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N479 Professional Activity Evaluation Form

Your Name: Karen Hatch

Date of Activity/s: 10/1/16 & 10/14/16

Faculty name: Patricia Goldsmith (TFD); Yvette Mathesen

Describe the community service/professional activity/s you attended or participated with (be
specific about the purpose and your role):
Activity #1: I attended the Mass Casualty Care Class held at TFDs fire station #1. My role in this
activity was more of a traditional student role. Information on crisis situations and how to respond
was presented in PowerPoint and lecture format. I also had the opportunity to ask specific questions
pertaining to this type of content. Additionally, I had the chance to practice the application of a
tourniquet and explore the contents of an emergency preparedness/disaster kit. Activity #2: For the
second professional development activity, I had the opportunity to work in the SILC lab during
family weekend. On Friday, 10/14/16, several different groups toured the SILC lab, including future
students, current students, and students family members. I was in charge of representing the
obstetrics aspect of the BSN program. Initially I worked with young kids; I helped them swaddle the
baby mannequins, measure the mannequins head and chest circumference, and practiced holding
them properly. When groups of honor students toured with their parents I discussed aspects of the
OB course, including the newborn assessment, and answered questions.
Where was this held and what was was program/activity length?
Activity#1: Mass Casualty Care Class was held at the Tucson Fire Department, Station #1, from
8:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Activity #2: I assisted Yvette Mathesen for family weekend, in the SILC lab, from approximately
1:15 pm to 5:15 pm.
Discuss the value of this experience to you (be specific).

Activity #1: The Mass Casualty Care Class was interesting and informative; however, I had
anticipated a more interactive learning experience. We covered some aspects of crisis response,
which improved my understanding of what my role as a nurse and civilian would be in certain crisis
situations (i.e. car accidents, shooting). Additionally, the education regarding tourniquet application
was very informative. For me, the greatest value of this class was that it opened my eyes to an area
of medicine and nursing that I had not considered previously. I think that I will pursue additional
training and possibly certification regarding crisis response in the future.
Activity #2: I felt that helping Ms. Mathesen for family weekend was very rewarding. I enjoyed
working with the staff in the SILC to promote and educate students family members about what we
do in SILC and the important role that hands-on learning has in our education. I also enjoyed
working with future nursing student and students form first, second, and third semester. I had the
opportunity to answer many of their questions and encourage them in their efforts.
Would you recommend this specific communnity/professional experience in the future; why or
why not? (Describe)
Activity #1: I would recommend this activity to other students in the future because it introduces
students to the possibility of a completely different type of situation than they would typically
experience in the hospital setting. I also think that every nurse should have a basic understanding of
what their role is, as a civilian, during a crisis situation and how to support the designated
emergency response team.
Activity #2: I would definitely recommend this activity because it gives nursing students the chance
to perform in a leadership role and support their peers in other semesters.
Brochure or proof of attendance obtained?
hours form obtained?

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