Mass Feature Available in Oracle Purchasing R12

Few days back during enhancement phase on one of my client site client reported some problems for which his implementer told him that no solution available. Client Business: - Client (CT) is a semi government organization having multiple locations throughout UAE. Procurement is working for all location throughout UAE mostly based on projects.

Problems:First :- CT started one project in one state (say Dubai) started procurement for that project raised some Purchase orders (around 100) by using budget from that particular client site but after few days management decided to took that project from CT and give it some other. Now CT has to cancel all purchase orders earlier raised. CT was asking for some mass cancel option to do it because it is really hectic to cancel all those ? Second: - CT hired a buyer for procurement department at that point of time procurement was not very streamlined they were in process of setting up department and implementation was also going on side by side so they defined buyer and assigned it to items after that buyer resigned and still on items he was assigned as default buyer whenever they are going to create purchase request buyer automatically defaulted from item master and copied into requisition lines as suggested / default buyer. Chief buyer was facing issues because enforce buyer was there in purchasing options. Solution:First: - There is one option available in Oracle R12 called Mass Cancel which can be used for first problem resolution now question how to setup Mass Cancel. How to Setup Mass Cancel Use the Define Mass Cancel window to specify criteria for cancelling groups of requisitions or purchase orders that you no longer want to honor. You can specify a range of Accounting Flex fields for which to cancel requisitions or purchase orders. You can use this zone to specify a range of accounts, programs, projects, or funds, or one account, program, project, or fund for which to cancel purchase orders or requisitions. Purchasing selects for cancellation all purchase orders or requisitions that meet your other selection criteria and have distributions falling completely or partially within these ranges.

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You can define multiple ranges of Accounting Flexfield, each including both a low and high value for each key segment. Purchasing excludes all values outside the specified ranges. When you enter the Include Low field, Purchasing displays a pop-up window that contains a prompt for each segment you have defined for your Accounting Flexfield. You enter both the low and high ends of each range in this pop-up window. After you finish entering each range, Purchasing displays your low segment values in concatenated form in the Low field and displays your high segment values, similarly, in the High field. Note that Purchasing does not perform checking for incompatible ranges, so you must take care to insure that your High value is actually higher than your Low value. Otherwise, no documents will be selected for MassCancel.

After you specify your cancellation criteria, Click on create batch button oracle will submit a request “Define Mass Cancel”

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Once Request is finished successfully you need to go to “Run Mass Cancel Window” find your Batch and Click on Run Mass Cancel

On Clicking Run MassCancel system will show you an alert

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It will submit request “Run MassCancel” on Successful closure click on view output system will show you Cancelled Documents Here you have another option to do it but that required technical skills to do it.Use API PO_Document_Control_PUB.control_document .For help refer to metalink note How to use the PO Cancel API - PO_Document_Control_PUB Doc ID: 833925.1

Second: - There is a standard request available under purchasing super user responsibility named “Mass Update of Buyer Name on Purchasing Documents” Just submit this request with requires parameters as shown in below image.

Refrences : Oracle Doceumentation Oracle Metalink Instance used for screenshort is Oracle R 12.0.4

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