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Hi Ngurah

If you would like some references then you can speak with the following people,
Both of them have done work on People Per Hour and privately for me;
We need quite a lot of illustrations, if it’s too much for the price you quoted then
please tell me. There will probably be a few more to once the web designer starts
his work as well, I am a fair guy so don’t worry about extra costs. As long as we are
both reasonable there will be plenty of work on an ongoing basis.
The styles we liked, we liked what you sent me on the Design Crowd website. I also
like these ones, the EDP website character and style is the better one;
Illustrations we need
1. Load and GO – Luton Van (See Web link of Luton van below) being loaded with driver on the back of the
van, customer with 5 or 6 boxes in street and passing a box to the driver for loading.
2. Easy Moves – Luton Van (See Web link of Luton van below) , the van is in the distance. The driver is
walking some boxes he has in his hands up the drive way of the customers house.
Web link of Luton van =
3. Payment Option 1 – See Copy of Nifty Quoter,
4. Payment Option 2 – See Copy of Nifty Quoter,
5. Payment Option 3 – See Copy of Nifty Quoter,
6. Hamster Powered Shipping Calculator – see example of what we are doing below, we just need an
illustration of hamster powering a server ( in this case it’s a phone), the text part does not matter. May an
illustration of a google map screen shot can be incorporated.

Our hamster powered shipping calculator has crunched some numbers at Google
Maps and based on the distance calculated between you’re collection and delivery
address it has come up with an initial quote using the following information;

What can European Moving be used for – Office Moves 10. London. let’s get this lot done so our web designer can get started. . Wardrobes = 2 customers dismantling a wardrobe book 13. What can European Moving be used for – Building Materials 11. 2nd customer wrapping the bed with some protection. What can European Moving be used for – House Removals We are going to need icons / graphics for our shipping calculator. ( A lady and a Man = customer 1 and 2) 16. 20m3 or 1200kgs MAX – Important !!! 17. Beds and Mattress = 1st Customer dismantling the bed. Packing & Labelling = 1st Customer labelling there boxes. Illustration for storage of furniture items – FREE for 30 day’s 8. FAQ’s header Illustration Movers Guide http://europeanmoving. SW1 4TY (Google Maps API result) Delivery Address: Marbella. General loading of the vehicle = Customer and Driver loading the vehicle. What can European Moving be used for – International Removals 12. http://europeanmoving. Dining Tables and large Furniture = 2 customers dismantling a dining table 21. 19. Fabric & Leather Furniture = 2 customers wrapping a sofa in bubble wrap protection 20.&dropoff=london That’s it for 14. https://europeanmoving. both inside stacking the boxes.Collection Address: 1 Dover Road. Spain (Google Maps AP result) The estimated distance in KM is: 1000 (Google Maps AP result) The estimated distance in Miles is: 621 (Conversion formula or Google Maps API result) 2nd customer packing some things inside the boxes. Then we can speak about more things later. Insurance = Free Insurance 15. need French and English versions doing. Seen it cheaper.