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Setup or Test Free Conference Call

(Required for an Online Appointment)

1. For a better call experience, use a laptop or desktop computer. A mobile phon
e connection or VOIP (e.g., Skype) can have frequent problems. Also, make sure y
ou have a compatible browser. Free Conference Call supports Internet Explorer 10
& up, Safari 6.0 & up, Firefox 15 & up, Chrome 16 & up.
2. Choose "Mic & Speakers"-not "Telephone"-as your audio preference during setup
3. Click on this link and then follow the prompts:

Here's the "Cliffsnotes". They are also on the replay page HERE.
Start: Intro overview
4:10 Option for guests to join CWI for only $1 and get free bonus 90 days of i
ndividualized coaching help from Dr. Hoffman

Natural management of depression


#1 most powerful depression fighter


Theory of how Prozac works

11:32 Key nutrient to manufacture serotonin and why 1/3 of people have trouble
making it.
14:47 Key nutrient to help serotonin do it's job after it's made
18:19 How to keep from "burning out" serotonin receptors
20:15 DHEA benefits and good tests for cortisol and sex hormones
23:28 Whiteboard disaster
26:45 Vit D testing and levels to shoot for
27:50 How does the Chinese / Japanese concept of the Dantian or Hara relate to
the "Core" of the "Core Wellness Institute training?
32:08 What kind of exercises help with a diastasis recti? (type of common abdom
inal hernia related to core stability)
35:50 Should you take daily tumeric and how does it work?
37:46 Should you do long bouts of aerobic exercise or high intensity interval t
raining? What's best?
43:23 Strategies for knee pain and removing the "arthritis" label
44:25 TANGENT Question everything and treat life as a series of 30 day experim
ents. "Raw Vegan" vs "Paleo"
49:20 Back to knee pain strategies
54:04 What is "Functional Medicine" and is it "proven"?

58:00 How to help others with functional medicine without having any "credentia
1:16:00 Are "posture apps" really helpful?
1:03:08 How to reduce anxiety naturallly
1:11:47 How to check out CWI for only $1 and get 90 days of "direct access" coac
hing for your individual issues.
1:14:08 How to get energy back after prolonged bedridden illness with lots of an
ti-biotics (pneumonia in this case)
1:17:37 How to choose your "sweets"
1:19:05 Strategies for improving peripheral neuropathy
1:20:35 Wrap up and last chance to get 90 days of bonus coaching for new student