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An a nalysis of the Least Mastered Competencies in English of the

Grade 7 Students of Bado Dangwa National High School, SY 20162017
Effective English teaching is the gateway to the attainment of scientific and
technological advancement.
The job of a teacher is to impart knowledge that will help students acquire
desired competencies.
The researcher conceptualized this study to analyze the least mastered
competencies of the ENGLISH 7- First Grading Exam 2016-2017 .This will
determine the competency to be enhanced and a basis for giving remedial
and other enhancement activities that will help improve the academic
performance of the students in English .
B. Proposed Interventions
1. Remediation classes for students
2. Learning Enhancement activities for students
This research seeks to analyze the common problems why students get very
low test results in English in Bado Dangwa National High School . Specifically,
it seeks to answer the following questions:

1. What are the least mastered competencies in English of the Grade 8
students of BDNHS for the SY 2016-2017?
2. What type of test is considered the most difficult among the Grade 7
3. What approaches should be adopted by teachers to improve the least
mastered competency?
4. What activities should be given to the learners to enhance their mastered
5. What program can be recommended to address the low test results in
English of BDNHS grade 7 students?
C. Plan for Data Analysis
The researcher will use the descriptive method. Weighted mean, frequency
distribution and percentages will be used to interpret the data.

Secure a copy of Item analysis of grade 8 teachers last school year 2. Tally results of first grading analysed items per section By: ELENOR MAY CHANTAL L.WORKPLAN STRATEGIES PROGRAM Raise the performance of Conduct an action grade 8 students in research on the analysis English of the least mastered competencies in English of the grade 7 students of Bado Dangwa National High School ACTIVITIES 1. MESSAKARAENG .