve the most effective benefit of HRM by training and
equipping the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for HRM’s
roles and functions. This professional diploma integrates the learning knowledge
with the practical dimension as it not only provides the knowledge but also
demonstrates how this knowledge is applied in real business context.

Developing the HR Professional Diploma
is distinguished by focusing on proper
balance between knowledge and skills
that are not tackled by other HRM
diplomas and certificates. The diploma
aims to equip participants with the skills,
knowledge, and abilities required for
them to undertake a professional
approach to Human Resources
Management and prepare them to gain
the skills needed to invest directly in the
marketplace. This Diploma consists of
twelve courses, grouped into four

The main outlines for the diploma are as follows:
Module 1: Fundamentals of Human Resources Management (18 Hours)
Course 1: Human Resources Management and Strategy
Course 2: Managing Organizational Change and Development
The use of HRCI seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has
met the HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit

Hotline: 16147 T: (+202) 2737 6006 / (+202) 2737 5206/7 F: (+202) 2739 1380 M: (+2) 010 668 8959 E: info@riti. organizational development and training professionals will equally benefit from the diploma. Zamalek. • Understand the full range of HRM practices available for developing the organization’s human resources to achieve optimal employee performance. and employees whose responsibilities are concentrated around human resources and its implications of business-driven change. satisfaction. Practical Information Location: Regional IT Institute Premises. in addition to their professional background that is needed to involve extensive exposure to case studies and experiential exercises and to help join usual lecturing with case studies and discussions to enhance the training experience. Schedule: Once a week – Full day Registration Requirements: Registration form and 2 | W: www. development. Duration: 126 hours. 11211. enabling them to contribute to organizational goals. Participants’ Profile This program is designed for executives for whom the management of people is an important element in their own . Instructors’ Profile This program is led by a group of instructors who are known for their long significant teaching experience which is centered on human recourses. Training and Development Course 7: Appraising Employee Performance Course 8: Employee Reward and Recognition Module 4: Completing the HR Professional’s Knowledge Base (24 Hours) Course 9: Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers Course 10: Fundamentals of Project Management Course 11: Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Course 12: Business and Employment Law Key Benefits Upon the completion of the diploma. • Understand the roles of effective and efficient people planning and resourcing in securing a workforce with the requisite specifications. For Information and Registration Regional IT Institute Training Programs Department 11A Hassan Sabry Street. the participants will demonstrate the ability to: • Understand the importance of a professional approach to HRM as an essential means for optimizing the performance and commitment of employees in the organization. Cairo. Egypt.Your Password for a Brighter Tomorrow Module 2: Human Resource Planning and Resourcing (42 Hours) Course 3: The HR Planning Process and Job Analysis Course 4: The Recruitment Process Course 5: The Selection Process Module 3: Human Resources Development (42 Hours) Course 6: Employee Orientation. HR personnel.riti. and commitment. soft skills training and train of the trainer.