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September 2016 Edition

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Target Mains
1 September

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GS I (Simplex)


Do Vedas offer us direct evidence of social or political system in Vedic era, whether ordinary or elite? Critically examine.
Demand: Questions demand is based on whether Vedas reveal about political/ social system during that period. You have to give
the pros and cons to the answer.
Give references as to from where Vedas can provide evidence of these systems.
You can divide your answer by giving references from Early Vedic Period and Later Vedic Period and evidences coming from
each of them.
Give the proper examination of points your are supporting in the same case.
GS II (Duplex)
The post Ottoman History of Turkey is marked by Coups and counter coups. Discuss why, Also highlight why India has never faced
any coup till date.
Demand: Turkey has faced many coups and question is asking you to list the reasons for them. It also asks you to analyse why India
hasnt faced any.

Background of coups in Turkey.

Divide reasons between Primary and Secondary and explain each
Give an Indian angle as to why India was immune to such coups.

GS III ( Duplex)
What are the merits and demerits of direct benefits transfer (DBT) scheme in the Indian context? Enumerate.
Demand: Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme to be explained in context of its merits and demerits. It has to be explained with
relevant examples/ case studies.

What is DBT?
Merits and Demerits of the scheme (with suitable examples wherever required)
Case Studies of actual functioning of scheme (from newspapers)

target mains | september 2016

GS IV (Analytical = Simplex)
As a district collector you are overseeing the post-flood relief operations in your district. While going through the progress made
you realise that relief operations have been particularly sporadic and ineffectual in a particular village of the district. On further
investigations you come to know that the district is mostly inhabited by people considered historically lower class.
1) What immediate steps you shall undertake to sensitize your officers against class biases in relief operations.
(2) What long term plans, in your opinion, shall ensure that such incidents do not recur.
Demand: Question is focussing on your personal values and that too at a time of critical situation. The gravity of the situations does
not allow you to think about the class you are protecting but getting any person suffering, out of it.
Discrimination is morally and socially wrong. Explain in brief.
Divide the actions by officers on the following basis:
Immediate Actions (Prepare a team which can look into the matter and do whatever should be done instantly)
Long Term Actions (Relief operations require you to relocate people or provide people with their necessary habitat in termsof
whatever they have lost in the floods)

2 September
GS I (Important Geophysical phenomena) (Hattrick)
In terms of natural disasters, the maximum losses happen because of floods. Maximum deaths in the country are because of floods.
Many people go missing and get washed away in flood waters. What are the reasons for increasing these geophysical phenomena ?
Do you feel that this can be avoided ?
Demand- Losses due to flood and reasons for increasing the incidents shall be discussed. Provide the solution to minimise the losses
Approach Losses in the various areas including deaths shall be discussed briefly (3 marks)
_Various reasons of floods shall be explained (4 marks)
_Suitable measures shall be suggested to reduce/avoid human damage (3 marks)

Target Mains
GS II (Governance) (Hattrick)
One of the landmark legislations of the country which transformed the nature of governance in the country is Right to Information
Act passed in 2005. Judiciary is not an exception under RTI whose details like appointments, transfers or complaints against judges
are not covered under any exemptions in RTI. Do you feel disclosure of information on appointments, transfers etc. would interfere
in judicial independence?
Demand- Pros and cons shall be discussed of both possible situation shall be discussed here. Balanced conclusion required at the end
Approach-Explain that Judiciary is awkwardly positioned in terms of defending its judges as compared to executive and legislature. It cannot
defend itself unlike other institutions. (3 marks)
-Brief points like there is a need to determine the scope of disclosure of information i.e. how much information should be disclosed,
at what stage they should be disclosed etc. (3 marks)
-There is no scope of RTI being misused as it is only for seeking information that already exists. Its making system more accountable,
secrecy in appointments will be exposed if judiciary comes under RTI, it will also increase awareness etc and with balanced conclusion
point (4 marks)
GS III (Security challenges and their management in border areas) (Duplex)
For many decades now, there has hardly been any defence procurement in India that has not faced controversy. The defence
contractors including foreign companies have come under suspicion or allegations of shady dealings leading to their blacklisting
affecting the defence preparedness of Indian military. Discuss.
Demand- Recent Defence blacklisting policy shall be discussed here. The ways to curb this issues should be suggested. Avoid direct
Approach Brief on past deals which were rearly constraversial ( 3 marks)
Explain the current scams and threats to Indian military and Country ( 4 marks)
Suggest the ways along with challenges in future (3 marks)
GS IV (Ethics & moral values) (Hattrick)
There is demand of the reservations to various castes & communities in India.. Countrywide agitation has been seen recently. Is it
moral and socially ethical to ask or give a reservation based on the caste system?
Demand- Sensitive topic, Pros and cons are required. It needs very constructive criticism with well balance positive conclusion.
Approach Explain the advantages of reservation justifying its ethical & moral need in the society like India
Brief on the misuse of this provision of reservation without criticizing any specific community/caste.
Take your stand in the answer and provide suitable backing to your stand

target mains | september 2016

3 September
GS I (Secularism) (Duplex)
A uniform civil code means that all citizens of India are to follow the same set of rules and laws irrespective of religion.Do you feel
that it can strengthen secularism in the country ? What are the challenges involved in the implementation of Uniform Civil Code ?
Demand-Strenghthning the secularism by uniform civil is possible or not. Problems in way and its solution shall be provided
Approach Problems related to the uniform civil code acceptance and implementation(3 marks)
Take stand In favor or against the secularism. Support that stand throughout by giving several examples (4 marks)
-Provide challenges ahead and solution to it. (3 marks)
GS II (Comparison of the Indian constitutional scheme with that of other countries) (Analytical) (Simplex)
German identity was constituted by being ethnically German. Their constitution gave expression to this identity. The Indian
Constitution, on the other hand, does not make ethnic identity a criterion for citizenship. Examine.
Demand- Different nations embody different conceptions of what the relationship between the different regions of a nation and the
central government should be. This relationship constitutes the national identity of a country. Describe how India has got its identity.
Apporach Explain the need of Indian constitution and various reasons of not making ethnic identity as criterion for citizenship. (5 marks)
Take the reference of constituent assembly thinkers which kept this provision out of context of our constitution. Discuss the
Germanys stand with reference to our constitution. (3 marks)
Explain with Pros and cons with respect to Indian society and other societys in world (2 marks)
GS III (Agricultural produce and issues and related constraints) (Hattrick)
The incidence of farmers taking their own lives in higher in regions where cooperatives banks are weakest. Discuss.
Demand- The rural outreach of the banks and cooperative credit system has to be discussed.
Approach Discuss on suicide of farmers crisis a nd distressed areas (3 marks)
Explain the relation between cooperative bank reach with farmers suicide rates. Impact of cooperative bank reach shall be
emphasized. (4 marks)
Conclude on the ways to reduce the suicide with the improvements in existing system. (3 marks)

Target Mains
GS IV (Analytical) (Simplex)
You are Superintendent of Police One woman comes to you saying that she was raped by local gundas. She went to nearest police
station. But police has refused to lodge the complaint saying that the area where she raped do not fall under their territory. She goes
relevant police station but still her complaint is not listened. What you would do?
Demand: Logical action is required

Woman needs to be calm down and assured for the appropriate action
Contact the heads of both police stations and ask reason for not lodging
Get the womens FIR lodges and initiate the investigation with personal monitoring
Take the actions against the police officers and rapist if found guilt

4 September
GS I (Salient features of Indian Society) (Duplex) (Static +Analytical)
The contribution of various social and religious leaders made the people conscious of Indias rich cultural heritage and helped to
eradicate the social evils prevented in society. Discuss. Do you think social evils are present in society today too?
Demand- Explain the contribution of various leaders in different area
Approach Brief on the social evils existed in society (2 marks)
Contribution of leader in eradicating them (4 marks)
Social evils present in society and solution to eradicate them (4 marks)
GS II (Judiciary) (Analytical) (Simplex)
The issue of judges vacancies and pending cases in courts are ingrained with not just one problem but many. Examine. What
Government needs to come with solutions so as to address this issue?
Demand- Address the heavy backlog of cases and vacancies that are present in various court is serious. The solutions need to be
suggested in detailed with issue arising out of the vacancies and pending cases.
Approach-Describe pending cases and judges vacancies and their reasons. Discuss the various reasons and angles of this issue (5 marks)
Provide the steps taken by the government and also future actions to be taken by government (5 marks)

target mains | september 2016

GS III (Security challenges) (Hattrick)

The present scenario of the country is that the threat from outside is not only along borders but anywhere in the country. There
is a need to improve intelligence, improve the system of information exchange between different stake holders and states should
remain alert and updated. Discuss.
Demand- Internal security threats and how information comes into the picture.
Approach Brief on the various threats and its impact (3 marks)
Lacuna in present system and Improvements in the system (4 marks)

GS IV (Analytical) (Simplex)
It is high time to select the President of a country, and yours is the casting / deciding vote. Highlights of the candidates are given below.
Candidate 1: He associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologers. Hes had two mistresses. He also chain smokes
and drinks up to ten times a day. Good decision maker and listener. He has done many good works in his political carreer to be
Candidate 2: He was college drop out, sleeps until noon. Represented college as secretary for 6 months. Joined politics after college,
allegations of corruption, womanizer and misuse of powers but nothing proved. Went to jail in protest. He is associated in lot of social
works and distributes 50 percent of income in poor.
Candidate 3: He is a respected war hero. Hes a vegetarian, doesnt smoke and hasnt had any extra-marital affairs. He has very strict
policy against delay in work. Has lot of respect in society but sometimes get hyper very quickly without understanding the situation
and regrets later.
Which candidate would you choose? Support your answers with proper reasons.
Demand- Select the candidates and write down reasons behind selection
Approach Shortlist the candidate and explain why you have rejected others
Explain reasons for the selected candidates shall be given and should be strong enough to reject the other candidates Solution to
the issue like Information sharing methods strengthening, prevention from the leakages of data etc (3 marks)

Target Mains
5 September
GS I (Indian Freedom struggle) (Duplex) (Static + Analytical)
The role of Netaji S.C. Bose and Indian National Army was remarkable in Indian freedom struggle. Discuss the contribution made
by Netaji S.C. Bose and Indian National Army. Also examine their roles in various movements.
Demand- Their overall contribution shall be given first. Point need to be carefully written as specific roles in various movements
are asked separately.
Approach Explain how netaji and Indian army evolved in very brief (2 marks)
Contribution in freedom struggle shall be provided in overall manner (4 marks)
Write down the specific role played by them with importance of that role in making movement effective /successful .(4 marks)
GS II (Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on Indias interests, Indian diaspora) (Hattrick)
India is advancing a policy to address the regions constitutional question by bringing Gilgit-Baltistan on par with Kashmir at the
negotiating table. Critically Examine.
Demand- It is largely lost in the stalemated discourse on Kashmir that the Constitution of India recognizes the people of GilgitBaltistan as its citizens. So examine the statement with respect to bring stability in Kashmir
Approach-Stability issues in Kashmir and its impact (3 makrs)
Purpose of addressing the Balochistan-Gilgit issue in terms of India and people there.(4 marks)
Challenges and solution to the problem by bringing this issue front to front. (3 marks)
GS III (Economic Development) (Simplex)
Growing debts and stressed loans turning into NPAs have been frequently noticed in the last few years. It has now reached alarming
levels as the government has decided to write off these NPAs as bad loans. Why PSBs conditions are bad compared to other banks?
What are the main reasons behind the creation of bad loans?
Demand- Growing of NPAs of PSBs compared to other banks shall be discussed. Also reasons and ways out shall be explained.
Approach-Start with introduction NPA and why NPAs are there in bank (3 marks)
Reasons behind the increase in bad loans and its impact on the PSB which has led to this situation (4 marks)
Suggest the way out and Challenges ahead (3 marks)

target mains | september 2016

GS IV (Analytical)
As a famous celebrity, you are offered very hefty amount for a brand endorsement to promote a product that you dislike and would
never use. Do you endorse it ? Why ?
Demand- Integrity of person is questionable. Note that though you may not like the product and would never use, it does not mean
that it is bad or non social product.
Approach You need to decide and give reasons behind the decision.
You may quote some examples and controversies happened.
Logical judgment should be visible in answer

6 September
GS I (Important Geophysical phenomena such as earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclone) (Simplex) (Static)
Why are volcanoes called active even when there is no eruption? How would you find out if a volcano was going to explode? What
are the relationships between geysers and volcanoes?
Demand- Static question. Answer each question with mandatory example at every place to get good marks
Approach Start with definition of Volcano. Differentiate between active and extinct volcanoes with examples (3 marks)
State the reasons of explosion of with example. Explain how we can predict the volcano eruptions. Some changes are observed
before the eruption, mention those changes. Suggest any advance mechanism or technological way of prediction. (5 marks)
Explain the relation between geysers and volcanoes. (2 marks)
GS II (Functions and responsibilities of various Constitutional Bodies) (Duplex) (Anlytical)
Do you think that CAG has been used by successive political parties as a political tool ? How this crucial constitutional body can be
strengthened & be made more transparent?
Demand- CAGs role shall be discussed and analysed. The way to make it more transparent and shall not get used as political tool
should be discussed here in paralel.
Approach-Start with small introduction about CAG. Are political parties using it as political tool ? Choose a side and justify the same (4 marks)
Discuss strengths & weaknesses of CAG. Suggest to improve and overcome these weaknesses. (3 marks)

Target Mains
GS III (Basics of cyber security, linkages of organized crime with terrorism) (Hattrick)
Social media in the present times has emerged as something inevitable for everyone. In some way or the other, it is having an impact
on people and their daily lives. Discuss. Do you think that Social Media Globalising terrorism?
Demand- Increase reach of internet to be discussed. Stand has to be taken and justify the same.
-Brief on the social medias pros and cons (3 marks)
-Take a stand and justify with proper reasons.(4 marks)
Impact of your stand on global terrorism, Challenges and way ahead (3 marks)
GS IV (Codes of Ethics, Codes of Conduct) (Simplex) (Analytical)
Journalism ethics and standards comprise principles of ethics and of good practice as applicable to the specific challenges faced by
journalists. Comment.
Demand- Nowadays various ethical issues faced by journalists. You need evaluate those in answer.
Approach Evaluate statement by giving various examples on ethical parameters like truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness
and public accountability
Challenges faced by journalist on ethical front and solution to work ethically

7 September
GS I (Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century) (Static+Analytical = Duplex)
Discuss the social conditions in the Era of Mauryan Empire. Examine the position of women and revival of fourfold division of caste.
Demand- Static question which requires to write on social conditions of people caste, marriages etc. It also demands to analyze the
position of women and changes in caste system
Approach State the social conditions of people with the reference to various philosophers, inscriptions etc (4 marks)
Position of women shall be analyzed comparing past position. Whether improved or deteriorated? (3 marks)
Analyze Fourfold system of caste and changes happened (3 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS II (Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design
and implementation) (Hattrick)
Do you think that central government schemes like UDAY. etc are being used to weaken Indian federalism? Critically examine.
Demand- Schemes like UDAY are creating debate between the states. Some laws made on concurrent subjects are discriminating
the states from benefits who dont accept the central scheme.
Approach Start with Indian federalism meaning and its importance between the state and centre. (3 marks)
Discuss how the central schemes are affecting the centre state federalism (any one or max. two schemes shall be discussed; take
UDAY scheme for getting better marks). Discuss the impact and challenges in maintaining the federalism with these scheme (5 marks)
Suggest way out and path ahead (2 marks)
GS IV (Ethical Dilemma) (Simplex) (Analytical)
You are doctor and also government health at very good position. A woman who is pregnant, who has five children already, two
who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded. Also she is suffering from Sexually Transmitted Disease. Her health has
deteriorated due to current pregnancy and admitted to hospital. Would you recommend that she have an abortion?
Demand- Answer should be balanced with proper justification.
Approach Analyze the reports of women. Run the test on womb and health of women. Take the opinion of expert doctors, past cases, etc.
Take a stand of keeping pregnancy or abort it. Explain the decision with proper supporting answer.

8 September
GS I (Changes in critical geographical features (including water-bodies and ice-caps) (Hattrick)
The upper depths of the oceans of the Earth have warmed significantly over the last 20 years causing an increase in the number of
severe hurricanes, storm surges, loss of ice and change in global weather patterns. Discuss.
Demand- Increase in sea temperatures has changed global weather patterns should be discussed.
Approach Brief on causes of increase in temperature & its changing pattern. (2 marks)
Its Impact- Hurricanes, storm, ice cap melting etc. Quote examples (6 marks)
Suggestion to reduce these events and impact (2 marks)


Target Mains
GS II (Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human
Resources) (Duplex)
Zika virus has created menace in world. India is at great risk of contracting it. Discuss the outbreak of Zika virus, causes of infection
and impact on the health of person. What preventive steps India should take especially for migrants?
Demand- Its a dynamic question but simple in nature. Explain about the zika in detailed and preventive steps India should take.
Approach Start with zika virus introduction, origin of infection in brief and menace created in world (3 marks)
Causes, impact, identification of person (3 marks)
Preventive steps taken in India. Steps taken for migrants. Path ahead (4 marks)
GS III (technology) (Duplex) (Static + Analytical)
ISRO continues to impress the country and the world, with the latest successful test of its Scramjet engine. Discuss. What it signifies
for the space agency ? How it will help to ISROs Aavtar program ?
Demand- ISROs achievements and significance of scramjet engine should be discussed.
Approach Brief on the ISROs achievements till scramjet engine. (3 marks)
Explain what is scramjet , its advantages and why its important to ISRO (5 marks)
-Explain Avatar program and significance of Scramjet to Avatar program (2 marks)
GS IV (Ethics) (Anlytical)
You are district collector an area. You have found that one person is constantly giving hate speech and try to provoke communal
disturbance. His followers are continuously increasing. He is attacking the community to which you belong. His videos have gone
viral on social media too. What you would do? Suggest the proper course of action.
Demand- Balance action is required. You should not be carried away the fact that he is attacking your community. Action within
law would be justified
Approach Take the experts of law into opinion before taking option. Figure out that his speeches are disturbing communal harmony within
framework of law.
Initiate a formal inquiry taking seniors into consideration. If found guilty, take appropriate action within framework law.
If required ban the social media videos of his speeches, take down his promotional propaganda etc.


target mains | september 2016

9 September
GS I (Secularism) (Simplex) (Analytical)
Secularism is strength of India. Secularism is part of our life and it is still unfolding. Elaborate.
Demand- Secularism has its own feature and impact on strengthening India has to be discussed and reason for its unfold
Approach Discuss how secularism has been strengthening India till the time (3 marks)
Meaning of unfolding, reasons of unfolding and implication of unfolding to country with examples. Explain the challenges to
secularism (5 marks)
Suggest the path ahead (2 marks).
GS II (Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability) (Duplex)
Do you think that idea of holding concurrent elections to loksabha and legislative assemblies would benefit? Do you think that this
system could bring political and administrative stability ? Critically Examine.
Demand- Frequent elections require many things in place and arrangement. Also normal activities of government standstill due to
code of conduct. Examine in this way and get to proper conclusion.
Approach Analyze the pros and cons of taking separately and concurrent process of election. Quote experiences/examples. (5 marks)
Examine that Would it help in bringing political and administrative stability or not. (3 marks)
Give a balanced conclusion and challenges with solution in implementation (2 marks)
GS III (technology) (Duplex) (Static + Analytical)
There has been increasing problems regarding pollution in India, Nuclear technology can be solution. What is this technology?
What is the benefit of technology? What are the challenges in its implementation?
Demand- Question clearly focuses on neosonic technology which can solve the problem of pollution. Its a direct question. Answer
each question in part one by one.
Approach Brief on pollution problem in India. Explain meaning of nuclear technology. (3 marks)
-Advantages of the technology. Explain its applications in all possible areas. (4 marks)
Give challenges in execution and way ahead (3 marks)


Target Mains
GS IV (Ethics) (Anlytical)
A civil servant in a democracy has to be a guardian of public morals. There are temptations and allurements which may pervert his
ethical values and high integrity of civil servant behavior. Discuss
Demand- The civil servant is entrusted with higher responsibilities of a public office. He should act moral and perform clean duties.
Approach-Explain how civil servant is the civil servant in democracy is guardian on public morals. Quote some examples
Write the allurement and temptations which can misbalance the civil servants ethics and how it changes the behavior
Mention ethical challenges comes in his path of performing the duties and way ahead to avoid them

10 September
GS I (Changes in critical geographical features-in flora and fauna and the effects of such changes) (Hattrick)
One cannot deny the fact that any power producing unit will be released some part of the heat into environment as it is not possible
to convert the entire heat generated into work in a power plant. Discuss. What are impact of Nuclear power plant operation on
thermal ecology, biodiversity and agriculture? Examine
Demand- Impact of power plant including nuclear on the surrounding environment should be discussed.
Approach Brief on heat produced in power plant. Explain its conversion and impact on remaining heat on environment (4 marks)
Impact of discharge of heat from nuclear power plant on surrounding factors to it. You need to provide both sides-positive and
negative. Positive side can be mentioned by taking example of Kaiga plant in thick western ghat which has perfect harmony with
surroundings. Negative side is well known, so write properly. If possible end your answer with solution to negative side (6 marks)
GS II ( Governance) (Hattrick)
No theory of governance would be intelligible unless it is seen in the context of its time. Discuss. An efficient, effective and democratic
government is the best guarantor of social justice as well as an orderly society. Elucidate.
Demand- Question on good governance is asked. Out put of good governance and impact should be discussed
Approach-Explain that governance is evolved with the time. Give with examples. (4 marks)
Need, meaning and advantage of good governance and how it is guarantor of social justice and orderly society. (4 marks)
-Challenges and path ahead (2 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS III (Infrastructure: Energy) (Hattrick)

Energy use, its availability and affordability, will continue to be crucial ingredients of development, growth, employment and poverty
alleviation in India. Discuss.
Demand- Question demands the role of energy in various sectors to be discussed.
Approach Discuss the energy, availability and affordability in India. (3 marks)
Discuss the role played by energy in progress of country amongst the various sector (5 marks)
Challenges and Conclusion (2 marks)
GS IV (Ethics-Simplex) (Analytical)
What is Ethics in Research ? Why is it Important?
Demand- Explain each part with an example.
Approach Explain first the meaning of ethics in research. Quote some examples
Importance such as promote the aims of research, prohibitions against fabricating, falsifying, or misrepresenting etc. Many points
can be given. Try to quote examples to highlight the importance.

11 September
GS I (Distribution of key natural resources across the world) (Duplex)
What are the challenges to shale gas exploitation? How can it be addressed as these threats are not unique to shale gas exploitation?
Demand- Simple. Shale gas vs conventional fuel reliance, shale gas availability, exploration challenges and overcome shall be explained.
Approach Brief on shale gas, availibitlity in India and its feasibility against the oil.(3 marks)
Challenges in exploration. Technological, Hydraulic and other advancement .(5 marks)
Way ahead with shale gas and Indias development in energy security with it (2 marks)


Target Mains
GS II ( Governance) (Hattrick)
The good governance comes out from the strong commitment of the government where all commitment is made keeping people as
focus. Discuss. What are Governance Indicators?
Demand- Commitment in good governance is required to be people oriented. Governance consists of the traditions and institutions
by which authority in a country is exercised for the betterment of people. This concept shall be explained with context to India
ApproachDefine good governance. First part of question shall be explained as mentioned in demand. Explain with the help of examples. (3
Indicators of governance as per world bank i) Voice & Accountability ii) Political Stability and Lack of Violence iii) Government
Effectiveness iv) Regulatory Quality v) Rule of Law and vi) Control of Corruption (5 marks)
-Challenges and way ahead (2 marks)
GS III (Infrastructure: Energy) (Duplex)
Nearly two decades back we had a motivational slogan Power for All. It has now graduated to Power for all 24 x 7, and will soon
transform to Quality Power and on to Green Power. Elaborate.
Demand- Twist in the slogan indicates the successful journey we traversed, and the aspirational imperatives of the future. These
should be elaborated here from independence to future.
Approach Explain how power availability has evolved from independence. Country was deficit of power and did not have electricity to lighten
the homes till today situation. The ways rural and urban areas are electrified. Describe the progress of country in short along with
journey till the date (6 marks)
In last part explain sustainable development- Need, use, challenges and future. (4 marks)
GS IV (Ethics-Simplex) (Analytical)
Do you think that taking donations from the corporate & businessmen for election campaigning should be banned ? Critically
Demand- Recent debate on the election funding. Examine both pros and cons and arrive on proper conclusion.
Approach First explain need of this funding and is it really essential.
Mention pros and cons of taking funding. Constructive criticism is required.
End on proper stand and justify the same


target mains | september 2016

12 September

GS I (Diversity in India) (Duplex)

The Kashmiri approach to the world is uniquely positive. What are important contributions of Kashmir to Indian culture ?
Demand- Straight question and little fact based.
Approach-Kashmir has made a unique imprint on the Hindu religion with its contributions of Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Tantric Shaiva
traditions. (4 marks)
Also an early centre of Buddhist scholarship, Kashmiris were tireless in the spread of Buddhist ideas to Asia.(3 marks)
Region and the expertise of the Kashmiris in the areas of grammar, music and dance (3 marks)
GS II (Judiciary and Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies) (Hattrick)
Is current mechanism sufficient to address inter-state water disputes & emotions? Do you think that interference of court or decisions
of panels can solve this problem? Critically Examine.
Demand- Article 262 needs to be discussed and analysed. Also the decision of courts in these various matters shall be examined and
solution to the current challenges shall be provided.
Approach-Brief on the issue, court orders and problems of state releasing the water or not releasing the water. Also emotions of the people
who are protesting because of unavailability of drinking water shall be explained. Analyze the current system sufficiency. (4 marks)
-Discuss the decisions of various panels and courts. Relate this to first part of the question. (4 marks)
Way ahead to solve this issue (2 marks)
GS III (Effects of liberalization on the economy) (Duplex)
All the big economies are working together so that global growth could be preserved. Do you think that after the first two meetings
of G20 it has done nothing or precious little? How effective is G20 as policy co-coordinating mechanism. Critically examine.
Demand- Usefulness of G20 shall be examined here.
Approach Brief about G20, aim and agenda (2 marks)
Analyze the first two meetings G20, output till the date considering the recent meet. (4 marks)
Effectiveness of G20 outcomes and impact of its meeting on policies of country. Impact on India shall also be discussed. Challenges
and solutions ahead. (4 marks)


Target Mains
GS IV (Ethics) (Simplex) (Analytical)
You are a traffic commissioner of city. You came to know couple of incidents happened in which two traffic policemen were beaten
by people on charging fines. Whole media took the cognizance of situation and other traffic policemen are skeptical about their
security. What you would do?
Demand- You need to take action against culprits, take preventive steps and boost the confidence
Approach Initiate enquiry and promise the action if found guilty
Take the media into confidence. Send strong message to people not to take law in hand and refrain from these activities.
Boost the confidence of traffic policemen by taking sessions of mental health professionals, confidence building sessions, allotting
a police men at each signal etc

13 September
GS I (Distribution of key natural resources across the world) (Duplex)
How best can the problem of floods and droughts be addressed so that the losses are minimal and the system becomes more resilient?
Demand- Straight question. In this context, one important point that needs to be explained is that India gets too much water (about
75 per cent of annual precipitation) during 120 days of the monsoon season (June to September) and too little for the remaining
245 days. This shall be relate to draughts and floods. This skewed water availability has to be managed
Approach Brief on problem of flood and draughts in India (3 marks)
Initiatives by government to address both (4 marks)
Challenges and solutions ahead (3 marks)
GS II (Interational Relations)
North Korea has done five nuclear tests in 10 years. North Korea has given world ample of reason to ask. As its nuclear and missile
programmes have grown, the concerns have grown more urgent. Discuss. Why North Korea is rational ? What are the impacts of
this on India?
Demand- North Korea nuclear test and its impact on the world along with India. Also RATIONALITY behind this shall be discussed.
Approach Brief of programme of North Koreas nuclear programme (2 marks)
Reasons of worry to world- threats of war, occasional attacks on South Korea, etc. (2 marks)
Rationality of North Korea- When any state is rational, it will not always succeed in acting in its best interests or in balancing short
term against long term gains, but it will try. States are irrational when they do not follow self interest. Explain this in connection
with North Korea (4 marks)
-Impact on India and challenges (2 marks)

target mains | september 2016

GS III ( Biodiversity) (Hattrick)

India is in the midst of an unacknowledged biodiversity crisis. Elucidate.
Demand- India is facing massive biodiversity loss should be explained in detailed. Quote with examples.
Approach Reasons and extent of the biodiversity loss. State with example (4 marks)
Impact of the biodiversity loss. Try to quote the examples in world on this(3 marks)
Govt steps to tackle, Challenges & Way ahead (3 marks)
GS IV (Work Culture)
Change in work culture can bring efficiency, sensitivity and accountability. Elucidate
Demand- The work culture of govt or private organization shall be discussed with examples. Impact of change culture should be
explained in more detailed.
Approach Existing work culture of any organization with example shall be explained (3 marks)
Explain how the change in culture can bring efficiency, sensitivity and accountability with examples (4 marks)
Difficulties in changes and challenges. Suggest solution (3 marks)

14 September
GS I (Culture) (Duplex)
Nationalist and freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak was the man who turned the private, household Ganesh Chathurthi celebration
into the present day carnival. Do you think that the spirit with which the festival was started is lost?
Demand- 125 years of completion. So there is chance that question may appear.
The first part shall be explained with the history perspective. Other part is analytical
Approach Explain the reason behind starting the festival, contribution of Tilak (4 marks)
State your opinion, reason with proper justification and examples. (4 marks)
What needs to be done and suggest future path (2 marks)


Target Mains
GS II (e-governance)
India which takes pride in being one of the leaders in the field of Information Technology however ranks low when it comes to
e-governance. Attitudinal change, a change of mindset among political rulers, bureaucrats and the people are required to usher in
this tool of modern administration. Elucidate.
Demand- The acceptance of e-governance is big hurdle in our country. Straight question. Quote examples.
Approach Reasons of success in IT in very brief manner. Reasons of being low in ranking and its impact (4 marks)
Changes required for e-governance acceptance and way of implementation the changes (4 marks)
Challenges and way ahead (2 marks)
GS III (Economic Development)
Greater flexibility and leniency for employers over employees will lead to increased investment in the manufacturing sector, more
employment, exports, and eventually, the growth of the economy. Critically comment in connection to labour reforms.
Demand: The question is clearly on labour laws in country. Proposed and existing reform needs to be discussed. Balanced conclusion
is required.
Approach Firstly, explain need of labour reforms and brief on existing labour law. Explain the positive and negative side of the statement.
(4 marks)
Impact of positive side of statement and negative side of statement. Keep specific in the area of economy as question is from GS
III (4 marks)
Challenges in reforms and solutions to it (2 marks)
GS IV (Human Values lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders) (Simplex) (Analytical)
Personal interaction on a professional level is what keeps leaders going and what inspires them to try harder in everything they do.
Demand- Take an example of the great leader. Relate this in connection to it.
Approach Analyse the statement carefully and relate to some great leaders
Quote their failure stories in this regard and how they achieved success.


target mains | september 2016

15 September
GS I (Women Empowerment) (Duplex)
Despite the improvement in the condition of women empowerment, Indian women are still facing spousal violence by the hands of
insecure family members and are forced to disown their properties. Discuss. What needs to be done ?
Demand- Raised financial power to women makes them more vulnerable. Woman will be physically assaulted in a marriage if she
owns properties. This shall be discussed with solution to problem.
Tikdam- Very easy. Domestic voilence due to property ownership of women. Analyse safegurads, write reasons & solutions.
Approach-Explain steps taken by government in this area. Reason for its non effectiveness. Causes behind this violence. Brief on impact of
this violence.(5 marks)
Issues with existing safeguard. Suggest Solutions to the problem. (3 marks)
Way forward (2 marks)
GS II (Issues and challenges pertaining to the federal structure) (Hattrick)
Indias inter-state disparity is not just confined to income levels. The states diverge on several other economic, social and demographic
indicators. Elucidate. What are the challenges to India in coming future?
Demand- Explain the interstate disputes i terms of the various indicators. Quote examples of states. Mention challenges and solutions.
Approach Discuss about the various indicators and disparity. Reasons of this should be mentioned (4 marks)
Explain the challenges due to this disparity. Quote some past experiences (3 marks)
Challenges and solutions (3 marks)
GS III (Economic Development) (Hattrick)
India is likely to post its first current account surplus in nine years, which should bolster the rupee though it is not a good sign for
the economy as it reflects weak investment demand at home and subdued exports. Critically examine.
Demand- Its bit difficult question and requires information about the current account situation in India.
Questions other part is negative impact of the surplus situation. Try discussing by taking a one or two years situation in consideration
so that writing answer would become easy.


Target Mains
Approach-Brief on the importance and meaning of account surplus. How it helps the rupees with example of any year (4 marks)
Explain the weak investment and export impact because of the current account surplus in India. Relate this with experience of
India or any country (4 marks)
-Challenges and way ahead in future to reduce impact of current account surplus (2 marks)
GS IV (Information sharing and transparency in government) (Duplex)
Is the liquor ban is a good idea ? Discuss.
Demand- Simple-Put both the sides and arrive on conclusion.
Approach Explain why it should be banned. One example will be required showing vaious positive sides of liquor banned (4 marks)
Explain why it should not be banned. Give an example and impact of banning. (4 marks)
Challenges in liquor banning, solution and way ahead (2 marks)

16 September
GS I (Distribution of key natural resources & Climate Change) (Duplex)
Identify the major fishing grounds of the world. Why temperate regions have better developed fisheries sector as compared to tropical
regions. Add a note on the probable impact of climate change on fishing activity globally.
Demand- Direct question. Answer part by part. Be specific.
Approach State major grounds with examples (3 marks)
Reasons for regions have temperate regions have better fishing grounds (3 marks)
Impact of climate change on fishing activity & challenges with solutions (4 marks)
GS II (India and its neighbourhood- relations) (Hattrick)
Through our Neighbourhood First Policy India tries to reset her strained relationship with Pakistan. But Pakistan continued to
promote activities inimical to interest of India. Critically examine the pros and cons of continuing dialogue process with Pakistan.
Demand- Relationship with Pakistan and efforts to correct them shall be explained.


target mains | september 2016

Approach Details on neighborhood first policy and its impact (3 marks)

Pakistans activities which are opposed by India in brief. (2 marks)
Pros and cons- Analysis of Past and current efforts of India, Future challenges of continuing and solution to it. (5 marks)
GS III (Railways) (Hattrick)
Do you think that tariff hike in fares can address the losses in railways? What are the reasons of these losses in railways and suggest
solution to it?
Demand- View on tariff hike, analysis of Railway data, reasons of looses and solution to it.
Govt has recently launched dynamic fare pricing in railways. Take a reference and explain that tariff hike in fares will cover losses
or not. Justify and use different reports and economist views if possible (4 marks)
Reason behind the losses. Fright fares, take references like cost approach, cost structure etc. (go for pointwise) (3 marks)
Suggest solution to it in detailed. Also balance conclusion is required with specific view on dynamic fare pricing as question is
based on it (3 marks)
GS IV (Ethics) (Hattrick)
Do you think that use of drones in military purposes and attacks by it is ethically correct?
Demand- Careful. Two sides are asked, military purposes and attacks. Give your opinion in balanced manner
Approach Justify with example the use of drones for military purposes is ethically correct or not
Explain with reasons on attacks by drones are ethically correct or not
Conclusion in the futuristic challenges for use drones.

17 September
GS I (Changes in critical geographical features (including water bodies and ice-caps) (Hattrick)
Free electricity has made people drill deeper to get water for irrigation and is turning large parts of States such as Punjab, Rajasthan
and Haryana barren. Discuss. Do you think that there should be disciplined consumption and need strong regulation of Ground
water management?
Demand- Ground deep ground water extraction is regulation is core of the question.


Target Mains
Approach First discuss on impact of free electricity on extraction of ground water. Too much of water is being consumed because we are not
charging people for electricity. (NASA also gave in its report during the past decade, groundwater beneath the northern Indian states
of Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan has decreased by more than 88 million acre-feet.). Consequence of this water extraction. (4 marks)
There has to be stronger regulation and disciplined consumption required as Several parts of States like Punjab, Haryana and
Rajasthan are becoming deserts as you have gone so deep to drill water. (4 marks)
Way ahead and positive solution this problem (2 marks)
GS II (Issues relating health) (Hattrick)
Nowadays the country is in the grip of a strange fever. Its symptoms are similar to chikungunya and dengue but tests on patients show
negative results for these mosquito-borne viral. What are the reasons of this strange outbreak? Do you think that environmental
and manmade factors could be behind the spurt in cases?
Demand- Dengue and chikungunya continue to plague several states.
Approach Brief on Chikanguniya and dengue outbreak in country (2 marks)
Reasons behind the outbreak of new diseases nowadays especially mosquito viral borne diseases (3 marks)
Role of environmental factors (like September and October are suitable for mosquito breeding, increase in resistance of mosquitoes,
climate change-temperature factor etc) (3 marks)
Suggest solution to this and future challenges ahead (2 marks)
GS III (Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation) (Duplex)
Water quality of the river Ganga shows the presence of bacterial contamination besides traces of pollutants like heavy metals and
pesticides. What Factors have contributed to the pollution of the Ganga waters and its impact? Why Ganga cleaning is important?
What efforts made by the Government and social organizations to clean?
Demand- Very easy. Gangas contamination and cleaning is core of the question.
Approach Contamination in Ganga, Causes and Impact (3 marks)
Cleaning of Ganga is important- Longest, religious, transport, civilization, economics etc (3 marks)
-Efforts made by govt and social organization, effectiveness and way ahead (4 marks)
GS IV (Corruption-Ethics) (Duplex)
Recently, the charges of conspiracy and cheating were framed against a former coal secretary, who was perceived to be an honest
and upright officer by his colleagues throughout the entire carrier. Do you think that the present system leads to over-protection
of the corrupt officers and undue victimisation of honest officer?
Demand- Both sides have to presented with balanced conclusion


target mains | september 2016

Approach Analyze the case study with respect to conspitacy and cheating framed against the officers.
-Overprotection and undue victimization of corrupt officers and your views
Balanced conclusion

18 September
GS I (Culture) (Duplex)
Government museums make up 90 per cent of the roughly 1,000 museums in India. They are banned from partnerships with private
individuals or organisations, and have to depend on central funding even for day-to-day operations. Discuss. Do you think that
Indias museums are neglected? Discuss. What steps need to be taken by government?
Demand- Straight but analytical. Analyze the conditions of museum and steps taken to improve.
ApproachKeep it simple
Take into consideration the present conditions of museum. Take examples. Reasons behind the condition. Central funding role.
(5 marks)
-Steps taken and needed to improve the conditions. Role of private organization or individual. Challenges and way ahead (5 marks)
GS II (Good Governance) (Hattrick)
Growing population & corruption main hindrances to good governance. Critically examine.
Demand- Widely open question. Both the sides need to be written.
(Keep control on word limits and try to touch all the areas in brief )
Approach Growing population- Positive & negative impact in relation to good governance. (4 marks)
-Corruption- Positive & negative impact in relation to good governance. (4 marks)
Way to address this to have good governance (2 marks)


Target Mains
GS III (Technology) (Hattrick)
In your opinion can cultivation of GM (Genetically Modified) crops ensure food security for India? Critically examine the arguments
presented in opposition and in favour of GM technology.
Demand- Necessity of GM crops is there or not. Analysis of both the sides required. Balanced stand at the end
Approach Food security in India and present condition without GM crops. Necessity of GM. Examples of other countries (4 marks)
Argument in favour and opposition of GM Crops (4 marks)
Conclusion, Challenges and way ahead (2 marks)
GS IV (Ethics) (simplex)
The ethics of driverless car technology is subject of debate. Critically examine
Demand- There is lot of debate going on technology of driverless car. It has to be examined in ethical point of view
Approach Different situations need to be analyzed with driver and without driver car
Focus on both-pros and cons. (Do not leave the subject of ethics)
Logical conclusion

19 September
GS I (Women Empowerment)
While most of the developed world has penalized marital rape, surprisingly, there is no law to protect married women against marital
rape in India. Discuss critically, whether marital rapes needs to be treated as a criminal offence in India.
Demand- Increasing cases of marital rapes in India. Its reasons, issues and impact shall be explained and examined.
Approach State of marriages in India, issues relating to it etc.(3 marks)
Need of criminalizing it in India or not. Problems and positives of criminalizing it. Reference around the world (4 marks)
Challenges and way ahead (3 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS II (Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design
and implementation)
Despite of the apex court judgment in favour, the disabled in India are yet to get justice. Critically comment. Do you think that India
has a long road ahead in becoming a disabled-friendly country?
Demand- Analysis of major court judgments and opinion on the second part is required.
Approach Situation of disabled in India and problems faced by them (3 marks)
Judgments of court, effects and governments effort. Injustice with diabled and what needs to be done (3 marks)
Last part of question. Way ahead for disabled and todays changing times. Challenges in future and solution to it (4 marks)
GS III (Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment) (Duplex)
There has been an increasing demand for traditional health knowledge. In this context, what is biopiracy? Can India draw red lines
to protect traditional health knowledge systems from biopiracy?
Demand- Recent debates on patents on neem, basmati and turmeric etc. This question is on protection of these knowldge.
Approach Brief meaning of biopiracy and importance (2 marks)
Indias fighting on biopiracy, patent issues and traditional knowledge preservation efforts. Increasing demand for traditional
health knowledge (4 marks)
World Intellectual Property Organisation prepares to draft an international document on traditional health systems, India has an
opportunity to draw firm boundaries to protect indigenous health knowledge. (4 marks)
GS IV (Ethics) (duplex)
What do you understand by the following terms in the context of private life?
a) Commitment
b) Integrity
Demand-Question focuses on the private life commitments and integrity. Quote examples.
ApproachCommitment- Give definition, take personal experiences and observations in private lives of people, problems ad solution
Integrity- Give definition, take personal experiences and observations in private lives of people, problems ad solution


Target Mains
20 September
GS I (changes in critical geographical features (including waterbodies and ice-caps) and in flora and fauna and the effects
of such changes.)
Indiscriminate extraction of sand from floodplains or river banks destroys the flora and fauna and decreases fertility of the land.
How can we restrict the illegal mining ? What are the impacts of over mining?
Demand- Illegal sand mining and impact are asked.
Approach Brief of sand from river/flood plains extraction and impacts (3 marks)
Depth of problem, impact on flora and fauna, land etc. Steps to reduce the illegal mining which are taken and required (5 marks)
-Challenges, way ahead (2 marks)
GS II (India and its neighborhood- relations) (Hattrick)
India and Bangladesh share proximity of culture, history, language and geography. Among the many challenges facing the relationship,
problem of rampant cattle smuggling which has made the Indo-Bangladesh border a dangerous place for ordinary people. Discuss.
Demand- Cattle smuggling issue, problems and solution is required to the problem.
Approach Brief on relationship and problems (2 marks)
Cattle smuggling- Origin, importance, issues, impact on trade, solution (6 marks)
Ways to curb this, Challenges and solution (2 marks)
GS III (Agricultural produce and issues) (Duplex)
Do you think that Subramanian panels recommendations on MSP procurement operations are well worth of implementing? Discuss.
Demand- Panel has given recommendations on MSP. Take recommendations one by one and start analyzing.
Approach Importance of MSP Procurement briefly (2 marks)
Appointment of Panel and its recommendation. The panels recommendations need to be taken into the consideration one by one.
Its impact shall be mentioned (5 marks)
Challenges in implementing, way forward and balanced conclusion (3 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS IV ( Ethics) (Simplex) (Analytical)

You are businessmen. You took your driver to famous restaurant as its his birthday and you want to thank for his services. Restaurant
owner & staff refused to serve as you have come with driver. What you would do?
Demand- Action without argument is required. Long term action is also required to avoid this difference of treatment.
Approach You would talk respectfully regarding the reason. If driver is reason, you would talk through the owner regarding discrimination.
If he does not listen, then you would take the help of pressure groups as this against the rights of people.
You may take the help of social media, newspapers etc.

21 September
GS I (Globalisation) (Hattrick)
From a global perspective, globalizations most important impacts are often highly localized. Discuss. Also explain globalization
with respect to its impact on Indian Culture.
Demand- Explain how Globalization affects people with respect to their way of life, culture, taste, fashion, preferences, etc.
Second part should be on impact on the Indian culture.
Approach Analyze the impact on localize level. (3 marks)
It has led to good and bad effects on the lives of the people. Describe this with example (3 marks)
Discuss the impact of globalization with respect to Indian culture. (4 marks)
Refer link for good points and then write
GS II (Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting Indias interests)
Nepals signing of transit and other agreements with China has been regarded by some in India as a significant loss of Indias influence
in Nepal. Discuss why Indias relationship with Nepal is important. What are the challenges in recent times & solutions to its
Demand- The historical nature of the India-Nepal relationship and the people-people relations do not need any introduction.
Sometimes it faces ups and down. You need to explain Indias interest, relationship, hurdles and solution


Target Mains
Approach Signing of agreements, impact in respect of India. Indias losses in this regard (3 marks)
-Relationship with Nepal-importance, usefulness to India, buffer state etc (4 marks)
-Challenges in recent times and solutions (3 marks)
GS III ( Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization of resources, growth, development and employment) (Hattrcik)
India has convinced a lot of people and the world is making big bets on its stature as a manufacturing and economic powerhouse.
However, there are many challenges that lie ahead. Critically comment. Do you think that China is feeling pressure from Indian
manufacturing sector?
Demand- Analysis of Indian manufacturing sector and its present status. Chinas vs Indias situation in manifaturing sector in
competitive way.
GS IV (Ethics) (Simplex) (Analytical)
Do you think that higher education institutions in india are loosing ethics and accountability ? Add a note on privatisation of
higher education.
Demand- Nowadays issues and questioning on higher education in india. Impacts shall also be discussed.
Approach discuss the status and issues with higher education institution. Explain ethical values and accountability with institutions
privatisation- pros and cons. Solution to the issues.

22 September
GS I (Urbanisation)(Analytical)(Simplex)
The objective of Smart City Mission is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its
citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of Smart Solutions. Discuss. What are the challenges to Smart City
Demand- Positives and negatives of mission, challenges and solution to it.
Approach Objective, deliverables and implementation of Smart City Mission. Impact on the growth, development etc. Changes in the
lives, amenities, environment etc.(7 marks)
Challenges and solution (3 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS II (Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary)

The decline in political discourse is evident in the language and imagery used by politicians to belittle their rivals. Judiciary has
failed to rein in such people. Discuss.
Demand- Use of language by politicians and failure of Judiciary. Deal with the simple.
Approach Analyze the decline, reasons with the help of current examples. Explain the impact on society and politics. (4 marks)
Judiciary role and steps taken to curtail by Judiciary. (3 marks)
Way ahead, steps to be taken to correct image and decline (3 marks)
GS III ( Economics) (Hattrick)
What is the idea behind adopting Islamic Banking in India? Do you think that Islamic Banking will Strengthen Democracy in
India. Critically examine.
Demand- With the an estimated 180 million Muslims living in India Islamic Banking or Interest Free Banking can prove to be
very effective. Discuss such various factors and help in strengthening of democracy .
Approach Need for adopting-India is a country with a 15 per cent Muslim population, highest in a non-Islamic country and second highest in the world offers huge opportunities to exploit. So it has to be channelized Fall of the titans like Lehman Brothers because
it reflects the economic downturn in the west and the need of alternative sources of FDI for the Indian economy. Discuss such
points (4 marks)
Indian banking sector has opened up considerably in the past decade or so and openness to interest-free banks is a logical next
step. Certain faiths prohibit the use of financial instruments that pay interest. Discuss these factors in relation to strengthening
of democracy.(3 marks)
Way ahead, challenges and solution (3 marks)
GS IV (Attitude) (Simplex) (Analytical)
Every time we force our choices on another individual, every time we make ourselves believe that our point of view is superior
to that of another; we are feeding this demon that lies in the darkest corners of our heart, nutrition which might, one fated day,
enable it to find expression through our actions. Comment.
Demand- Open question. Demand is to get away from this attitude and behaviour.
Approach Take examples of day to day lives and impact of this demon on the society, individual, surroundings, etc.
Corrective steps on these, listening to opinion of others (Dalai lama quote) etc.


Target Mains
23 September
GS I (Earthquake) (Duplex)
Nearly 59 per cent of Indias land area is vulnerable to moderate or severe earthquakes. It shows how out of the total 304 million
households in the country, about 95 per cent are vulnerable to earthquakes in different degrees. Discuss.
Demand- This is geography question which requires knowledge of geomorphology and plate tectonics theory.
Approach Formation of Indian plate, movements and theories (5 marks)
Earthquake zones, magnitude and intensity. Risk involved and damage control (3 marks)
Way ahead (2 marks)
GS II (India and Neighbourhood) (Hattrick)
US lawmakers move bill to designate Pakistan as a terrorist state. What will be the impact on India ? Critically examine. Do you
think war with Pakistan can resolve the terrorism issue?
Demand- The bills effects on terrorism, if passed shall be explained in relationship to India. Also taking steps of war will be feasible to not to India?
Approach Importance of the bill to India. Analyze the step taken by US. Examine the impact on India (5 marks)
War can be solution or not, consequence of staging the war and preparedness. Make a point of global support on war with Pakistan. (3 marks)
Way forward and suggest positive solution
GS III (Economics) (Hattrick)
What are Panama & Bahamas papers? What is the connection with India? Add a note on tax heavens.
Demand- Tax heaven countries and secret investment of Indians to avoid tax shall be discussed.
Meaning and importance of leaks to India. Tax evasion and avoidance in country. Impact of this (5 marks)
Note on tax havens in relation to India. Ways to avoid this, challenges and solution (4 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS IV (lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders) (Simplex) (Analytical)
Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. Discuss.
Demand- Buddhas teaching. Instead of saying so many thing when you can just say one word that ends all of problems in world.
Approach Compare with day-to-day examples and explain
Before you speak out in anger (or with meaningless words) take a breath, concentrate, and be mindful of what comes out of your

24 September
GS I (The Freedom Struggle its various stages and important contributors or contributions from different parts of
the country) (Duplex)
Patriotic writings proliferated almost spontaneously in different languages, as the resistance of a community against foreign rule.
Discuss. Analyse the birth of the novel associated with the social reform-oriented movement of the 19th century.
Demand- Help of writings fighting against foreign rule.
Take the examples like Rangalal in Bengali, Mirza Ghalib in Urdu and Bharatendu Harishchandra in Hindi expressed themselves as the patriotic voice of that era (4 marks)

Historical novels were written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (Bengali), Hari Narayan Apte (Marathi), and others, to
describe the glorious past of India, and to instill nationalist fervour in her people (3 marks)

Novels were found to be the most appropriate medium to eulogize the intellectual and physical richness of the past, and
reminded Indians about their obligations and rights (3 marks)
GS II (Governance, Health sector) (Hattrick)
The use of technology has the potential to revolutionize the health sector administration in India. Discuss critically giving appropriate examples.
Demand- Use of technology in health sector to reach, provide and improve health in India

Current status of health sector administration, issues and need of revolution (3 marks)
Technology Methods by which it can revolutionize, implementation way and effects (4 marks)
Way ahead, challenges and solution (3 marks)


Target Mains
GS III (Internal Security) (Hattrick)
Do you think that maritime terrorism is major threat to India ? Discuss.
Demand- Analysis of present security measures along with measures to be taken to improve

Terror attacks and threats from the sea routes to India. Historical experiences and present status (3 marks)
Measures taken by India to strengthen, its success and failure of measures.(4 marks)
Challenges and way ahead (3 marks)

GS IV (Ethics) (Duplex)
Is ethics important, especially in the public administration setting of a democracy? Is exercising power for the benefit of the supporters of the persons in power appropriate ethically for a public administrator in a democracy?
Demand- Simple two part question. One is the ethics in democracy and another is benefitting supporters by using is power is not
right for democracy

Take example of corruption cases, benefitting family friends, etc. Relate that to ethics
Powers and misuse of it. Recent examples of political power misuse of it.

26 September
GS I (Geography) (Duplex)
What is sea floor spreading? Explain with the evidences in support of it. Describe link between it and the Plate Tectonic Theory
Demand- Static Question. Define sea floor spreading with evidence. Last part, define relation between both theories.
Approach Define & explain sea floor spreading. Provide evidences in support (3+4 marks)
Explain relation between two- Seafloor spreading helps explain continental drift in the theory of plate tectonics (3 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS II (Representation of People Acts) (Duplex)

The Representation of People Acts (RPA) of 1950 and 1951 form the foundation of electoral democracy in India. Elucidate the
limitations RPAs & measures required to strengthen it.
Demand- RPA provisions need to be known and how it has helped electoral democracy. Bring its general limitations and solutions
to improve it.
Approach RPA 1950 and 1951 provisions which has strengthen electoral democracy (3 marks)
Limitations ( 3 marks)
Measures and challenges (4 marks)
GS III (Issues relating to intellectual property rights) (Hattrick)
New Intellectual Property Rights Policy 2016, designed to strengthen Indias IPR regime to foster creativity and innovation,
indicates that it has put the interests of intellectual property owners, or global capital above that of public. Critically examine.
Demand Private sector organisations in the US such as the US Chamber of Commerces Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) consider it as weak and ineffectual.
In its IP index, Indias IPR score is only 7.05 out of 30, while it is 10.41 for Brazil, 12.64 for China, 13.06 for Russia, and 28.61 in
the case of US
Approach Explain the Property rights policy of India in brief. Try to quote few objectives (2 marks)
One side-Many commentators are of the view that Indias TRIPS Agreement (Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) compliant patent regime is quite adequate for balancing the interests of both inventors of new technologies
and its users.
Other side- The pharmaceutical multinational corporations (MNCs) and the government of the United States (US) have been
extremely critical of Indias IPR regime. Explain both sides (6 marks)
-Challenges and way ahead (2 marks)
GS IV (Ethics) (Hattrick)
What is meant by environmental ethics? Why is it important to study? Discuss any one environmental issue from the view point
of environmental ethics ?
Demand- Ethics that studies the relation of human beings and the environment and how ethics play a role in this.


Target Mains
Environmental ethics believe that humans are a part of society as well as other living creatures, which includes plants and
animals. These items are a very important part of the world and are considered to be a functional part of human life.
- Give example- Global warming, global climate change, deforestation, pollution, resource degradation, threat of extinction are
few of the issues from which our planet is suffering. With environmental ethics, you can ensure that you are doing your part to
keep the environment safe and protected.

27 September
GS1 (Modern history)
Besides the freedom movement in India, many Indians in other parts of the world made important contributions to our struggle
for freedom. Discuss these people and their contributions.
Demand Discuss the efforts by Indians outside India.
Indians and organisations founded by them to be mentioned (5 marks)
Their contributions towards fighting the British (5 marks)
GS2 (Fundamental Rights)
What do you understand by the concept of freedom and expression? What is its status in India today? Demand Meaning of freedom of speech and expression, restrictions, important judgments and issues are to be included.
Constitutional provisions (3 marks)
SC judgments (3 marks)
Issues such as sedition, criminal defamation etc (4 marks)
GS3 (Government Budgeting)
A no. of changes have been proposed to the way the Union budget is prepared or presented. These changes are set to be implemented over the next few years. Elucidate.
Demand Changes to when budget is presented, proposed abolition of planned and non-plan expenditure distinction, railway
budget merger.


target mains | september 2016

Brief overview of budget (2 marks)
Discuss planned/non-plan distinction and proposed abolition (3 marks)
Moving up of budget presentation, reasons (2.5 marks)
Railway budget merger (2.5 marks)
GS4 (Ethics)
The SC recently asked the govt to end sterilisation camps. Is it ethical to have a population control measure which affects the
more vulnerable section of society?
Demand Sterilisation camps are mainly for the lower strata of society and can involve elements of coercion. But its necessary to
control population growth. Discuss
Discuss freedom of reproduction, inevitable use of coercion in such programmes (5 marks)
- Impact on society and people (5 marks)

28 September
GS1 (World History)
The 2008 financial crisis has been called the greatest challenge to the world economy since the 1930 Great Depression. What was
the Great Depression? What were its effects on the world, politically, socially, economically?
Demand Discuss the 1930 crisis, and the changes it brought about in the world.
What was the Great Depression? Causes and the event itself. (5 marks)
Explain the changes in the global power distribution and new economic features resulting from it. (5 marks)
GS2 (Appointments to various constitutional posts etc)
Discuss the evolution of the procedure by which Supreme Court judges have been appointed since independence.
Demand Explain how Supreme Court judges have been appointed and the important judgements which have changed the
Constitutional provisions to be discussed. (3 marks)
Important SC judgements such as First Judges case etc. (5 marks)
NJAC Act and latest developments (2 marks)

Target Mains
GS3 (Indian economy)
Should India make special efforts to develop its manufacturing sector? What are the issues with the current sector wise share of
agriculture, industry and service in the Indian economy?
Demand Discuss which sector has what share, and why a larger industrial/manufacturing sector is important.
Basic information on share of each sector (2 marks)
Reasons for large service sector (3 marks)
Reasons why manufacturing sector is important (2.5 marks)
Measures taken by govt. to improve the situation (2.5 marks)
GS4 (Emotional Intelligence)
Emotions can play havoc with our judgement, and can lead us to make bad decisions. What is emotional intelligence and why is it
Demand What is emotional intelligence and why can it lead to good decisions?
How can emotions lead to poor decisions? (3 marks)
What is emotional intelligence? (3 marks)
How does it lead to better decisions? (3 marks)
Examples (1 mark)

29 September
GS1 (World history)
Socialism as given by Karl Marx has brought about a number of revolutions around the world. What are the most prominent
examples of political, social and economic changes brought about by it across the world?
Demand Discuss the changes brought about by socialism and the main features of socialism.
Basic features of socialism (2 marks)
Conflict between capitalistic and socialist systems (3 marks)
Changes in economy (like welfare state), polity (communism) etc (5 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS2 (Global groupings and effects on India)

PM Modi did not attend the recent NAM summit, only the second PM not to do so. Is NAM still important for India?
Demand The decline in importance of NAM in Indias foreign policy is to be discussed.
Origins of NAM and purpose (2 marks)
Brief historical development (3 marks)
Reasons for decline of NAM (3 marks)
Alternative important groups for India (2 marks)
GS3 (Indian economy)
There has been a lot of discussion about the importance of the bankruptcy law and the need to facilitate exit in the Indian economy. Why was the bankruptcy law important and what are the benefits of an easy exit for the economy?
(Aspirants are advised to read the second chapter of the 2015-16 Economic Survey if they are unfamiliar with the topic)
Demand Lack of easy exit in the economy leads to many problems. Discuss
Discuss the changing nature of economy from public to private sector
Discuss how liberalisation allows easy entry but exit is difficult
What are the consequences of a difficult exit?
Measures taken to correct the situation
GS4 (ethics in public administration)
India is a diverse country with many different cultures and values. How does this impact the work culture? How can leaders deal
with this diversity?
Demand Discuss the challenges when people from different cultures and values work in the same office.
What problems arise when people with different values work together?
How would you deal with such problems?


Target Mains
30 September
GS1 (Modern India)
Socialism made a tremendous impact on the Indian freedom struggle, even Gandhiji adopted some socialistic viewpoints later in
his life. Discuss the impact of socialism on the Indian freedom struggle.
Demand Discuss how socialism impacted Indian freedom struggle.
Impact of socialism on leaders (4 marks)
Impact of socialism on organisations, e.g. Congress Socialist Party and the Congress itself 2.5 marks)
Impact of socialism on the Constitution (4 marks)
GS2 (Govt intervention in various sectors)
Should there be state sponsored talent hunts and cultivation of athletes to increase Indias tally in the Olympics? Or should athletes only participate for personal triumph and be awarded when they win medals? Discuss.
Demand Discuss the merit of a reward mechanism vs state sponsored talent hunt.
Discuss the role of government in sports (3.5 marks)
Significance of winning medals in Olympics (3.5 marks)
Discuss which method is better with examples from other countries. (3 marks)
GS3 (Cyber security)
The government is increasingly building large nation-wide databases such as Aadhaar, NATGRID etc. What possible concerns
related to cyber security and surveillance can result from such databases?
Demand These databases will have information on all citizens, discuss the possible security concerns.
List some databases and what information they will contain. (3 marks)
What is cyber security? What are the incidents of hacking? (4 marks)
Is the Indian govt. taking any measures to secure these databases? (3 marks)


target mains | september 2016

GS4 (Ethics in public administration)

Is discretionary power in the hands of public officials necessary for good administration? What are its merits and demerits?
Demand Discuss how freedom in certain matters is a necessary evil in public administration.
Limitations of rules and regulation. (4 marks)
Misuses of such freedom. (4 marks)