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The Reflection about letter P

(English Subject)
Teaching is something important to me. Something I like to do it. Something I enjoy does it. I
like to deal and teach children. In every teaching, first I plan what I will teach for the children
and I plan the lesson in my mind, second I write my lesson plan. Third, I prepare my materials
and what I should use in my lesson, how to manage my classroom and how to be on time for
everything in the lesson (punctual). Fourth, check everything in the classroom (technology of the
classroom). The last one, make sure that explain the various method to let students understand
the lesson before I leave the class. I think these five are my strategies points and I make sure do
it all of them. When the teacher (I) have a lesson to teach students, she should have lesson plan B
because if she needs to change the lesson or had a problem she will know how to deal with it.
Activities are more important things to me because the child learns to throw the hand on
activities. In fact, children like and enjoy in hand on activities. Now I will reflect my two
teaching practice by connecting with theories.
On Monday 24 of Oct, in the Al Resalah American International School. Specially in KG2-A.
There 23 students in the classroom. At 11:00 am was my teaching practice. The subject was
English and the lesson was about letter P. before I explain the lesson I welcomed them, introduce
myself and gave students love and care. According to Froebel's, his vision was to stimulate an
appreciation and love for children and to provide a new but small world (Ellington, 1998-2006).
Students love and like when someone cares and gives them love, that also will help the
environment of the learning. I felt happy because when I told them do any one know my name,
most of them say we know you, you are Miss Safa. After that I does something so important to
me to manage the classroom and this strategic I was working in to improve it (control the
classroom). I remind students the rules of the classroom, when I remind them they remember and
students behave. I encourage students by giving the happy face if they behave and pay attention
to me. I do a review for them about what the letters that they took and I said today we would
learn new letters, did you happy to know the letter that we will learn today? Most of them say
yes with big smiling.
Then I show the students the exploring bag, in this bag I was putting letter P and I told them do
not look at the letter inside the bag, they should touch the letter only. I put around 4 to five
students to explore, and I put to them ABC song while students explore the letter, it works nicely
and students active with me when they hear the song of ABC, but the think that I need to
improve it is do not let students say the answer of their exploring in the high voice, the children
should have to tell me in my ear and after all students who are exploring they can share to their
friends, then I can say if correct or not. Most of the students who explore the say the right
answer. I reward students when they answer also if the answer wrong. After the engaging by the
exploring bag, students explore the letter and explain what they the letter, and then they gave me
an example from the real life. For example, P for pizza. After that I showed them a picture of
letter P and let the to say P and showed them pictures of things that start or have letter P, like
pizza, pineapple and pencil. It was good and students know the pictures before I told them, I was
so happy because they involved with me and I took their attention. After that, I let them write

letter P on the board. I make students center. Some of the students make a balance between
assimilation and accommodation. According to Piaget, he believed that all children try to strike a
balance between assimilation and accommodation (Cherry, 2016). After that time of group
activities. I do three different activities for three levels (high, middle and low). High level: was
students complete the words that have letter P and color or design letter P. Middle level: students
should cut the pictures that have letter P and stick it on letter P. Low level: students wrote letter P
then they stick cotton on above of the letter P. honestly students enjoy and like the activities and
one of the children say if we finish that we will do other activities than she says I like the activity
so much thank you miss Safa, I proud of myself because I made something that students like to
do it.
It was a useful lesson, students had different experiences and me as the teacher gets several
pieces of knowledge from the students. I reinforcement students in a positive way. According to
Skinner, he said positive reinforcement strengthens a behavior by providing a consequence an
individual finds rewarding (McLeod, 2007). I hope to improve what I think it needs to improve it
and next time is better than this day. I will never forget this amazing day.

High group activity

Middle group activity

Low group activity

In my reference I also will include the video of my lesson plan APA.

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