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(Inclusive of main demolition and
Temporary façade retention )
34 & 35 Thames Street

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Thames St Windsor

9th Feb 16
Adrian Kenny on behalf of first direct contractors


Aim of this Document

Enabling Works

The Site

The Site Set-Up

Accommodation/Site Compound

Temporary / Existing Services

Emergency Access / Egress
Site Security / Public Segregation / Safety

Protection of the General Public

Control of dust and noise pollution

Control of traffic

Management of materials

Environmental Sensitive Areas and Control of Waste Material


Below documents will be provided prior to site commencement
Site Set Up Drawing
Site Set Up and General Site operation Risk Assessments
Setting Up Site /
Environmental Hazards
Fire Safety on Construction Sites
Construction Safety Programme – to be developed prior to site commencement

Thames St Windsor

Such documents will be used to manage the control measures required for this live environment in terms of logistical constraints to the Thames st and surrounding properties which are in use. It should be read in conjunction with the construction phase Health and Safety Plan (construction phase health safety plan will be developed and approved before construction commences).Aim of this Document This document has been produced to outline the methods of control for the general operation on the site. Full safety logistical plans will develop and used for inductions and a communication tool for all stakeholders The asbestos as noted on appendix B of the R&D survey will be removed by a competent and licensed contractor – please see R&D surveys This document will be used alongside other documentation which has been be developed by the structural engineers referencing sequence for the retention system and the demolition works Thames St Windsor . risk assessments and COSHH assessments are scheduled to be produced at the appropriate times throughout the project duration (detailed construction risk assessments and method statements will be approved before any works are to commence). this will also be used to aid the auditing process of the site document’s to ensure compliance. Regular reviews will be implemented with the client’s site representative which will help us to refine controls prior to works commencing. A pre start planning for risk workshop will be arranged prior to site commencement which will set out the control measures for the majority of the site risks. This sets out the initial risk control guidelines which can then be used to build on and develop tighter control measures which meet everyone’s requirements. asbestos removal and the demolition process which will also align with the tender requirements set out ref temporary works and 3rd party segregation. This document is provided to inform all parties of our plans for the site set up. It will be circulated to Subcontractors and other interested parties as a source of key information to aid their risk assessment/method statement preparation. where specific method statements.

This will be located to the top platform area. This will ensure site meets health and safety standards. All elevations need to be worked on however the 1 m Thames St Windsor . The welfare unit will need to relocated at an point in to the external temporary facade and scaffold system. Asbestos removal. façade retention. pigeon soil removal. All deliveries and collections will be policed on and off site. This will be established prior to commencement.The Site Welfare and safety systems established. Early arrival may be required but no works will commence until permitted hours allow such Our site offices and compound will be situated on an agreed existing floor using temporary offices and welfare facilities. Material storage will be within the building and segregated from site traffic areas. Site access will be required to the existing front façade at the ground floor. site parking area will be off site for the use by sub-contractors. soft demolition. As per the planning conditions set out in the tender documentation Delivery waiting area ( times ) will also be adhered too and delivery schedules will be implemented to manage this process. Liaison will be established with the existing occupied premises and continued throughout the contract. along with temporary safety lighting and service isolations. The welfare and safety systems will be in place before any works commence. Existing drains will be used for both areas of the welfare Access to the site will be gained through the existing access road from Thames Street. temp works and main demolition works to align with client’s brief The works will be carried out in ‘normal working hours'. Full temporary works design will be in place and approved before any scaffold and retention system is put in place There is an existing foul drainage system on site which will be used for our temporary toilets.

Demolition zones will be segregated and coordinated with the relevant parties.rule will apply during the main demolition process. Site access will be from Thames St including fire exit routes. Loading bay to the external scaffold will be designed and approved. Materials and the like will be distributed via the scaffold with the appropriate hoists and loading bays. External scaffold and retention will be fully sealed for public protection ensuring no risk of materials falling including dust leakage Thames St Windsor .

Flexible secure barriers will be used for works which progress at a pace ( internal works ). once the scaffold retention system is in place. • Perimeter hoarding and fencing – barriers will be erected to enclose our site offices. This will be tabled with supply chain members at the order stage so that they can sort alternative arrangements. This will be kept to a minimum due to available space albeit safety standards will be met • Temporary and Existing services. Please see safety logistics plans The drawings show details of the following: • Layout of site offices. Isolations permits will be issued before any works commence • Site access for plant. Works will be segregated from the members of public and scaffold will be erected in accordance with safety guidelines and the requirements set out by the local authority. Solid hoarding and protection will be provided to external areas as and when required. personnel and emergency services. To be reviewed with local car park premises.The Site Set-Up To be read in conjunction with site set up drawings (Appendix A) which indicate all aspects required for the site set up of this project. Scaffold Thames St Windsor . stores and welfare facilities. This is critical for the façade retention and demolition. temporary works demolition sequence will be agreed with the temporary works engineers and coordinator • No on site car parking. Service isolations and controlled permits will be issued for works on existing services. From the main street and all deliveries will be policed by a competent banks man • Traffic circulation routes on site – detailed construction zones will be implemented and phased plans will be agreed with the relevant parties. Scaffold permits and the like will be coordinated with the relevant authorities and a detailed scaffold protection plan will be provided to such . compound. welfare and storage zones ( internal arrangements ).

along with and alarm system to prevent 3rd party access during out of hours • Site signage (main and safety) • First Aid post • Fire Points • Fire/Emergency Assembly Point • Rubbish skip areas – these will be segregated to Thames passage albeit deliveries and the like will be managed on a just in time basis.illumination and the like will be installed as required. At an agreed location and to align with our fire Marshalls fire prevention plans Thames St Windsor . An environmental management plan will be developed and will highlight the control measures such as noise and noise pollution • Control of waste material. As above. Timings will be managed and banks man in place at all times during the removal process • Liquid storage in bunded area. Designated areas within the building and relocated to align with progress • Environmentally sensitive areas. Deliveries will be scheduled within our management protocols • Rubbish removal will be distributed horizontal along the relevant floor. out to the scaffold and through chutes into a grab wagon which will enable a quick turnaround adhering to the limits imposed by local authorities • Material storage areas.

Accommodation/Site Compound All site accommodation will be located within the site and includes the following temporary buildings – internally and then relocated to the external scaffold area • Site Manager’s Office / Meeting Room • Site Canteen • Drying / Changing Rooms – inc in the site canteen • Toilet Block • Sub-Contractor Accommodation and Facilities – this will be minimal due to the site constraints and restrictions • Site storage container Also located within or adjacent to the compound area are: within the existing building • Lockable storage container • Car parking – off site • First Aid post • Fire points • Emergency muster point Thames St Windsor .

Other than that we will arrange a silenced generator (generator will be a last resort and primary plan is to connect to existing services). Connected to the existing supplies . Electrical. Site toilet will be placed over existing foul drainage if possible/ drains will be connected to the nearest foul manhole. and Telecommunications. Gas. New Services New Water.e. and the supply chain will be required to ensure correct connection. All to be coordinated and dedicated authorised competent person will control access to temporary supply cupboards and such areas will be locked at all times Existing Services Existing live services will be located and marked up on drawings and located on site (existing utility drawings to be made available) isolate services before works. We hope to connect to the existing facility and will install meters to record our usage. Power and the like will be connected to the existing systems and tested as required. NA to this phase of works Thames St Windsor . permits to work Existing foul drainage available. This work will be controlled under a safe system of works i. Water supply will be taken from the site. liaison with client team .Temporary / Existing and New Services Temporary Services Mains power will be connected direct from the premises if available.

Emergency muster point is shown on attached plan. progressive protection until external scaffold system is in place ). this will be done to the ground level of Thames St allowing pedestrian access underneath the scaffold tunnel. Lockable out of hours and access removed during the working day to prevent unauthorised access Emergency access / egress will be clearly shown on our site logistics plans. Fire points/klaxons will be situated as Fire plan (all the above information will be given on initial induction). Thames St Windsor . This will be agreed and coordinated with all parties prior to commencement. we will have extinguishers in site accommodation and fire points in the buildings as construction dictates.e. Fire stations to each floor Signage in offices / canteen to show personnel procedures in the event of an emergency plus telephone numbers for emergency services. Review solid fencing to sensitive areas. Site fence will be utilised for part of the perimeter ( temporary fences until full set up is in place i. Secure barriers and the like will be implemented to prevent access to the scaffold on Thames St. Site rules will be adapted to suit the client’s needs. Coordinated with adjoining neighbours and other parties All personnel to site will receive a site induction on arrival and site visitors will be logged.Emergency Access / Egress Site Security / Public Segregation / Safety The site compound will be enclosed to all open sides by barriers to prevent access to unauthorised persons /public/ staff and other users. This process will be closely managed because progressive changes will determine the site rules In the event of an emergency. Our fire plan will be populated to suit the existing emergency fire plan.

Site entrance No unauthorised access. Barriers will be installed before any activities are to commence i.Position to be established for sand / salt in compound in the event of adverse conditions. barriers around lorries will be used before they off load such deliveries Warning signs will be erected on the approach and site entrance: Warning . ice. Temporary barriers for Thames street and then a full plywood hoarding around the scaffold to the ground floor with pedestrian access and illumination / protection to corners Crowd control barriers will be used to segregate site pedestrians from moving plant. Protection of General Public A fence will be used to enclose areas to Thames st when works is carried out during the day. sub-contractors and maintenance contractors must report to site office on arrival At site induction all site staff and operatives will be made aware of risks to the general public. High risk activities such as demolition.e. Barriers and segregation will be managed to accommodate the progressive changes but will not hinder the operation of the facility. A banks man will police deliveries to the Thames building.e. They will be required to be vigilant in the case of unauthorised personnel on site and the occupied units adjacent. Clear signage erected and all labour given information in site induction. i. Hoardings will be erected internally to areas of major works and ground works. First Aid Box / Accident Book are to be kept in Site Office. Thames St Windsor . This is critical to Thames St Visitors.

A daily start of the shift gathering will be implemented on this scheme due to the restrictions and requirements for strict control measures Thames St Windsor . foul language and catcalling passersby is prohibited. Crane lifts will be planned and detailed site wide lifting plan will be developed to incorporate all lifting operations inc the site hoists. No lifts will be authorised until a lift plan is produced and agreed All excavations will be fenced-off when the site is unattended.All Visitors (Including the Design team and Clients representatives) must report to the site office and sign the visitors’ log. The will be registered with considerate constructors All operatives will be made aware of the above at their induction and sign in and out on a daily basis. Frequent visitors will receive a full site induction. Full courtesy will be given by all to the public. occasional visitors will be accompanied if they need to go on to the site.

External works to the entrance will be carried out in line with the restricted hrs regime. Full segregation for works to the external facades. (Ready mixed). when required. This will be limited but will be managed in the same manner . Any vehicle not obeying the speed limit will be removed from site. water spray areas prior to sweeping i. Applies to Thames St • Lorries carrying dusty materials on and off site will have all sides enclosed. Ready mix will be used where necessary however this will be minimal to this phase but may be a requirement for the temporary supports works Thames St Windsor . enclose the area and use water sprays.Control of Dust. Access to be opened back up prior to opening hrs • Delivery vehicles are not to travel around the site. Mud and Noise Pollution Ensure curfews and restrictions are established – review with the relevant liaison officer.e. to keep the existing highway clean. Sensitive / pedestrianized areas will be policed by a marshal. they are to go directly into the dedicated drop off locations. Cleaning will be arranged within the building so to limit any mud / dust out on public highways A road sweeper will be deployed. all mortar will be delivered in tubs. the following measures will be taken: • Minimise construction vehicle movements as far as practically possible and set a five mph speed limit. Only small plant will be used for the main demolition process • Operate a wheel wash facility as weather conditions dictate ( do not anticipate any requirement for such but will review nonetheless ). Road sweepers will be arranged if required however we don’t anticipate any issues to the temple street scheme • Nominate a person responsible for checking areas outside the site as required. • To avoid dust from the mixing of mortar. In addition. Site entrance road and pavements. Detailed risk assessments will be arranged for internal cleaning during the construction process • Where excessive dust is produced. This will be detailed in the construction phase health and safety plan and will be communicated to all during the induction process Dust Mud The main element of dust/mud will be produced from vehicles on site in dry/wet conditions respectively.

are: • • • • • Dumpers Breakers Small excavators ( Bob cat ) Mixers Forklift Thames St Windsor . See our tender programme. Type of plant envisaged. but will carry out meter reading due to close proximity of occupied building and then monitored. • Soft demolition works will be managed effectively and the agreed safe system of work will be coordinated and agreed before any works commence. If the actions we take are not effective. Access zones to be drawn up on a site logistics / phasing plan and agreed with all parties. Don’t anticipate any large obstructions albeit the main entrance area will require a detailed methodology for the like of temporary design and works operation. Detailed short term programmes will be drawn up on a weekly basis and forthcoming activities will be agreed as required Noise Noisy external operations will be restricted to the following working hours: Sensitive work will commence on an early shift basis • • Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday - as detailed in the tender documents ditto above . will be broken up using a mechanical excavator/breaker.• Any ground obstructions. Plan is to distribute waste via chutes and to a grab wagon • All dust producing activities will be monitored daily by site staff. Small plant and hand tools will be used for the main demolition and works will commence from top down maintain a 1m strip to adjoin buildings for boundary requirements. • A sound meter will available (via the Safety Advisor) for the purpose of monitoring levels of noise produced. • Noise levels will be minimal. which will be diesel operated. and if necessary a log will be retained with noise assessments produced as appropriate. Water sprays will be used. which are of a size which require breaking down in their position. we will re-analyse the situation and improve the method of work as appropriate. Hand arm vibration will be measured within the site specific risk assessments • Any rubbish skips which have dusty materials stored will be sheeted or lidded.

.• Cranes All the plant will be monitored by site staff. tek guns. They will ensure the plant is in efficient good working order. Cranes / hi abs will be required for the installation of the temporary façade support system.e. etc. with the appropriate plant exhaust silencers and muffling in use. it will be shut down. When a machine is not being used. A detailed traffic management plan will be developed and approved before the works commence Type of plant envisaged which will be electrically operated are:- • • • • • • Localised generators Transformers Small hand tools i. Breakers MEWPS Hoists Thames St Windsor . drills. Some of these machines will be in intermittent use.

e. This should be limited and the majority of the work will be within the building itself Operatives on site will wear appropriate ear protection for the works being undertaken. As the general public cannot wear ear protection we will endeavour to undertake any noisy operations away from the proximity of the site boundary.The use of compressors and road breakers will be minimised as far as practically possible. Thames St Windsor . ensuring that the measures discussed are enforced. If the works are close to the general public. Hand arm vibration assessments for use of hand tools will be undertaken. bags. silencers. they will have the appropriate sound reduction methods fitted i. etc. In the event road breakers are used. depending on the activity to be undertaken. the timing and method of work will have to be established to minimise disruption.

• Site access and routes will be kept clear of any waste or other materials or objects. Excavation is minimal to the temple st scheme • Personnel working on site are required to wear Hi-Vis jackets at all times to enable them to be seen more clearly. and a reversing alarm should be utilised. Cones will be placed in areas that vehicles should avoid.g. Regular safety actions group meetings will be held to review any issues and improvements. • Large deliveries e.Control of Traffic Access to site and routes for traffic circulation are shown on the site set-up drawing. but if required. Steel works and entrance canopy delivery will be coordinated to align with the working hrs outlined in the tender documents • Demolition operations will be fully segregated and classed as a high risk activity. Any vehicle not obeying the speed limit will be removed from site. segregated and agreed with all parties. Look to reduce to 2 mph when works is being carried out to the external facades • Appropriate signage will be displayed to indicate all the above points. Daily start of the shift workshops will be held prior to any commencement and the agreed daily tasks will be coordinated. We will ask drivers to call the site prior to arrival so that we can arrange the appropriate measure prior to their arrival • A 5 mph limit will be imposed for all traffic on site. a competent banks man must assist. will be co-ordinated by Sub-Contractor and our site management. • All excavations or obstructions which could be considered hazardous must be clearly marked with bunting or baulks. A dedicated subcontract supervisor will be allocated to this package Thames St Windsor . Concrete Pours. Logistics plans to be provided during the development of the construction phase health and safety plan The following methods of control will be in place: • All vehicles must report to the site office on arrival. for Steel Erection. which could cause an obstruction. • Vehicles should avoid reversing whenever possible.

The restricted nature of the site dictates that the storage areas will move as the work progresses. Toxic substances will be stored in an isolated container. Materials will be stacked tidily to a safe height (maximum 2 pallets). away from traffic circulation and not obstructing access for emergency services. Thames St Windsor . using the correct paperwork and order number.Management of Materials The access and route for material deliveries to site. Deliveries will be scheduled and coordinated at order stage and agreed times will be managed to minimise disruption to the retail units and users. Fragile items will be kept in a secure dry store. Drivers to call site prior to arrival Materials are to be stored in the areas designated & are shown on the site set up drawing. Flammable items will be stored close to site offices where fire fighting equipment is available. Site Set up drawing to be provided prior to site commencement Drivers delivering materials must report to the site office on arrival. This area will be flat. Delivery drivers will adhere to the directions given by Site Staff for drop off areas. are indicated on the site set-up drawing. Valuable materials will be locked in the storage container. including unloading areas. Deliveries are to be checked and signed for by authorised members of staff.

manage and safe guard the public at all times Waste Material Waste material will be deposited in skips supplied by a Registered Carrier to a licensed tipping facility. This will apply to the grab wagon Thames St Windsor . Public safety is paramount and we will plan. Risk assessment will be put in place for water discharge to suitable foul drains or bunded areas See separate management plan Noise / Dust pollution control measures are confirmed earlier in the report. As space dictates segregated skips will be utilised to separate inert material from licensed waste.Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Control of Waste Material Environmental issues Monitor water runoff. concrete washing etc.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Delivery and unloading of cabins – will be coordinated with the façade retention system Setting up site facilities . welfare and storage Installation of temporary electrical supply Traffic control measures Existing services Protection of public Materials management Disposal of waste materials Fencing Liquid pollutant Builders skips Use of Ladders – permit system will be implemented Use of MEWPS – not anticipated on this scheme Store and use of LPG Use of cartridge operated fixing tools Use of step ladders – PTW system Use of Disc Cutters and Abrasive wheels Use of Portable Electrical Equipment Use of Excavators – not anticipated Use of Small Dumpers Use of Compressors and Tools Use of Forklift Trucks – possible mini tele handler once progress allows such Access Scaffolding Use of Mobile Tower – All scaffolds will be inspected daily and signed off with tags Thames St Windsor .Risk Assessments for Initial Site Set-up & General Site Operations.such documents will form part of the construction phase health and safety plans which will be presented for approval.offices.