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CMG Series Datasheet | 1

Cloud Managed Gateway Series

mbox is a high performance Wide Area Network(WAN)

Mobile offices that requires low-cost, flexible and

a p p l i a n c e d e s i g n e d w i t h e n t e r p r i s e f e a t u re s ,

quick setup (eg. site offices, showrooms, roadshows)

incorporating advanced networking & security

Franchise stores (POS machines) that needs low cost,

technologies, such as ethernet switching, TCP/IP routing,

virtual private networking, WAN link balancing, stateful
firewall inspection and user access control.

secure connection back to HQ

Mission critical site offices in need of resilient internet

connectivity with maximum uptime

The mbox can be deployed as an integrated gateway

appliance, where the router, firewall & link balancer all
exist in one device, saving costs from procuring multiple
devices while enjoying maximum performance and
reducing point of failures.

What CMG does?

Cost-effective integrated secure Internet gateway that

supports all WAN connections

Advanced link resiliency and high availability


Office Wi-Fi access, and advanced Internet security

mboxs zero-config feature enables speedy onsite
deployment without the need of any certified network
engineer, while its cloud management capabilities
enables Managed Service Provider (MSP) to massively


Mobile remote access and easy connecting remote

offices back to HQ using secure VPN tunnels.

manage and monitor all the deployed mboxes at the

Whats so special about CMG?


call-home back to mfusion for automated

deployment and configuration provisioning

Who needs CMG?

Providers (ISP/MSP) who need to deploy and manage

massive customers networks at ease

SOHO/SME looking for low-cost, easy and secure

broadband Internet gateways

Seamless integration with mfusion cloud monitoring

platform for full visibility and ease of management

High performance gateway with extremely low power

consumption and space saving

CMG Series Datasheet | 2

(Office Essentials)

(Business Connectivity)

(Enterprise Connectivity)







Up to 800Mbps

Up to 1500Mbps

Up tp 3000Mbps

3x GbE for CMG-800

4x GbE

6x GbE

1x USB2.0
1x USB3.0

2x USB2.0

2x USB2.0

Stateful Firewall

DHCP services (client and server)

VLAN/Trunking support (802.1q)

NAT, PAT, SNAT, DNAT, Port Forwarding

IPSec, GRE, SSLVPN capable

High availability (VRRP)

Static routing (floating static w tracking)

Dynamic routing (OSPF, BGP)


Only for CMG-800W

Interface bonding (802.1ad)

Proxy and caching

Syslog analyzer/collector

Outbound WAN link balancing

Up to 3 WAN links

Up to 5 WAN links

mfusion-integrated web-based management and


Real-time monitoring metrics

Throughput, connectivity monitoring and email alerts

Detailed historical usage statistics

Application usage statistics

Syslog, SNMP, NetFlow

Rebootless online patching and firmware updates

124.3mm x 19.4mm x 119.7mm

215.5mm x 44mm x 190mm

431mm x 44mm x 305mm

Small form factor

Small form factor

1U rack mountable

0C to 40C

0C to 40C

0C to 40C

-20C to 70C

-20C to 70C

-20C to 70C

Memory (RAM)
Router throughput
WAN Interface
LAN Interface
DC Power Connector
Network and Security

WiFi (802.11b/g/n)

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Physical & Environmental Specifications

Design form factor
Operating temperature
Storage temperature