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Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

BEE3313 Principle of Control System

LAB 1: Proportional Speed Control

Mapping CO,PO,Domain,KI : CO3, PO3, P5, CTPS5
CO3: Analyze control system performance in terms of transient and steady-state response of a linear
time-invariant systems
PO3: Modern Tool Usage - Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern
engineering and IT tools, including prediction and modelling, to complex engineering
activities, with an understanding of the limitations.
P5: Psychomotor - Complex Overt Response
CTPS5: Critical thinking problem solving An ability to make decision based on strong proof

Lab Requirement:
a) TECQUIPMENT CE110 Servo Trainer
b) TECQUIPMENT CE120 Servo Controller

You are a control engineer in a manufacturing industry that produces papers. In the
packaging of papers, the speed at which the paper is fed through must be precisely
controlled at each stage. You have been asked to look into the suitability of a servosystem that will be used in one of the packaging processes. In particular, you have to
investigate the performance of the system upon the servo-system speed control loop using
a Servo Trainer. In order to do that, the following guidelines on the tasks that are
supposed to be carried out, are provided.
Verification of relationship between steady state error, and
i) constant reference signal
ii) proportional controller gain
with the implementation of proportional controller gain of the Servo Trainer as shown
in Figure 1.

Figure 1


given by

1 + 1

= steady state error

= constant reference signal
1 = gain (1)
= proportional controller gain

1) Increase the reference speed, as given by the potentiometer output, in steps of 1 V
from 2 V to 10 V and record the corresponding errors signals in Table 1.
Table 1:

2) Vary the controller gain from 1 to 10 in steps of 1 and record the corresponding
error signal readings in Table 2.
Table 2



Write a comprehensive report on your verification and investigation that includes all the
procedures undertaken, findings and analysis.
Important Notes:
When operating with the Servo Trainer, you should ensure that the selected inertial load
is firmly secured by the knurled nut provided and that the access door is firmly closed.
The access door has a micro-switch, which prevents the motor turning when the door is
opened. Therefore, it is important to ensure the door is firmly shut and the micro-switch
is engaged when closing the door.
Report Writing
Each student must submit one report independently; use standard Lab report cover
page and standard IEEE format as provided in the guideline. Your report must
including the abstract, introduction, methodology, results & discussion, conclusion and
references. The numbers of pages MUST NOT exceed four (4) pages. Please write your
report using your own sentences and based on your understanding towards the lab
experiment. Copying from the lab manual really does not help you to improve your
grade. Laboratory report must be submitted on November 24th 2016, (for Group A)
and November 29th 2016 (for Group B) by 4.00 PM. Late submission will be
penalized per day basis (1% downgraded per day). Attach together at the end of
Lab report with Rubric Report evaluation.

Plagiarism Policy
It has been stated in the universitys policy that plagiarism is an act of misconduct.
Therefore, if you are caught practicing plagiarism in writing your lab report, you will be
severely penalized and reported to the Dean.