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GPS synchronized Central Time Base for SCADA/EMS Solutions with optional Frequency Monitoring System

The Meinberg LANTIME M300/GPS/SCADA central time base has

been designed to form a highly accurate, stable and reliable time and
frequency reference for SCADA/EMS solutions. The system comes
with an impressive set of interfaces to offer SCADA servers, network
control room displays and operator workstations a central source of
reference time. It uses a built-in Meinberg GPS radio clock as its
reference time source and a highly stable and precise oscillator is
capable of bridging interferences or a temporary loss of reception.
Two M300/SCADA systems can be used in a high-availability mode to
form a fully redundant central time cluster.

Key Features:
Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients (network
time synchronization)

FREQMON Option: Powerline Frequency Monitoring and Data


Web based status and configuration interface and

console based configuration utility

Supported networking protocols include:


If required, the M300/SCADA can be ordered with the FREQMON

option enabling power line frequency monitoring for 50 Hz/60 Hz
power networks (70-270 V). The system can be configured to send
alarm notifications (SNMP traps, E-Mails) when the measured
frequency exceeds a configurable range. The powerline frequency
measurements are recorded 10 times per second (100 ms sampling
frequency) and these recordings can be checked by accessing a web
page that visualizes the recorded measurements. The raw data files
can be retrieved for documentation purposes or to analyze the data
with third party tools.

Alert-Notification system of status changes and PL Frequency

Limit violations by email, WinMail, SNMP

Supports up to 16 wall mount display units which can be

connected via a TCP/IP network to display the powerline
frequency, current time and other values

Sends 10 frequency measurements per second to data acquisition

software over a network connection

Full SNMP v1,v2,v3 support with own SNMP-daemon

for status monitoring, configuration and SNMP Trap messages

USB port for performing updates, lock front panel,

and backup/restore configuration and log files.

Antenna can be positioned up to a distance of 300m to the

receiver with standard coaxial cable RG58

Four independant RJ-45 ethernet interfaces 10/100 MBit with

VLAN support and automatic link failure detection/reconfiguration

Programmable Pulse outputs for PPM, PPS and other signals with
high accuracy
The Cluster Functionality includes automatic reconfiguration of both
master and standby systems in case of a status change and will only
take a few seconds to switch over from one NTP server to the next
The FREQMON option can update a set of Meinberg display units
with different data records: Powerline Frequency, Frequency Deviation
(Delta Frequency), Standard Time (GPS Time), System Time
(Powerline Time) and Time Deviation (Delta Time). The data is
transmitted over a standard TCP/IP network connection to up to 16
displays or data acquisition storage systems.

Three LEDs (green/red) indicate the status of the three main

components: Reference Time (GPS), Time Synchronization Service
(NTP) and Network (Link status). A fourth red LED is labelled ALARM
and can be configured to signal any event that is covered by the
notification handling routines.

Three-Year Warranty
Lifetime Technical Support via Telephone or E-Mail
including Firmware Updates

MEINBERG Funkuhren
GmbH & Co. KG

Lange Wand 9
D-31812 Bad Pyrmont, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 52 81 93 09 - 0

+49 (0) 52 81 93 09 - 30
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LANTIME M300/GPS/SCADA Technical Characteristics

Front Panel:

Signal Outputs:

1 x RS232 front panel interface , 9pin D-Sub male connector

for initial setup and configuration

2 x RS232 interface, independent, 9pin D-Sub female connector,

with following data formats:
- Meinberg Standard-Telegram, SAT, NMEA0183 (RMC),

1 x USB (Rev. 1.1) front panel interface to:

- backup and restore configuration files
- lock/unlock front panel keys
3 x Bicolor LEDs: Ref. time (e.g. GPS),
Time Synchronization Service (NTP) and Network-Link status
1 x Red alarm LED (configurable)
1 x LC Display, 40 character x 2 rows

Network Interfaces:

1 x Pulse Per Second (PPS), TTL into 50 ohm,

pulse duration 200 msec, active high, female BNC connector
1 x Pulse Per Minute (PPM), TTL into 50 ohm,
pulse duration 200 msec, active high, female BNC connector
1 x Pulse Per Minute (PPH), TTL into 50 ohm,
pulse duration 200 msec, active high, female BNC connector
1 x Standard Frequency 10 MHz, TTL into 50 ohm,
female BNC connector

4 x LAN interface, RJ45 connector, status LEDs for link, activity,

speed (10/100 Mbit)

Synchronization Source Input:

1 x Meinberg GPS antenna input, BNC female connector, isolated

3 x Programmable Pulses Out (Photo MOS Relays), 3pin DFK

connector, can be porgrammed to generate PPS, PPM, PPH and
other pulse intervals/durations
1 x Alarm Relay Output, change-over contact, 3pin DFK connector

System Power Supply and Dimensions:

Power supply: 100-240 VAC
(also available in different DC variants)
(FREQMON powerline measurements are performed
using a separate independent AC input socket)

Metal 19" modular chassis, 1U/84HP, slimline

483 mm wide x 43 mm high x 285 mm deep

Scope of Supply:
Each LANTIME M300/GPS/SCADA system will be delivered with a
MEINBERG GPS Antenna/Converter unit mounted in a waterproof
plastic case, mounting kit and 20 m (65.6 feet) of RG58 coax cable
as well as a power cable with US-or European power supply plug.
Please note that the maximum GPS antenna cable length is 300m
with standard RG58 cable and up to 600m with RG213 cable. A fiber
optic antenna solution is available for special environments.
Package dimensions:
60 cm x 40,5 cm x 27 cm / approx. gross weight per box: 9 kg.
(23.6 inch x 15.9 inch x 10.6 inch / approx. gross weight
per box: 19.8 pound).
GPS Antenna/Converter Unit with mounting kit

MEINBERG Funkuhren
GmbH & Co. KG

Order Codes:

Lange Wand 9
D-31812 Bad Pyrmont, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 52 81 93 09 - 0

+49 (0) 52 81 93 09 - 30
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