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Cinderella Stories Around the World

Think there’s just one fairy tale with an
overworked girl and wicked stepsisters? Think
again! Cultures all around the world have their
own Cinderella stories. Visit Canada, China,
Egypt, and France, and find out whose glass
slippers are made of red silk, and whose
fairy godmother is a fish.

there was a beautiful girl who lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters.Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in Cinderella A French Fairy Tale illustrated by Valentina Belloni Once upon a time. They made her do all the work: scrubbing the dishes. mopping the floors. The stepsisters called the girl “Cinderella. The poor girl was given only rags to wear. The stepsisters dressed in the finest gowns and slept in the finest beds. She slept on a straw bed. and cleaning their bedrooms. 3 . The stepmother and stepsisters had very cruel hearts and treated the girl poorly.” because her clothes were often covered in cinders and ashes from the fireplace near her bed. washing the clothes.

The stepsisters were delighted! They spent the next few weeks picking out gowns and deciding how to style their hair.Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in One day. 4 . an invitation for the Prince’s Ball arrived.

10 . The oldest daughter was mean.Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in Little Burnt Face illustrated by Carolina Farías A Fairy Tale from the Micmac Tribe of North America Once upon a time there lived a widower and his three daughters. The middle daughter thought only of herself. They lived in a large village by the side of a lake. But the youngest daughter was kind and good.

Father. “I forbid her to go near the fire.Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in Every day. the oldest daughter lied. the oldest daughter burned the youngest daughter with hot coals.” 11 . “But she disobeys and always falls in. The villagers called her “Little Burnt Face. when their father went off to hunt.” the girl said.” When the father asked why his youngest daughter was always burnt. She did this so often that the youngest daughter was covered with scars.

there lived a cave chieftain named Wu. Yeh-Shen was brought into their home. Yeh-Shen’s mother died. Shortly thereafter. Jun-Li and her mother were cruel and lazy. and scrubbing the floor. Without any other family. She gave birth to a daughter. Wu died too. His first wife was beautiful and kind. He had two wives. Wu’s second wife had a daughter named Jun-Li. Yeh-Shen. They ordered Yeh-Shen to do all the work—collecting wood. washing clothes. Sadly.Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in Yeh-Shen A Chinese Fairy Tale illustrated by Eva Montanari Thousands of years ago in China. 17 . who was very much like her.

Every day.Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in Yeh-Shen’s only comfort was a golden fish that lived in the lake near the cave. 18 . she shared what little food she had with the fish.

making the meals.An Egyptian Fairy Tale Long ago. 24 . and weeding the garden.” Her skin was fair and turned red when she worked in the sun. They sold her as a slave Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in Rhodopis illustrated by Polona Kosec to an old master in Egypt. They called her “Rhodopis. They made the new girl do the hardest work—washing the clothes. pirates kidnapped a beautiful girl from Greece. The master had several servants already working in his house.” which means “rosy cheeked.

There she talked to the hippopotamus and danced with the ibis. After her work was done. Rhodopis made friends with the Nile River animals.Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in Because the servants were mean. she often went to the river’s edge. 25 .

leaves. art. and traditions ibis—a tall.chieftain—the leader of a clan or tribe cinder—a piece of wood or other material Y s' L er ON ch n ea tio r t ec Fo sp in Glossary that has been burned up or that is still burning but no longer flaming cruel—willing to cause pain or suffering culture—a people’s way of life. 2) Write a letter from Rhodopis to a family member back in Greece. slender bird that lives in and near ponds and lakes pharaoh—a king of ancient Egypt proclamation—an official announcement widower—a man whose wife has died and who has not remarried wigwam—a hut made of poles covered with bark.” Explain how it varies in each story. customs. What details tell you that the story takes place in China? (Key Ideas and Details) Pick two of the stories and compare them. ideas. What do you think she would tell them about Egypt? 31 . or animal skins Critical Thinking Using the Common Core Look at the illustrations for Yeh-Shen. such as “good overcomes evil” or “don’t judge a book by its cover. What details do they share? How are the stories different? (Craft and Structure) Pick one theme used in the retellings. (Integration of Knowledge and Ideas) Writing Prompts 1) Create your own Cinderella story set in modern day.

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