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Draw an activity diagram for the business process of a customer buying a meal at
Café de Coral, from the moment the customer steps into a Café de Coral restaurant
to finding a seat and sitting down to enjoy the meal. (20 marks)
 Include at least one decision and one parallel flow symbols.
 More than one swim lane is expected.

2. Discuss three key issues / problems for the above process. (15 marks)
The order clerk may enter the wrong orders and send them to the system so that
the customers will be dissatisfied. Since the order clerk may not hear what the
customers ordered clearly and/or input the wrong orders carelessly, the kitchen
may prepare the wrong meal to the customers and this may cause some troubles
between the customers and staffs. If the customer discover that the order clerk has

such as change the from Fujian fried rice to chicken curry rice. When there are many people ordering the meal. the customer(s) may have to pay more or the order clerk may have to give more change with the process of re-entering the order. 3. this may cause some troubles between the customers and staffs since the meal will not be prepare and place on the plate or packed unless he/she go and ask the staff(s). there will be a lot of orders received from the system with the chaotic kitchen and staffs. he/she may feel angry and he/she have to walk back to the counter and change the order. such that customers can place orders by themselves and then queue up for food. Develop the storyboard for the user interface design of this dialog. chef(s). The staff may send the wrong number to the system resulting in some confusion to the customer(s) since he/she cannot take his/her meal but the related number is shown on the screen. Feedback: . the staffs and chef may have to re-prepare the meal. Suppose Café de Coral is to implement a self-ordering system for its customers.  Highlight at least 4 user interface design concepts that have been applied in your design. The staffs in the kitchen may send and delete the wrong number. order clerk(s) and the customer himself/herself. The Customers may want to change what they have ordered when they are waiting for the meal. (30 marks)  Include at least 8 diagrams in this dialog. These may cause lots of inconveniences to the staff(s). If the staff delete the wrong number and the customer do not discover.enter the wrong order before the meal is prepared. If the customers want to change the order(s).

.When the customer presses an option on the screen.(see Pic. For choosing meal.4-5) Affordance: When the customer want to pay for the orders and press the “pay” button. An order item must belong to an order.(For option on the screen. visa logo and banknote logo which represent the paying method of using octopus card.6-7) Consistency: Contents shown in the screen (e. the menu.g. 4.1-2) Besides.(see Pic. (35 marks) One customer can have more than one order or zero order but an order must be related to one customer only. the octopus card logo. after the customer chooses the meal he/she wants to order or the option on the screen. visa and cash will appear on the screen for customer to choose. Analyse the customer order form in Appendix A.2-3) Error Handling: If the meal the customer has ordered but it is sold out and the system haven’t changed the showed status (the status of the meal in the system has changed).1-2. The contents of the menu are sort by the related number of the meal or drinks with the characters A-Z. there will be a beep sound to show he/she has pressed an option. an pop-up error message will appear asking the customer to choose other meal. the advertisements) will be put into different boxes and the menu will be shown with a list for the customer’s selection. (See Pic. the selections’ background color will turn into red. An order can contain more than one and at least one order item. and develop a possible class diagram to represent the data in this order form. see Pic. State any assumptions that you’ve made. see Pic.

Visa or/and other methods. An application must belong to an address. . Payment method can be using check or money. shipment and payment change of address. gift certificate(s). American Express. Each addresses must have one application which is divided into gift.An order can have only one amount of charges and more than one payment but both amount of charges and payment method must belong to one order. A customer can have zero or one address and an address must belong to one customer. Master Card.

Appendix A .