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‘THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA An Act to amend the Education Ordinance [28mm Apri, 1967] Enactep by the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania. 1. This Act may be cited as the Education Ordinance (Amendment) Sher ile Act, 1967, and shall be read as one with the Education Ordinance. 4 icucion Gp. 6 2, Section 8 of the Education Ordinance is hereby amended by add- Secon $ of ing immediately below subsection (1) the following new sut :— On. “(1a) Tn addition to the functions conferred upon the Local Education Authority by subsection (1) such Authority may, with the approval of the Minister, prescribe, by resolution, school fees payable in respect of the primary schools or groups of primary schools situate within the area of its jurisdiction or deemed under Paragraph (a) of subsection (2) of section 7 to be so situate: _ Provided that any fees prescribed by a Local Education Autho- rity under this subsection shall not be less than the minimum fees prescribed by the Minister under section 38 of the Education Ordi- hance in respect of such schools.’ Passed in the National Assembly on the seventeenth day of April, 1967. Printed by the Govemmgat Pinter, Dar et Salaam,