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 Are there ways in which the order fulfillment process at CVS be improved?

What challenges would the PSI team face while implementing these
Various proposals are as follows:
1. There are various customers who places the order but due to unavailability of the
medicines or the failure in the reimbursements of the bills by the insurance companies
get their orders cancelled. Even for these failure transactions also the customers have
to wait. Thus these data collections can be done in the front end while the customers
place his order so that he can go for the proper decision making.
2. Since we have all the database of the medicines given in past we can also go for new
infrastructure where balances can be maintained for all particular customer. Now in
case of any dispute with insurance company the customer can pay at that moment
and go. In any case if the problem gets resolved and insurance company pays, we will
transfer the amount in the customer accounts as extra balance and will message
3. Information regarding the ready order to be dispatched can be sent to them with the
same message system.
4. Better forecasting of incomplete orders or partial order fulfillment.
5. Since majority of the people prefer to take the orders while going back to home. We
can close the window for placing the new orders and can move those people to the
pick-ups to ease down the process of the deliveries.
Possible problems:
1. If we want to bring various backhand jobs as a front desk job, it will require more
people for customer grievance redressal.
2. Heavy investment in the infrastructure.
3. Procurement of the new software if payment data has to be recorded.
4. Forecasting is wrong for the majority of the time.