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Project Report

“Name of Project”
Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement
For The Award of Degree of Diploma of Engineering
In Computer Engineering

Submitted By
Under The Guidance of

Mr./Ms./Mrs. ______________________

Department of Computer Engineering
[Affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education]


Tushar Wagh (Guide) (HOD) External Examiner Prof. _______________ Mr. Mumbai during the Academic Year 2014-15 (Semester VI) Mr. Tushar Patil (Principal) .Certificate This is to certify that the Project Entitled “NAME OF THE PROJECT” Has been carried out by group of following students Is Submitted By ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ To As a Partial fulfillment of the DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING Awarded by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is great sense of satisfaction that I represent our real venture on practical computing in the form of project Work. I am thankful for her time to time tips and help in every stages of project work! I wish to express our gratitude to all teachers of their technical and moral support which was desperately needed during the starting of report. First of all I would like to thank Mr. This report was undertaken in the practical fulfillment of the requirement for Diploma Degree in the Computer Engineering as prescribed by the MSBTE Mumbai. Tushar Wagh Computer Engineering Department. All the teachers have great source of inspiration for us! I would like to thank all our friends for helping us when we needed help! And thanks to all those who knowingly or unknowingly helped us! Thank You! Group members name . I wish to express our heart full thanks to all those who helped us in completing the Report. for providing us an opportunity to undertake this report under and his valuable advices! I wish to express our gratitude to (GUIDE).

cloud robotics. ROS. cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing. architecture.ABSTRACT Keywords: .) .From U r Project (Example. etc.

3 ------ ----------------------2. 3. i ii List of Tables iii List of Graphs iv Introduction 1 1. 2.2 ----- 4. Name of Topic Page Number Title Sheet Certificate Abstract Index Abbreviations List of Figures 1.1 Introduction of 1.GUIDELINES FOR PROJECT REPORT INDEX Sr. No.1 ----- 3.2 ------ 1.3 ---------- 10 Remaining Topic In Same Way 3. Result & Disscussion N Conclusions Acknowledgement References n .2 ---------- 2.1 ---------- 2.

BOTTOM = 1”. Left 1.1 6.1 3.1 List of Graphs in following format Graph No Title of Graph 5.Second (Above Pages Are Not To Be Numbered)  Introduction(Page Numbering Shall Start From Here)  Remaining Topics  Conclusion (This Shall Be The Last Numbered Page )  References (This Page Is Not To Be Numbered) List of Figures in following format Figure No 1.1 General Instructions 1 Paper Size . Right 1” 2 Font: Times New Roman  Font Size For Chapter heading -14(Bold upper case)  Font Size For main titles -12(Bold upper case)  Font Size For Subtitles -12(Bold Title case)  Font Size For Text Matter -12 .Fourth Page .25”.1 2.Sequence Of Pages  Title Sheet -Front Page  PROJECT Certificate  Abstract .Third Page  Index .1 Title of Figure List of Tables in following format Table No Title of Table 2. Margins TOP.A4 a.

2 etc for chapter no Fig Should Be Numbered Chapter Wise As Fig 1.1. chart.1 2.2 etc. 1. 1. Fig 1. 2. Name of student.1. Year  CD Should consist of complete report in Word & PDF format CD should consist of REPORT & PPT of presentation. .2 Graph 1. Subtitle 1.1.  Reference of Figure Should Be Given In Text Matter  Discussion & Conclusion Shall Be The Last Page of The Text.2 Experimental Set Up] Figure title should be mentioned below the figure in title case (12 TNR.1.2 Etc [e. graph should be mentioned on the top (12 TNR.g.5 Lines  Figures Shall Be Drawn On Separate Sheets & They Should Be Numbered But Pages With Figures Are Not To Be Numbered.2 for chapter 2 etc.  Last Page – References (WEB References Should Not be Written in the Reference List)  Total Number of Typed Pages Shall be max 35-40  Two Copies of PROJECT Shall Be Submitted to The College & One Shall be kept with The Student. bold) & title for table.1 .  Main Title No’s should be 1. Name of Guide. 3   Binding Should Be in black Cover (Hard)  Embossing Is compulsory A CD has to be submitted in the following format for each PROJECT  CD Label: Title of project. Line Spacing -1.2(Chapter 1). bold). Table 1.1 1.