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l: hello nurse early

d: yes nurse his latitude hows

l: yes good nurse early, oh yes, according
to nurse early if the affected patient
appendicitis operation better techniques
using endoscopy or laparoscopy.
d: if I think a better use laparoscopy
l: Early nurse Kanpa reason why not choose
laparoscopy using endoscopy
d: because laparoscopy surgical technique
performed only by making a small incision
of about 1 cm to put the telescope right
tool at the location of the appendix
l: if I'd agree with using endoscopy so
much easier because it just put the hose
shaped tool of mouth or otherwise through
the anus or urethra

d: but patients can be frightened and may not want to take any action to
treatment that only a small incision laparoscopy and was in anesthesia so the
patient does not feel pain
l: but if endoscopy patient will feel pain only once, and after the inspection
is completed the patient will not feel pain anymore
d: insert objects into the body's slightest if memalui mouth, anus or urethra
would create a trauma patient, but if done pemedahan or small incision though
the anesthetic is gone diraskan pain patients also will not be long
l: according to you but if I think it's good so that patients will not be in
pain two times because of surgery
d: but the surgery is performed only small and it is very efficient
l: endoscopy also efesien
d: yes, but if it's faster laparoscopy with only a small incision can be
directly precisely on the area you want to do oprasi
l: yasudah if that's your opinion, all have advantages and disadvantages of
d: okay nuns latitude, time bolehih exchanging opinions again.
l: yes sisters early