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Question # 1
What does praise mean?

Question # 2
How can we praise each other
for results we create?

Thank you. Great job. I really appreciated your

work on that project.
These words take less than 10 seconds to say.

For a player - for any human being - there is

nothing better than hearing Well done.
Sir Alex Ferguson

At your next department meeting, see if you

can find someone to praise for, for example:
coming up with great ideas.
bringing an external idea into the company.
trying out something new.
working with a different organization.
Paul Sloane

People reported that they wanted to be

involved / engaged and to participate, and that
recognition of their ideas was a reward.

Non-financial incentives are more effective than financial incentives

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Question # 3
How can we praise each
other for the effort we do?

When children are praised for the process they

engage in, for example their hard work and their
focus, they remain motivated learners. minute 9.

Writing handwritten notes

may seem like a waste of
time. But in my experience,
they build goodwill and lead
to higher productivity.

Douglas R. Conant

Research shows that when people are not thanked

for their help, their future rates of helping are
immediately cut in half.

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo,

sends the spouses of her top
team handwritten thank-you

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