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Mangin Mash

Classroom News

The Week of November 28-December 02, 2016


Upcoming Events
December 01: Knight on the Town PD Q
December 02: Picture Retakes
December 08: Heat and Unit 2 Math Test
December 09:

Unit 3 Spell/Vocab Test

Our Learning

Bring in earbuds for
classroom computer use!
You can send in $1 for

Check out our class
E-campus page found
on the student portal!

Reading: Point of View

Our Learning

Social Studies: I can analyze primary and

secondary resources to identify significant events
throughout Florida history.
Math: Utilize in depth inferences and applications to
solve real world problems.
Science: Observe and describe some basic forms of
energy, including light, heat, sound, electrical, and
the energy of motion.

New ELA Spell/Vocab

Our spelling and vocabulary

words are located on Flocabulary!

Purple group has

library check out
this week!