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The Continuum Wars 3rd Edition

Skills and Advantages

Acrobatics (Agi)
Animal Handling (Wil)
Appraise (Int)
Artistic Expression (Sty)
Athletics (Str)
Concentration (Wil)
Crafting (Various) (Int)
Deception (Sty)
Disguise (Sty)
Escape Artist (Agi)
Forgery (Int)
Gambling (Sty)
Insight (Awr)
Intimidate (Wil)
Investigate (Awr)
Knowledge (Various) (Int)
Melee Weapon (Various) (Str)
Navigate (Int)
Perform (Various) (Sty)
Pilot (Various) (Rea)
Persuade (Sty)
Ranged Weapons (Various) (Agi)
Research (Int)
Riding (Agi)
Self-Control (Wil)
Sleight of Hand (Agi)
Stealth (Agi)
Survival (Wil)
Technical Expertise (Various) (Int)
Treat Injury (Int)

 Sniper: By Taking a Full Round Action to Aim a Ranged Attack, you May Add
your Concentration Skill Rank to your Attack Bonus or Damage Bonus
 Feint (Tiered): By Making a successful Deceive roll during Melee Combat, you
may add your Tiers in this Advantage to either your next Attack or your next
Dodge attempt. This counts as a movement action.
 Reckless Abandon (Tiered): You may reduce your Defenses for the round by
an amount up to your Tier in this Advantage to add the same amount to your
Attack or Damage bonuses for this round.

can still inflict lethal damage. Persuade. you may force them to hesitate for a combat round (May make only standard and move actions). you are automatically considered stabilized. or Perform) to capture the attention of others. and the test reveals whether the opponent is better or worse than you. Melee Expert (Tiered): If your skill with a Melee Weapon is less than your Tier in this Advantage. using you attack roll for the initial grappling roll. They must make an opposed concentrate skill roll against your Social skill. Additional attacks. Intimidate. With the Second Tier of this Advantage. only Soaked. you do not begin bleeding out. Improved Critical (Tiered): Increase your Critical Threat range by 1 for a chosen attack form. you may immediately make a grappling test. This attack cannot be dodged or blocked.                Animal Empathy (Tiered): You may add your Tiers in this Advantage to Your Ride and Handle Animal Skill Rolls by making a Successful Persuade Test against the Animal’s Willpower. to a maximum of +4 per attack form. You gain a +2 Bonus to your Self-Control to resist the Intimidate skill. Two for Flinching: If you make a successful Intimidate test against an opponent. you may make a damage roll during any round you have grappled an opponent. Tireless (Tiered): You gain a Bonus to your Toughness equal to your Tier in this Advantage to resist exhaustion and fatigue. Attractive (Tiered): You may add your Tier bonus to any Style-Based Test against anyone who would find your species or gender attractive. Hostile actions in the nearby area render this ability unusable. . When attempting to disarm. however. You are not considered defenseless while grappling an opponent. Wrestling (2 Tiers): Whenever you make a successful Unarmed attack. Instead. Choose a combat skill or defense ability. Deft Grappler: You only need one free hand to make a Grappling test. Diehard: When your Vitality is reduced to zero. Each Tier of this Advantage grants you the ability with a different Social Skill. Enamor (Tiered): You may use one of your Social skills (Deceive. Fearless: You are Immune to any fear-inducing effects. Evasion (Tiered): Add your Tier in this Advantage to your Dodge Defense to Avoid area-effect attacks. you may determine your opponent’s relative combat abilities compared to yours. or they will be unable to focus or notice anything other than you. Improved Disarm: You suffer no penalties when attacking to disarm an opponent or when attacking a held object. as you tend to recall details better than most. Size Up Opponent: By making an Insight test against an opponent’s Deception. You may also use the Knowledge skill untrained. you may substitute your Tiers for your Melee Weapon Skill. your opponent does not get a free shot at disarming you. Defensive Fighter (Tiered): You make take a penalty of up to your Tiers in this Advantage to your Attack skills during a round to add the same amount to either your Block or Dodge defenses. Recall (Tiered): Add your Tier to any Intellect test made to recall information. A given opponent may only be made to flinch once in a given combat.

Jack of All Trades: You may use any Skill Untrained. Rabbit’s Foot (Tiered): For every five Tiers You Have in this Advantage. You cannot dodge an attack you are a Meat Shield for. you improvise tolls from whatever is at hand. The attack then targets you. . Rapid Reload: You may reload a weapon as a free action rather than a standard action. If you have to. you may make a Deceive or Acrobatics test once per round to redirect an opponent’s attack to another adjacent opponent. you may work with no tools at all with only a -2 penalty. Ranged Weapons Mastery (Tiered): When using a Ranged Weapon whose skill rank is lower than your Tiers in this Advantage. This Advantage only has five Tiers. you know how to speak. Multilingual (Tiered): For each Tier in this Advantage. Inspire (5 Tiered): By spending a Fate Point. read. you may take a move action to place yourself in harm’s way. rather than a standard action. Drive-By: During a round. Total cover or concealment still prevents you from attacking an opponent. You may then continue your movement action where you left off. MacGyver: You suffer no penalty for attempting a skill without the proper tolls. you may act first in a round regardless of your initiative roll. On Your Feet: You may stand from a seated or prone position as a free action rather than a Movement Action. Quick Draw: You may ready a weapon as a free action. Ground Fighting: You suffer no penalties for Melee attacks made while Prone. Seize the Moment: By Spending a Fate Point. You may ignore penalties for attacks of this sort caused by either cover or concealment (chosen when this Advantage is Taken). your allies may all add your Tier in this Advantage to all tests made during this round. Improved Grapple (Tiered): Opponents suffer a penalty equal to your Tiers in this Advantage to tests made to escape your holds. Brute Force (Tiered): When making a Melee Attack. only Block or Soak. provided you have not already made your action this round. you Gain an Additional Fate Point. Meat Shield: If an ally is within your Movement range and is hit by an attack. you may pause in the middle of a Movement Action to make an additional Action.                  Improved Initiative (Tiered): Gain your Tier bonus in this Advantage to all Initiative tests. so at 4 Tiers. Surgical Precision (4 Tiered): Chose either Ranged Attacks or Melee Attacks. use your Tiers as your Skill Rank. Crowd Fighting: When facing multiple opponents in melee combat. and write in an additional language. You may only play Meat Shield once per round. all Melee and Ranged attacks are immune to both cover and concealment. Your opponents gain no bonuses to Melee attacks made while you are prone. Each additional Tier of this Advantage allows you to choose another option. you may take a penalty of up to your Tiers in this Advantage to add the same amount to your Damage test.

you gain an immediate follow-up attack against an adjacent opponent. such as when surprised or from a Stealth-Using adversary. Whirlwind of Destruction (2 Tiered): When you drop an opponent. choose a Skill. You may make tests with this skill when under duress as if you were not (Such as attempting to pick a lock while being shot at) You suffer no penalties for being under duress with this skill. you may immediately make a follow-up attack against your opponent’s weapon. Tough as Nails (Tiered): Add your Tiers in this Advantage to your Vitality. . Fencing Mastery: When you Block a Melee attack successfully. Sixth Sense: You may still Dodge an attack you were not previously aware of. Mosh Pit Survival (Tiered): Add your Tiers in this Advantage to Soak tests made against Unarmed Attacks. If you have the second Tier of this Advantage. you may assist them. you may choose to immediately make a follow-up disarm attempt. Helping Hand: When an ally is making a skill check in a skill you also possess.         Under Pressure (Tiered): For each Tier of this Advantage. moving as far as your Speed will allow to move between opponents. you do not have to be adjacent to your followup opponent. You may continue to make follow-up attacks until you are either out of movement or you fail to incapacitate an opponent. This attempt functions as usual. Sword-Breaker: When you successfully block a melee attack. including giving your opponent the chance to disarm you as well. giving them a +2 bonus to their skill test. Track: You may use the Investigate or Survival Skill to follow any visible trail left by a target.