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ZFWTI , ZHULAIKHA & FARHEEN WATER TECNOLOGY INC. is trendingup the international market with the company's products-technologies
partners from Japan, Korea, and Finland. Our main factories are our direct
partners localised in Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Thus
making our products the best quality products at competitive prices to meet
the international niche markets, geared to benefit our precious consumers
ZFWTI's mission is to showcase the branding of Zulaikha as well as to
market our partners' water treatment technology system in a selected, niche
and highly populace residential areas internationally.
The top management company

is currently spearheaded by


Muhammad Rosli bin DH Haji Abd Wahab (Brunei Darussalam) and Ms

Farheen Fatima (Pakistan); are the prime-movers and owners of the
company, individuals of high exposure in the international management and
marketing capacities.
ZULAIKHA brand of water filtration is a technology known as Nano
Hydrogen Alkaline Water model. We offer both for in-door and out-door water
filtration system. Many families today are having problems with the quality of
their drinking water at home. It is not uncommon to see people drinking all


sort of water with no regard to the harmful effects such water can have on
their health. At times, the quality of the drinking water is so bad and this
may not be detected on time because ordinary eyes may not be able to spot
a murky brown or tan color in the water.

Of course, water like this is not safe to drink. We owe it a duty to protect our
lives and that calls call for a different approach to how we drink water. Nano
Hydrogen Alkaline water treatment is the change every home needs to
safeguard their health and that of loved ones. Hydrogen water has been
hailed as masterpiece of discovery in the field of water filtration. Though,
some people have misgivings about Nano Hydrogen Alkaline water
treatment, it seems to be the best for now. Many homes and offices are
embracing this new technology in water treatment to purify their water.



TK-RO800GPD - 800GPD RO System



ZFWTI company is committed to market only the latest series of clean, safe
and healthier drinking water system for every household who cares and


chooses to be healthy!! This new model is a re-modeled of the previous
series of our products from rigorous feedback and experienced of our
customers from various countries including Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. The enhanced product is a DIY
concept; highly user-friendly, self-maintenance and more robust. We are
currently building up our market presence by appointing our partners
agencies for distribution of Zulaikha brand water filtration model into the
Arab Balkans, Dubai, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Vietnam.
Our partners' factories have scale-up production capabilities and flexibilities
to meet any sudden demand without any hitch. We are also open to selected
few investors should that proven beneficial to our consumers and

ZME or ZHULAIKHA MEGA ENTERPRISE is a wholly-owned Bruneian
corporation managed by Haji Muhammad Rosli, an entrepreneur who had
been in the business cycles since 1994; after leaving the Malaysian premier
banking corporate world. He is the owner of Zulaikha brand water filtration
system that include the list of products lines that ZME is building up to
market worldwide through various strategic alliances and partnership with
selected few

manufacturers ' owners, professionals and investors. The

company's products manufacturing plant are in Malaysia and Indonesia

which have been in this specialised industry over 20 years to date. The
manufacturing plant covers both in-doors and out-doors filtration water
system. The manufacturing plant has employed over 100 production workers
and staffs. ZME under strong leadership

of the sole owner, Haji

Muhammad Rosli has led the setting-up of an international company under


the auspices of ZFWTI, as the exclusive international marketing & promoting
company's arm of Zhulaikha Mega Enterprise. ZME has established its
base in Brunei overseeing the local market as well as working with their
partners associates and professionals team originating from Italy, Pakistan,
Philippines, Sri Lanka, Turkey, USA and Vietnam.


Every person in the world deserves to clean and healthy water. Under this
vision, we created smart and new solutions of the highest standard taking all
rigorous international standard of production practice. ZME envisions
through its owned international company ZFWTI, aims at improving the
quality of water that people drink all over the world. ZFWTI missions to
spread the importance of drinking the right-quality water to human race.


To Our Customers

The products delivered are individually checked through stringent quality

assessment and testing. We ensure quality transforms total satisfaction to
our highly respected customers. Through our basic 3Cs' motto Complete
Customer Care we aim to strive the best to our customers' in quality.

To Our People

ZME & ZFWTI works across with differentiated races, nationalities and
culturally remarkably well. We acknowledge that every individual brings
different perspectives and capabilities to the team and a strong team is built on
high moral values and fair practice. We provide fair opportunities for growth to all
our employees and foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.



Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. At ZME & ZFWTI, we

conduct our business with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics,
quality and fairness and develop relationships based on trust. Our core
values and philosophy are the foundation for every business decision we

Team work

The company is trending into the international market; as such we are

extremely team players and team builders. Open communication across all
levels of organization is the key what we believe success can be achieved
through collective efforts committed to achieving common defined goals. Our
employees are encouraged to participate in the decision making process and
we believe that teamwork leverages ones individual strengths.

We strive to bring highest possible quality water filtration system technology
to the world community. Healthy through drinking the right water is our
ultimate goal. To achieve these goals we work with our worldwide partners
and team professionals in bringing the right technology for producing the
right water at the most competitive prices to all our customers.





ZULAIKHA Nano Hydrogen Alkaline Water System - Filter

Original Materials and arrangement
A - Ceramic (E)
B - Gac
C - Gac + Resin
D - CTO + DH600 + Gac + Zine + Alkaline ball
E - Bio + Alkaline ball + ORP + DH300 + Zine
F - CTO + DH600 + Gac + Zine
1. Doulton Ceramic Filter (England) (Purifier Element) - This we call it
Water Purifier. Density up to 0.9 microns, effectively filter out debris in the
water, e.g. rust, mud, sand, dirt, and other, also can filter out more 99.9%
bacteria in the water. The 1st stage of system is make the water CLEAR, can
remove all the sediment and bacteria, let the water become clear water to
protect the other materials to last longer. Easy to wash out the dirt and easy
to maintain.
2. Activated Carbon This we call it Water Treatment.
Make by coconut shell, use high temperature to make it
become granular, this will more effective to coverage more water to filter.
The 2nd stage of system is make the water CLEAN, it can remove all kind of
chemical, odour and colour. Water become clean and safe
3. Resin + Activated Carbon This we call it Water Safe.
It can filter heavy metal e.g. iron, mercury and
other, thats can make the water soft and tasty to drink. The 3 rd stage of
system is to change water taste more tasty, it can remove the heavy metal,
heavy metal is a very serious damage to our body.
4. Hydrogen + Alkaline - This we call it Water Enhancement or Enhanced
Increase Water pH to Alkaline, and increase Hydrogen
level. The 4 stage of system is to enhance our Immune system and anti
aging, acidic body is the source of sickness, Alkaline water can neutralize our


body blood pH, alkaline also a vitamin for cell, it can stronger our cell to
protect our body. Hydrogen is the best anti oxidation element, to anti our
body aging faster and repair body cell.
5. Bio Ceramic + ORP This we call it Anti-oxidation Water.
The 5th Stage of system is Bio Ceramic can release the FIR
(Far infra-red), far infra-red can promote blood circulation, it can clean up
toxic from our body, the quantity of toxic will direct reflection to our health.
Materials of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), can stable the free radical
and control free radical to damage our body cell
6. Nano Pore + Hydrogen This we call it the Finest Water for Total
The 6th stage is the last defence for bacteria, it can
effective to kill bacteria, make water safe to drink without boiling. And last
stage hydrogen can stable Hydrogen contents for our water

The countries on our target to market and distribute would be among others:
(1) African countries Nigeria & South Africa
(2) Arab Kingdom countries Dubai, Oman
(3) Turkey
(4) Pakistan
(5) Sri Lanka
(6) Italy
(7) Philippines
(8) Vietnam