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Personal Learning Log



What I studied
and why
Study the
pronouns since I
find that I do not
know much how
to place them
and when.

What I learned
from it
I learned that
As mentioned,
pronouns are
usually used to
replace nouns,
however they
can also stand in
for certain
adjectives, and
other pronouns.
Study the verbs I learned that
as they are not
verbs take on a
used and written variety of
in the past.
different forms.
There is a
between regular
and irregular
verbs. Regular
verbs all tend to
take on the same
sort of endings.
Irregular verbs
vary depending
on the exact

How I will use
or have used it
Anytime you
want to talk
about a person,
animal, place or
thing, you can
use pronouns to
make your
speech or
writing flow
The verbs I use
daily because
every sentence I
make I use
either past,
present or

Study the W5 that helped me learn how to ask questions correctly and how to answer them in complete sentences. I learned how to ask the questions correctly and how to answer each question in complete sentences. . What I learned I can use in an interview or writing some article or even to summarize. I use them to describe people. Luis has a very extravagant car./2016 24/Nov./2016. Some sentences contain multiple adjectives. For example.23/Nov. objects. etc. they are usually positioned before the noun or pronoun that they modify. Study the adjectives and when used in a sentence. Extravagant is the adjective because it describes the car of Luis. I learned that because they are used to identify or quantify individual people and unique things.