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4.0 Evaluation In the view of Islam, humans are special creatures of Allah when compared with other creatures. As Allah’s inheritors, human is responsible for the prosperity of the gift of God which is nature preferably through positive interaction. Communications of humans are not just limited to the Creator and fellow human beings, but across the contact with nature. As such, the environment is part of the important elements that need to be reared by humans as a precious treasure. The grace green environmental destruction caused by human greed was exploiting the natural resulting to exceed the limit. The implication is causing various natural phenomena occur which is landslides, flash floods and various natural phenomena that disturb the ecosystem instability. To ensure this natural grace of Allah is not destroyed by irresponsible human being, the role of the Islamic community is very important in overcoming it. In fact it is very consistent with the philosophy of universal law based on the hadith of the Prophet s.a.w which means, "The world is green and beautiful and God has appointed you as a manager. He sees what you do." Narrated by Muslim. Since according to the statistic, Malaysia consists of approximately 61% of the population which practice Islam. This made Islam one of the main religions that been practicing in Malaysia. Thus, by having the large scale of population in Malaysia, Islam is regarded to become the ecological transformation by using their strong religious socio-demographic. Moreover, Islam also becomes the important role of religious communities in enhancing environmental practices to manage the sustainable solid waste. As religious communities are visibly seen to be conducting recycling activities, the local government included the role of religious as can be seen in Petaling Jaya Municipality which they are providing sets of recycling bins to various mosques around. Moreover, during 2010, Negeri Sembilan also took part in launching the recycling programs by involving 100 mosques in their states. The aim of the launching is to encourage recycling among the Muslim community. The example of Islamic community that took part in the programs in Surau al-Husna where had been established for the residential community of Section 20, Shah Alam, Selangor. They had organized the programs since July 2005 where it becomes the permanent feature in the surau ever since and the members enjoying doing that. From this program that held by this community, Surau al-Husna has increased the amount of collection by expanding its recycling operations to a nearby all-purpose community hall and diversifying its recycling activities. Hence, instead of focusing to one of the purpose solid waste for mosque used, they spread to the other place which still can use by the residents. Moreover, instead of focusing at mosques which only some of age’s level is there, they are going forward so that every level of ages could be encouraged with the awareness of recycling. Other than that, religious communities seen as potential organization to encourage people in raising the awareness is because, Islam itself has their own institutional structure in which how they operating their religion. Furthermore, instead of place to worship to Allah, mosques also a place that Muslim gather around when making any occasion or related activities that held by the different level of ages. Thus, making the members of the residents is familiar with the programs and making the organization to succeed in spreading the awareness. In addition, by held the recycling programs throughout the residential area, Surau al-Husna also taught the members on how to categorize the solid waste. This is because, if members knows well how to differentiate between plastic, aluminum and paper, they can spread to the other non-residential which are their friends. It is likely sharing the knowledge. Thus, the religious communities act as the source of the knowledge to plead the citizen to gain the awareness in recycling the wastage. 5.0 Recommendation There is awareness concerning the solid-waste management and the recycling programs among Muslim. This is because they are acknowledging the serious problem will confront Malaysia if they just being ignorant about this issue. Thus, for Islamic communities to play their role more efficiently and effectively, they should actively giving awareness to the nearest communities. Other than that, they also can make a program which provide monetary gift to promote more people to have the awareness. The monetary gift is such token for them because they already put away the solid waste into something valuable.