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Concept:The concept is to have People Manager assigned to specific number of

(*** At present, people manager will be an additional responsibility given to an
employee apart from his / her routine technical project deliverables.)

The main agenda of this concept is to:

1. Increase average tenure of an employee in an organization with the help
of employee retention strategies and policies.
2. Maximum utilization of an employee and in terms knowledge / technology
asset generation for the org.
For the implementation of above two agendas following could be the
execution plan:
1. Identifying People Managers. ( At this stage, people managers need not be
mixed up with Unit Heads positions )
Any person whom management finds could take up this responsibility can
be chosen as People manager.
2. Deciding the number of employees one people manager will have in
his/her team.
3. Assignment of employees to their respective People managers.
** This distribution of employees has to be done tactfully. ( Right set of
people should be assigned to right people manager )
One people manager should have mixture of employees assigned to him.
i.e. People manager should have combination of functional module people
+ technical people assigned to him.
4. If any Unit head is also working as people manager then team working
with him for his / her unit need not be the same team which he / she is
handling as people manager.
Specifically in our case, considering current circumstances employees can
switch from one unit to another unit.
5. People Manager would be accountable for following things:
A. Employee Utilization Optimization:
1. Co-ordination with respective project managers regarding technical
project work.
Can be done on Bi-monthly call basis with project managers.
(* This will help in increasing communication between People
managers & project managers / Leads / unit leads).
2. Quarterly extra activities KRAs / calendar to be set by people
manager for employees.
3. Whenever any resource requirement is generated, people manager
can push employees under him / her, who are on bench. Having
employees with different technologies, people manager can



communicate with business development team regarding new

opportunities for the employees on bench in their technologies.
Shifting employees (specially Technical people) from one technology
to another technology depending on the projects demands.
Training programs arrangements for employees. For this people
managers can communicate and co-ordinate for common training
programs. Even HR will communicate to people managers if they
have employees on bench under them. So HR will only have to
communicate with respective people managers. Also, people
managers will be in touch with HR for recruitment of new employees
depending on the skill set they are having with them and demand
put by BD team.
(*In future, it could be the case that people manager will be
reporting to a Unit head.
So, employees working for his / her unit may belong to different
people manager who all will report him / her for employees working
on respective Units project.
Role of people manage will remain same. But due to this unit heads
will be able to focus more on business development than employee
Organization wide fixed plan to be followed by people manager for
employees on bench.
Six monthly review and evaluation of the employees.

B. Increasing average tenure of an employee in an Organization:

1. Yearly growth plan (Money wise & Knowledge wise )for an employee
to be prepared and fixed. Even if 70-80 % of the plan is achieved it
will help in creating positivity in an employee.
2. Monitoring of time spent b21y the employee in the organization and
communicating about his / her future plans or expectations from
organizations accordingly.
3. Provision of basic services to employees who are onsite. People
manager will have to co-ordinate with project manager / program
manager and depending on the project budget, people manager has
to ensure that these things are provided.
4. Continuous involvement of an employee in new technologies and
organization building activities.
5. People manager has to make sure that policies designed by HR are
being followed for his / her team.

How to get it done from people manager:

1. People manager will have his / her KRAs defined on half yearly basis. This
could involve:
- Non technical activities done by his team.
- Number of resignations from his / her team along with reasons.

Contribution of team members for organization development. People

manager will have to promote the activities done by his / her team.
2. Feedback given by team members about people manager. This can be
covered in yearly talk with employees carried out by HR.
3. Evaluation criteria for people manager could be the size of team he / she
is handling as people manager. This should be just one of the
measurement criteria as this is going to be an additional responsibility
taken by people manager apart for his / her technical delivery contribution
to the project.