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Saad Archane

In partial fulfillment of INT 4300 – Internship

School of Business Administration
“How can Eubest reduce Its Production Lead Time”

Internship coordinator: Mme Sanaa Wakkas
Internship professor: Dr. Lahrech Abdelmounaim

Fall 2016

it’s clear that Eubest has many opportunities for the future thanks to its strong national networking. The second section of this report will deal with the business problematic. . The purpose of this report is to analyze the business problematic and come up with new strategy for Eubest to reduce its production lead-time. vision. its major suppliers and main partners. The first one will be focused on the organization as a whole.EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is the result of my eight weeks experience at Eubest Company located in Casablanca. This report will include two main sections. Eubest has also some limitations that it is important for the company to work on it. its organization structure. However. In order to answer the business problematic many analyzes were made using my knowledge and what I studied in logistic classes. its major markets. huge experience in the sector and also its management strategy. Morocco. it will include a description of the company as a whole. Therefore. 1 . its mission. some recommendations will be developed in the last part of the report to describe the actions of the company for the future. Based on the analysis.

guide. advice and keep me on the correct path and allowing me to carry out my project. Sanaa Wakkas who took time out to hear. I would like also to thank my fellow coworkers in Eubest Company for stimulating discussions as well as their knowledge sharing.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS By the end of this internship. 2 . Her guidance helped me a lot as I heavily learnt from him on the professional aspect as well as the personal one. I am using this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to my Internship supervisor Mrs.

.......................TABLE OF CONTENT Excecutive summary...................................16 3 .........10 Part III: Recommendations and conclusion.....................................2 Table of content........................5 Part II: Business problematic.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................3 introduction......................................................................4 Part I: Overview of the company: EUBEST....................................................................................1 Acknowledgements.......................................................

how they launch the production of the vehicules. Indeed.INTRODUCTION This report is the result of my research realized during my eight weeks Internship in Eubest Company located in Casablanca. In the last part. The first part will include a data analysis using various theories. this report will include two main sections. My internship was taking place in the logistics field which consists of assisting. With the help of my supervisor Mrs. The second will deal about the business problematic. Eubest is company which aim is to grow in the Market and became a large one. the company needs continuous development in order to achieve its objective. PART I: OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY: EUBEST 4 . Sanaa Wakkas. and at the same time increase the profit. So. The second part includes the results from the analysis and its interpretation. this research is made in order to come up with new strategy for the Company to reduce its production lead tim. The first one will be focusing on Eubest as an organization. Morocco. and analyzing how the logistics manager are dealing with the orders made from the customers. Therefore. some recommendations are suggested and developed. the company is trying to define its business strategy for the future. I choose the following problematic: How can Eubest company reduce its production lead time in order to satisfy the customer in a brief period of time? In order to determine the key elements. and finally see and analyze how they are daling with time since it is the most important factor in production. several analyses were made. Therefore.

Trucks. the productions focus on the following product groups as a standard :  Ambulance Production  Ambulance Materials (Ambulance Stretchers. Buses. society and employees having activities related to ambulances and ambulance materials for almost 7 years. was established in 2010.I- About the Company: Eubest company. . the policy of the company is to provide the Customers with services that exceed their expectations and to ensure their satisfaction. is one of the emerging companies in Morocco and in international areas offering professional services for ambulances and ambulance materials. etc.)  Mobile Healthcare and Control Vehicles (Panel vans. Trailers. Stretcher Platforms. Containers) 5 . Small buses. Although the company makes special productions according to customer requests and based on projects. As an establishment that is aware of its responsibilities against the environment.

Salé. Taroudant. Casablanca. Kelaat Sraghna. Such as. and Gabon. the company has added permanent suppliers from different countries as the demand is increasing in Morocco. The company is currently serving customers in many cities. Sidi Kacem. Khouribga. and towns around Morocco.Khémisset. and Asia to buy their materials. and now it some African countries like Sénégal. Fqui’h Bensaleh. Therefore. Suppliers: Eubest operates with various suppliers in Europe.Director Assistant Purchaser Manager Logistics Manager Accounter Source: Company’s intern sources Customers: Eubest has several customers most of them located in Morocco. 6 .

Products: 7 .

8 .

 Everybody feels himself/herself as a part of the company. and work diligently  They embrace new and different opinions. learn together. Corporate Values: Participative  All employees can freely express their opinions.  They consult each other. and they know that their opinions are valued.II. and improve their abilities. 9 .

 Maintains a mentality that prioritizes protection. Adhered to Ethical Values  Legal and business ethics rules are prioritized.  Operates with technologic infrastructure compatible with the necessities of the time.  Endeavours for everybody’s development. customers and business partners.  Always behaves fair to its employees. Open to Improvement. Reliable  Their principle is to be consistent in terms of what they do and what they say. Success of all leads to success of company.  The ability to quickly take positions according to market conditions and time. and gives importance to awareness for environmental protection. PART II: BUSINESS PROBLEMATIC Let’s state again the business problematic before analyzing the findings: How can Eubest Company reduce its production lead time in order to satisfy the customer in a brief period of time? 10 . preservation of environment.  Attaches importance to the values of community which it exists in.  Always maintains the importance attached to the values of community. Innovative  Always being the best is their indispensable target.

Lean development is one such tool. The major one is asking questions to my supervisor and also my colleagues in order to know more about the environment of the company. and Production inventory management . Reductions in manufacturing lead time can generate numerous benefits. including lower work-in-process and finished goods inventory levels. and also for the production lead time that is sometimes very high. consumer expectations are high. This. Therefore. and less forecasting error. Organizations need proven concepts for reducing lead time and the tools to do so if they are to remain competitive. in order to gather information about the company I used several data collections. and companies must be quick to adapt if they are to survive and thrive. Definition of Production Lead time: The world is changing quickly. THE ANALYSIS : 1. This is the main business problem addressed in this research. Therefore. improved quality. reductions in manufacturing lead time increase flexibility and reduce the time required to respond to customer orders. allowed me to understand that time in supply chain is an important factor in production that why any company should optimize it. The main reason behind my choice of this problematic is that I took Supply chain management. however. 11 . More importantly.Eubest is present in the Moroccan market for many years. it has had plenty of trouble expanding because of the higher competition. this report is the fruit of the research made in order to assess a solution to this problem which can drastically play a role in the expansion of the company. This can be vital to the survival and profitability of numerous firms. lower costs.

and departments to customers. 2. plant or 12 . Lead Time: Lead time can be defined as total time required to manufacture an item. it is the time taken from release of an order to production and shipment. setup time. less manufacturing space. in order to understand and communicate the material and information flow for a product. including order preparation time. Definition of Value Stream Mapping VSM: Value stream mapping (VSM) is one of the basic methods within Lean. [1] B. For make-to-stock products. Lean thinking changes the focus of management from optimizing separate technologies. assets.especially those experiencing increased market pressures for shorter delivery lead times of customized product. less inventory in progress. The term lean manufacturing is created to represent less human effort in the company. and put away time. assets. 2004). For make-toorder products. less investment in tools. it is the time taken from the release of an order to production and receipt into finished goods inventory. run time. and less engineering hours to develop a new product in less time (cited from Tinoco. move time. It is the time interval between the initiation and the completion of a production process. and vertical departments to optimizing the flow of products and services through entire value streams that flow horizontally across technologies. queue time. Lean Manufacturing: Lean manufacturing is a manufacturing strategy that seeks to produce a high level of throughput with a minimum of input. inspection time. A.

supply chain It is a helpful way to identify sources of waste and opportunities for improvement as well as supporting the design process for future production flows Always create a VSM for a value stream before diving into the task of waste elimination VSM is focusing on two types of flows which can be observed in any business environment: Value Stream Mapping Icons : 13 .

So here. Analysis of Production Lead Time Within the Company: The company is operating in a the medical field. SWOT Analysis: The SWOT analysis is a model created in 1960 and that had been adopted by many companies. (Investopedia. the company should optimize the production lead time. this strategy was developed at the beginning by a well known car Company named Toyota in order to satisfy its customers. which means the product they are delivering should be a quality 14 . . “The method of SWOT analysis is to take the information from an environmental analysis and separate it into internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external issues (opportunities and threats). We know that a product of quality needs more time to be produced . and what is required to make them reachable.. but sometimes customers want their product in a brief delay with the same quality.” This tool help the companies to know if there are worth pursuing or not.

 Opportunities: external factors that allow the company to improve its competitive position in the market.  There are important competitors According to the SWOT analysis is it clear that EUBEST has a positive position. Strengths: resources and potential factors that support a successful outcome. Even if the company is facing some limitations because of the government.  Weaknesses: resources and weak factors of a company that need improvement. some products  Growing Industry  There are new entrants in the Moroccan market.  Strengths Weaknesses  EUBEST has a huge experience in  Company should expand in other this sector which allow the African countries company to set better price than its  The motivation within the company competitors  Company provides many services to its customers  Opportunities Threats  The increase of the demand for the  Government limitations concerning product. and show the competitive advantage of the company. 15 . and reduce its competitive position.  Threats: external factors that place the business in a risk of failure.

and money for the company.PART III: RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION The logistics department is suffering from many problems. The main objective of the project I carried during my internship was to find a solution to this problem. The task was not easy at all due the small amount of time I had to find a solution. in the manufacturing facilities or the delivery services. and started looking for a solution. and meet customer expectations. I started by visiting the manufacturing facility. I have worked hard in order to find solutions to this problem that affects the entire organization. I spent 2 weeks with the employees of the facility. One of these issues is the one related to the high SC process leadtime. and skimmed in the supply chain management class which was Value 16 . working every day in the field made me capable of visualizing the wholes in the process. and try to reduce the production lead time to be more efficient. trying to analyze where the problem is coming from. and started thinking of how can I fill these wholes that represented a waste of time. The solution was actually to using a simple tool we studied in our class of production inventory management. Then. I went to the HQ of the company to see how employees are communicating with each other to see if the flow of information wasn’t stopped by any kind of misunderstanding. But. Then I analyzed what I gathered.

1995. pp. (n.Stream Mapping that I defined in a previous section of my report. New York: Springer. 2009. 755–785. What Is DMAIC? Retrieved October 27. J. K. no.d. Jacobs and S. Kuo. 26. Production Systems Engineering. [ C. Lim. pp.isixsigma. M.” Mathematical Problems in Engineering. 2. vol. D. 233–276. 3. “A system-theoretic property of serial production lines: Improvability. References: Terry. vol. Lecture presented at Class in Morocco. 17 . VSM. Benrqya. Li and S. from http://www. M. M.). Meerkov. This solution can decrease the production lead time considerably.-T. Ifrane. Meerkov. no.” International Journal of Systems Science.-T. and also can decrease drastically the cost of production. 4. and S. Y. 2016.). 1996. Meerkov.d. (n. “Bottlenecks in serial production lines: A systemtheoretic approach.

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