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Cordoba in One Day Easy Going Itinerary

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surrounded by arches porticos and historic buildings 11:10 Calleja de las Flores A quaint and beautiful alleyway with white washed houses and flower baskets 12:10 Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba A magnificent Mosque-Cathedral completed in 987 with Islamic architecture and art 13:10 Historical Center of Cordoba Explore the oldest part of the city where most of the historic sites are located 14:15 Puerta del Puenta Climb to the top of this historic. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. . monumental gate 15:15 Roman Bridge Walk across this historic bridge originally built in the 1st century AD 16:20 Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos Explore this ancient palace-fortress and lush gardens © 2014-2016 visitacity.Day 1 10:00 Plaza de la Corredera Cordoba's main All rights reserved.

artencordoba. Spain Admission: Free Opening Hours: 24/7 Web: All rights reserved. Address: Plaza de la Corredera. Cordoba. Today the atmosphere is more relaxed! Instead of gallows the square holds cafes and bars making this a lively destination both night and day. two beautiful arched entranceways. 14002. In January the square transforms into a Medieval Market. public speeches and public executions (under the French). At one point the square was used as a bull ring and one of the nearby streets is even called Bull’s enclosure (Toril). The square has also been the site of markets. Among the buildings surrounding the square there is the Mercado de Sanchez Pena or Los Casas de Dona Ana Jacinta. During the ancient Roman era the square formed the entrance to the amphitheatre and excavations have uncovered Roman mosaics which are now on display in the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos Fortress. . Entrance to the square is through the Arco Alto and the Arco Bajo. This building served as a jail until the 19 th century and was then purchased by businessman Jose Sanchez Pena who used it for commerce.10:00 Plaza de la Corredera Visit Duration: 1 hour This 17 th century public square is one of the central squares in the city. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written © 2014-2016 visitacity. The Plaza is rectangular in shape and surrounded by arched porticos inspired by the old city squares in Castille.

com All rights reserved. The street has become popular with tourists for its beautiful white washed houses on either side with colorful flower baskets hanging from the windows and walls. off Calle Victor Bosco and Calle Blanco Belmonte. Spain. Admission: Free Opening Hours: 24/7 © 2014-2016 visitacity. .8 KM.11:10 Calleja de las Flores / Little Flower Street Visit Duration: 1 hour 0. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. 11 minutes walking from Plaza de la Corredera This quaint alley way is located in the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba. One of the best times to visit the alley is during the festival de los Patios held in May. 14003 Cordoba. It is the picture-perfect vision of a typical Andalusian street. The street twists and winds up a gentle slope to the small square at the top. The houses have charming balconies with wrought-iron balustrades dripping with flower pots. The homes along the Little Street of Flowers have beautiful little courtyards which the inhabitants take great pride in maintaining. Address: Calleja de las Flores. in front of the northern façade of the Mosque and leads into a small plaza. From the plaza there are great views of the Cathedral tower.

every half hour from 9:30am to 1:30pm and 4pm-6:30pm (5:30pm in winter). check website for times of night visits. The majority of the art and architecture we see today comes from the 8 th century Islamic architects of the former mosque. 2 minutes walking from Calleja de las Flores In the Mosque Cathedral or Cathedral of St. The original mosque structure took more than 200 years to complete. Outer aisles and the orange tree courtyard were completed in Later a Visigothic cathedral stood here and then came the mosque. Address: Cardenal Herrero 1. As far back as the Romans this location was considered holy and the Romans constructed a temple here to Janus. Tower visits 2€. In the prayer niches there is rich gilding and the mihrab is a domed shrine with exquisite Byzantine mosaics. Sun and feast days 8:30am-11:30am and 3pm-7pm. The Christian church was built inside the mosque by the Christian conquerors in the 13 th century.asp © 2014-2016 visitacity. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. under 10yrs free.293) made of precious stone and marble. The Torre del Alminar was once the minaret but became the cathedral belfry and it is possible to climb to the top for views over Cordoba. Check website for schedule changes.Mon-Sat 10am-7pm. Opening Hours: March-Oct . 4€ children 10yrs-14yrs. the Baroque choir was an addition in the 1520s by Charles V and changes continued into the late 18 th century. Spain Phone Number: 957 470512 Admission: 8€ adults. 14003. under Carlos V a new nave was All rights reserved. . In the Maksoureh anteroom there are Islamic mosaics and plasterwork. Patio de los Naranjos is a courtyard with orange trees and a fountain.1 KM. The Mosque Cathedral has breathtaking arches supported by 856 columns (originally 1. Tower Visits Web: http://www. it was begun in 784AD and is said to have held an original copy of the Koran and relics of the Prophet Mohammed. Mon-Sat 8:30am-9:30am free.Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. In the 9 th century a minaret was added and in 961 the structure was enlarged. Cordoba. Enrique II rebuilt the chapel in the14 th century. Nov-Feb . Night Visits 9€.catedraldecordoba.12:10 Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba Visit Duration: 1 hour 0. Some of the marble used came from the earlier Roman temple which stood here. The Baroque choir seems out of place in the mosque but it also has architectural features worth seeing like the carved choir stalls and beautiful ceiling. Mary of the Assumption of Cordoba we can trace many of the significant changes that have occurred in Cordoba’s religious history. Each wave of conquering invaders left their mark on the building including King Alfonso X who had the Villaviciosa Chapel and the Royal Chapel constructed. Sun and feast days 8:30am-11:30am and 3pm-6pm.

13:10 Historical Center of Cordoba Visit Duration: 1 hour Cordoba’s “golden years” began in the 8 th century after the Moors had conquered the city and established about 300 mosques. Address: Boundaries of the historical center: the River Guadalquivir to the south (including Roman Cordoba’s Historical Center is one of the largest in Europe. extending across the river to include the Roman Bridge and Calahorra. Caliphal Baths. the Roman temple. Bridge and Calahorra Tower). Hospital del Cardenal All rights reserved. Puerta del Puente. © 2014-2016 visitacity. Royal Stables. Santa Clara Hermitage and the Jewish District where the historic synagogue stands. Sites within the historic center include the Roman Bridge over the River Guadalquivir. Torre Fortaleza de la Calahorra and the Great Mosque was converted into a Cathedral. remains of the Roman walls. to the west including Alcazar and San Basilio district. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. the commercial center in the north and the San Basilio Quarter in the west. San Lorenzo. They built intricately designed and decorated structures to rival even those of Constantinople and Damascus. Chapel of San Bartolome. The area extends to the Calle San Fernando in the east. you can see evidence of various periods of history within this one area. San Pelagio Seminary. The historical center of the city illustrates the different cultures which have lived here. Episcopal Palace. The historical center of Cordoba has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for “universal value. Under Ferdinand III the Saint in the 13 th century more magnificent buildings were constructed like the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos.” It comprises the area surrounding the Cathedral-Mosque. palaces and public buildings. the city’s relationship with the river and as important port-of-call between the south and meseta (central plateau of Spain). Admission: Free Opening Hours: 24/7 . Calle San Fernando to the east. the commercial center to the north. The best way to explore the historic center of Cordoba is to discover the narrow lanes and historic sites on foot. Alcazar with its magnificent mosaics. Grand Mosque. Palacio del Marques de la Fuensanta del Valle.

The present structure was commissioned by the city governor in 1572 and created by architect Hernan Ruiz III to mark the visit of Felipe II. Address: Plaza del Triunfo. Spain Phone Number: 957 20 17 74 Admission: Entrance €1 adults.turismodecordoba. The gate joins the old town to the Roman Bridge and at one point would have been the entry gate to the city and part of the city walls. . under 5yrs free. The public can visit the gate and see a permanent exhibition illustrating the history of the gate through images and texts. 4 minutes walking from Historical Center of Cordoba The Bridge Gate stands on the north bank of the River and the present Renaissance structure was constructed on the site of former Roman and Moorish © 2014-2016 visitacity.3 KM. Opening Hours: daily 10am-3pm Web: http://www. The design features a central square entrance and on either side are pairs of Doric columns supporting a classic-style entablature. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Seeing from the outside is free. First mention of the gate in historic documents was is 720AD when it was restored. Today it stands on a traffic island. Cordoba. You can also climb to the top of the gate for views across the city.14:15 Puerta del Puenta Visit Duration: 1 hour All rights reserved. 14003.

15:15 Roman Bridge / Puento Romano Visit Duration: 1 hour 0. The total length of the bridge is 247 meters and it is approximately 9 meters wide.0 KM. The bridge was featured in the 5 series Game of Thrones as the Long Bridge of Volantis. Its present form was constructed in the Middle Ages. If you start on the south bank near Avenida Fray Albino and walk across the bridge you will see the Bridge Gate and reach the old town and Mosque-Cathedral on the opposite bank of the river. 1 minutes walking from Puerta del Puenta Puente Romano crosses the Guadalquivir River. with the Muslim rulers building on the remains of the former Roman Bridge. Spain Admission: Free Opening Hours: 24/7 . four are pointed and the rest are semi-circular. it originated in the 1 st century AD but has been rebuilt several times since then. th season of the TV © 2014-2016 visitacity. Address: Roman Bridge. Visitors can walk across the bridge or get good photo ops from the south bank. The bridge has 16 arches (the original had 17 arches). Half-way along the bridge is a 16 th century shrine and statue of Saint Raphael created by Bernabe Gomez del Rio. The Roman Bridge would have been part of the Augusta route which connected Roma to Cadiz. The Puerta del Puente and Calahorra Tower were constructed at each end of the bridge in the Middle All rights reserved. The latest changes were made in 1876. Cordoba. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.

4. It is a quadrangular structure covering . This is where Christopher Columbus was presented to Queen Isabella and told of his plans to discover the New World. Spain Phone Number: 95-742-01-51 Admission: 4. The Alcazar houses beautiful Roman mosaics in the former Chapel of the Inquisition. Sound and light spectacle 7€ adults. Sun and holidays 8:30am-2:30pm Web: http://cultura. The circular Tower of Inquisition has ashlar blocks on the exterior each laid in a different direction. Alongside the gardens stand the Royal Stables. ponds and landscaped gardens.3 KM. During the 15 th century the complex was home to Ferdinand and Isabella. The gardens are adorned with fountains. In 1810 the palace –fortress became the garrison for Napoleon’s forces. two floors and a roof top terrace with battlements.25€ students under 26yrs. 5 minutes walking from Roman Bridge The ancient fortress of Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs or Alcazar of Cordoba served as the court of royals for 160 years following its constructed by Alfonso XI in 1328.16:20 Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos Visit Duration: 1 hour 0. a Moorish bathhouse and several sarcophagi from the 2 nd -3 rd century. Address: Calle de las Caballerizas Reales.cordoba. under 13yrs free. The top floor’s Reception Hall has a Gothic ogival ceiling and above is a smaller raised tower where inquisition executions took place. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Museo Taurino .es/es/equipamientos/alcazar-de-los-re or http://www. © 2014-2016 visitacity. free for all Tues–Fri 8:30–9:30am. In the Moorish patio there is Stucco work at the base of the walls with castle and lion motifs.alcazardelosreyescristianos. The palace-fortress complex sits on the bank of the Cordoba River and was designed in the Mudejar style. The lush gardens (Paseo de los Reyes) cover 55. manicured hedges. rulers of Castile for 8 years while planning their attack on Granada to oust the last of the Moors. In the Tower of the Lions there are cross-vaulted ceiling.80€ seniors Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8:30am-3pm. Here you can see statues of the former kings associated with the fortress.cordoba.4€ All rights reserved. The complex stands on the site on an earlier 8 th century caliphate residence and still retains elements of the Moorish remains. The final tower is an octagonal structure and served as the castle keep or homage. students under 26yrs 2€. closed Mondays. 2.000m ² and surround the buildings. s/n 14004 Cordoba. In the Romero de Torres you can see magnificent 16 th century frescoes. This complex also once held Boabdil (Moorish ruler of Granada) prisoner in 1483 and a few years later became the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition (1492-1821) and was used as a prison.100m ² and completely surrounded by thick walls with three towers (there used to be four).50€ adults.

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