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How to play H.

Simple Answer:
On PC click the link for the "Ninite K-Lite Codecs Unattended Silent Installer a
nd Updater", which I have included. It will go to the Ninite website with an ins
taller for my prefered player MPC-HC x64 and the KLite Codec pack.
Ninite, installs the correct software for your system, with none of the bundled
ware, and all the annoying settings turned off. This is the exact file I put on
all three of my machines to play back videos.
Longer Answer:
This next-generation video format/codec H.265/HEVC is one of the best and more
advanced codecs than the current popular format H.264. It's named HEVC which sta
nds for High Efficiency Video Codec and offers much better compression when comp
aring with H.264 (Lower file size, far better quality).
If you want to play this smoothly, you need to use a device/PC with at least du
al-core processor.You have to update your player to latest version. Also if you
use your PC to watch it, installing LAV Filter will help you a lot if you want t
o use KMPlayer or PotPlayer. Many updated players have native support for the co
If your Device doesn't support H.265 you can try updating your firmware or you
can hook your Laptop or x265 compatible device to the TV with HDMI or Wireless c
onnection and stream the video.
KMPlayer -
Pot Player -
Media Player Classic - (RECOMMENDED)
LAV Filters - (installing thi
s would help)
VLC 2.1.5 does not play this file! update to VLC 2.2.1 or higher.
To play on Android, use MX Player
More info:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------This was proudly encoded by JoyBell using x265/HEVC and HE-AAC audio.
My torrents are posted on Kick Ass Torrents.
You can find me or my releases by searching for Joy in the search bar.
If you got this torrent from somewhere else, someone is dumping my torrents and
taking credit!
Anyway, love you all,