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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Board of Directors call
January 20, 2015
Present on call: David Lamfrom, Dennis Schramm, Lynn Davis, Shaun Gonzales, Paula JacobyGarrett
1. Updates
2. Current planning efforts and MNPC's role.
3. Rose Foundation report and expenses from Fall 14 Star Party
4. Feb restoration event with desert committee (Feb. 6)
5. Spring 14 events
New Mojave superintendent was named. It is Todd Suess. He comes with good
recommendations - strong collaborator - worked on Elwha Dam removal at Olympic. MNPC
board should welcome him and brief him on our organization. Perhaps in the field in mid to late
February. As many board members as possible should attend.
MNPC role on larger planning processes going on around preserve. NV BLM RMP and CA
DRECP. Should we be advocacy group or friends building? With large planning efforts we
should certainly get our position known. Building friends and sponsoring events is very
important, but these two planning efforts are major long term efforts and will have long lasting
effects. Concern about getting ourselves sideways with the park and not keeping aligned with
our mission. Perhaps we should raise our concerns as a friends group and supporter of the park.
We need to ensure that we stay in touch with park concerns by meeting with them on a regular
basis. Should we try to get approval from Todd to send letter, or just decide as board to send it?
The deadline of February 6, 2015 is driving the immediacy of the issue. Perhaps just call Todd
and inform him before we send it. Maybe send him a draft of our comments and give him the
chance to express concerns.
February 6 is restoration event in preserve. Desert committee is organizing. Would like to get
some board members involved.
Need to plan dates for next star party. We need NPS to be our partner so we don’t need to obtain
Call ended at 6:30am. Next call on February 17th at 5:30pm.