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College of Maritime Engineering and Sea Sciences

Ship Structures I
Hmwk. No 1: Shear stresses in beam bending

Oct. 23, 2016

Individual work:

0.- Look in the wwweb for the title of the article on Normal stress influenced by Shear
developed by Prof. J. Taylor, which is explained in class.

1.- Problem 7-4 in Popov’s book

2.-Present a copy of the shear stress distribution in a ship section, taken from the available
literature, and comment on its main characteristics. Include the reference employed.

3.- Calculate and plot the 1st moment of area of the T section shown in the figure.
Q(  ) d
Calculate also the integral: Int( y )  
, that is used to calculate the normal stress
 0 b(  )
distributin, considering the shear influence.
Considering standard value for the Yield shear stress for standard steel, calculate the
maximum Shear force that this section may support.

4.- For the rectangular section (box) beam available in the Naval engineering lab, register
its main dimensions, considering that it will be simply supported in the steel-frame, and
measuring its thickness properly. Calculate the shear and normal stress distributions in a
section located at x=3/4L, applying a uniformly distributed load. Express those resuls as a
function of the load po.

You must report number of hours employed for this work.