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Joyce Padua

Practicum Write-Up
Sylvia Defend
November 29, 2016

Dressing and Makeup Write-Up

My experience as head of dressing and makeup has been one of exponential growth and
quick-paced learning. The role has been both rewarding and stressful in equal measures, but
overall I am pleased with the crews outcome.

The position assigned to me was, admittedly, a slight shock as head of dressing and
makeup had been my third choice, but having had some experience from my first year crews, I
was willing to take on the responsibility. It became very clear, however, that I had no clue where
to begin in terms of forming a crew, a cohesive look for the show, and my responsibilities as
crew head.

Luckily, I found myself surrounded with incredibly informed and helpful co-workers
including Judie Plaza (head of wardrobe) and Adrienne Deeley (head cutter). I often turned to
them when I was unsure of what comes next and both we able to provide their own insight from
past experiences which helped immensely.

One of the most challenging aspects of working as a crew head on APFB was the
directors tendency to avoid vocalizing his exactly what he wants. There was a long dialogue
between myself, Tanner, and Matthew where there seemed to be a lack of clarity from all parties
as to what was desired. This lead to looks being completely changed two week prior to previews,
with limited time to teach my first years.

In saying this, I cannot stress how important my crew was in making the show happen. A
select number of them came in nearly every day of show week, even when they were not called,

in order to assist. It was helpful that Tanner and I were given the opportunity to choose our first
years because we were able to assemble a cohesive unitthere was no in-fighting or animosity
amongst the group.

Some first years of note, who I believe have the drive, desire, and potential to go further
in the production stream are Emily Hughes, Julian Iacob, Karley Jagusic, and Vitoria Matias.

Most of the future improvements I have in mind are simply notes about making
communication a top priority and stressing to our immediate superiors that, while we want to put
all we can into the creation of the show, we do have responsibilities outside of crew.

I, for example, worked two jobs, continued my attendance as a full-time student, and
spent a month living alone after my family returned to the Philippines after the death of my
uncle. This all occurred within the two and a half month span that the show was happening. As
first year had been relatively stress-free for myself, this sudden mountain of responsibility led to
many sleepless nights and exhausted mornings.

If there is any way to lessen this stress, even just a small amount, I would hight suggest
the solution be employed for years to come.