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Hunter Fenters

Mrs. DeBock
27 October 2016
English 4
Essential Question: How do fishermens opinions on overfishing effect overfishing?
Working Thesis: With fishermens opinions being known, companies may stop fishing so heavily
and maybe save some populations.
Refined Thesis: With fisherman voicing their opinions with their conjoined efforts, companies
may stop fishing so heavily.
Service Annotated Bibliography
Safina, Carl. "The Continued Danger Of Overfishing." Issues In Science & Technology 19.4
(2003): 49. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 26 Oct. 2016.
This article is about the danger posed by companies fishing off the coast, said companies
may bring certain fish species to the brink of extinction off the coast of the United States. The
Sustainable Fisheries Act of 1996 attempts to increase the number of fish populations as well try
to keep sustainable catch rates and healthy numbers with each fish species. A tendency of fishery
managers had often led to catch goals that exceeded sustainable levels and hence in overfishing,
depletion, and the loss of economic viability in numerous fisheries. This article is relevant to my
research because it shows how companies dont care about populations.

" Daily News, The(Jacksonville, NC) 24 Sept. 2014: Points of View Reference Center.
Web. 28 Oct. 2016.

This article is about how some companies from the commercial fishing industry came to
the town hall to schedule a meeting to ask questions to local fishermen to allow them to voice
their concerns as well as to ask questions. Every seat in the restaurant was filled and many stood
throughout the meeting, which addressed national, state level and local issues. Issues discussed
included the proposed doubling of the commercial fishing license fee, difficulties in complying
with regulations from the Endangered Species Act, and House Bill 983, commonly referred to as
the Game Fish Bill. The Game Fish Bill, which would designate red drum, striped bass and
spotted sea trout as game fish available only to recreational and not commercial fisherman, is
supported in part because it's proponents feel that more profit is to be made by changing the
designation, according to Millis. But, as Millis said multiple times through the evening, people
should stand by principle, not just what appears to be profitable. This article is relevant to my
research because it shows a viewpoint from each side, and also letting the fishermen know why
the commercial fishing companies are fishing for so much fish.
By MATTHEW DALY - Associated, Press. "Report: Catch Limits Boost Depleted Fish
Stocks." AP Top News Package(2013): Points of View Reference Center. Web. 31
Oct. 2016.
This article is about how catch limits helped boost depleted fish stocks. The report
by the National Research Council says 43 percent of fish stocks identified as being
overfished were rebuilt or showed good progress toward rebuilding within 10 years, the
time limit required by federal law. Another 31 percent were on track to rebuild if sharply
reduced fishing levels remain in place. The report identifies several strategies to improve
management of federal fisheries, including taking action to avoid overfishing before fish
populations drop to levels where they are considered overfished. Such a strategy could

help fisheries avoid strict limits that come with rebuilding plans, such as occurred earlier
this year when the New England Fishery Management Council approved steep cuts in
cod fishing off the Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts coasts.