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What is HRM ?

Prepared By: Rohma Zaidi
Std ID: BM-26526
Course Conducted by Sir Vijay Kumar
Date: 8-10-2016

HRM is abbreviation for the word Human Resource Management.
If we break Human Resource Management in words, we get to know
definition of this keyword as:
Human (Homo-sapiens – Social Animal)
Resources (Human, Physical, Financial, Technical,
Informational etc)
Management (Function of Planning, Organizing, Leading &
Controlling of organizational resources to accomplish goals efficiently
and effectively)

• HRM is the management of people working in an organization,
it is a subject related to human. For simplicity, we can say that it
is the management of humans or people. HRM is a managerial
function that tries to match an organization’s needs to the skills
and abilities of its employees. Human Resource Management is
responsible for how people are managed in the organizations. It
is responsible for bringing people in organization helping them
perform their work, compensating them for their work and
solving problems that arise.

HRM plays important role in creating organizations and
helping them survive. Our world is an organizational world. We
are surrounded by organizations and we participate in them as
members, employees, customers, and clients. Most of our life is
spent in organization, and they supply the goods and services
on which we depend to live. Organizations on the other hand
depend on people, and without people, they would disappear.

1. Helps you get results - through others.
• Different managerial techniques help mangers to direct the
performance of employees in desirable direction in order to achieve the
organizational objectives. Through the efforts of others working in an
organization, managers get things done that require effective human
resource management.
2. Helps you avoid common personnel mistakes
• Qualified HR mangers utilize organization resources in such a way that
helps to avoid common personnel mistakes like the following…
• Hiring the wrong person for the job
• Experiencing high turnover
• Finding employees not doing their best
• Having your company taken to court because of your discriminatory
• Having your company cited under federal occupational safety laws for
unsafe practices
• Allowing a lack of training to undermine your department’s
• Committing any unfair labor practices


to make the best possible use of money. that is.10/9/2016 Challenges/Issues of Managing Human Resources in present era Following are the main issues that are faced by the mangers to manage the workforce of today’s organization for achievement of objectives. It requires careful need assessment for training and selecting effective training methods and tools. • To Attract People People will be interested to join any organization if it is providing them quality working environment. 5. According to Peter F. 2 . Importance of personnel management Importance of personnel management is in reality the importance of labour functions of personnel department which are indispensable to the management activity itself. To be efficient is to achieve goals with minimum waste of resources. Drucker. 2. ―The proper or improper uses of the different factors of production depend on the wishes of the human resources. • To Develop People Development is related to provide the opportunities for training and development to match the skills to job in particular areas. The best managers maintain a clear focus on both effectiveness and efficiency. besides other resources human resources need more development. It ensures maximum benefit out of the expenditure on training and development and appreciates the human assets. What is Management? Management is the process of working with different resources to accomplish organizational goals. or focus on one at the expense of another. It prepares workers according to the changing needs of industry and environment. continuous development of workforce of the organization leads towards development of the organization. IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human Resource Management has a place of great importance. 1. It motivates workers and upgrades them so as to enable them to accomplish the organisation goals. Good managers do those things both effectively and efficiently. • To Motivate Motivation means to influence performance of others and to redirect the efforts in desirable direction by using different motivational tools that can help in fulfilling the mission of organization. So that they will start playing their important role in the organization. time. 4. the first issues will be to attract good people for your organization. It helps management in the preparation adoption and continuing evolution of personnel programmes and policies. Keeping in view the opportunities in the market. attractive benefit and opportunities to excel in future. 3. To be effective is to achieve organizational goals. After attracting/selecting. Some managers fail on both criteria. Third important issues/concern will be to keep your workforce motivated so that they should keep on delivering effectively. Human resources can increase cooperation but it needs proper and efficient management to guide it Because of the following reasons human resource management holds a place of importance. and people. materials. Hence. It supplies skilled workers through scientific selection process.

developed and utilized by the management. It establishes mechanism for the administration of personnel services that are delegated to the personnel department.10/9/2016 6. marketing. the role of human resource management is very important in an organization and it should not be undermined especially in large scale enterprises. hire. It contributes a lot in restoring the industrial harmony and healthy employer-employee relations. proper coordination of human efforts and effective utilization of human and others material resources is necessary. 7. 8. Through innovation and experimentation in the fields of personnel. it helps in reducing casts and helps in increasing productivity. Human Resource Management is concerned with the managing people as an organizational resource rather than as factors of production. Thus. It involves a system to be followed in business firm to recruit. to a great extent. Therefore. finance etc. on the way in which people are recruited. 3 . It is the key to the whole organization and related to all other activities of the management i. production.. train and develop human assets.e. It is concerned with the people dimension of an organization. select. The attainment of organizational objectives depends.