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EPC 2903

Teaching Practice Booklet

PDP + Professional Activities

PDP Professional Development Plan (1)
Best classroom management .Diversity in teaching modeling and strategies .Best teaching and using pronunciation My last teaching practice , I had difficult time to
manage my class and to teach them. So the activities
that I was doing with them were not suitable for all
students. So in my last teaching practice I taught
grade 3 and the lesson was about the my community
so I had mistaken with pronounce the word
. ambulance

Goal 1
specific and)
ection of
practice (what
led to this

.I will observe the classroom and the students Strategies

I will set with my MST to discuss with her to give me (include
.advice about teaching
I will ask my MST about different strategies to use it needed)
.when I teach
Evidence of Progress towards goal
When I get success in reach my
goals I faced some problems like I
improve in my skills but I can't
manage the class and the students
were not under control. So I solve
this problem by warning them and
give them a point if they be quite
.and I did well in this stage

I reach my goals by using advice my

mentor. I read many website that talk
about how to be a success teacher and I
think this will help me to be
professional teacher. The evidence like I
use my teacher advice and I did well
when I was teach the students. In the
TP I use the claps hand strategy this
kind of strategy were help me to control
.the class and manage it

I have many goals I want to achieve it after the TP. My

first goal is learn new strategies and learn how to
manage the classroom. Also my goals is to be more
confident while I teaching and raise my voice and be
sure about I teach exactly. Make different and
creative activities for the students
After the Task Refection

New or
modified goal

EPC 2903
Teaching Practice Booklet

Reflect upon your progress towards your goals.

So first the Teaching is an interactive profession. Students learn best
from teachers who demonstrate they care. Be friendly but recognize you
cannot be their friend. Determine to find the right balance between
being liked and being respected. Make it a goal never to damage the
self-esteem of a student and to always be patient, fair and kind.
Appreciate the value of maintaining a close relationship with your
students' parents; recognize them as allies and enlist their support
when necessary. Make it a priority to give good news as frequently, if
not more often, than bad news or complaints. Keep the lines of
communication open. So as we students teacher teaching is a time for
emerging educators to clarify their personal goals and objectives as well
as learn the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom. My goals
will have already developed a philosophy of education based upon their
own experiences as students, while others will develop their
philosophies as they gain practical experience and observe veteran
teachers. Student teachers like us must decide for themselves what are
the most important aspects of the teaching profession and what they
most want to accomplish

EPC 2903

Teaching Practice Booklet

PDP Professional Development Plan (2)

Take some time to read through your MST/MCT report from last semester. Highlight (or take notes) on
comments which identify points of development. Choose one or two which you feel are especially important
and write them in the table. Then decide which competency it is, what you want to achieve in this area this
.semester and finally note how you will achieve this
.Have a notice about what the group is doing including the checklist


.Use a assessment during the activities and do the checklist in the board

Action Points
I will use the advice that my MCT/MST give about the have a notice and
.use the checklist

Write full lesson plans which include beginning, middle and end content/ tasks
that support achieving the learning objectives


Planning for learning

Make a lesson plan that have all
Action Points
I will follow what they tell me about the lesson plan and I will make lesson
.include everything

EPC 2903

Teaching Practice Booklet

After the Task - Refection

Reflect upon your progress towards your goals.

Learning objectives that form the basis for expected student understanding. Competency goals drive
curriculum and instruction and describe the core of knowledge and skills students will command upon
completion of a unit of study or grade level. So my goals as I am students teacher I will change it to goals
that everyone impressed and liked. The goals is important thing when you teach because its help you to
achieve all your objective for the students. When I set a goal for myself I make myself accountable to finish the
task. This is in complete contrast with when you do things based on a whim and it doesnt matter
whether you complete them or not. Goals tend to stick in your mind and if not completed they give you a
Shoot! I was supposed to do today! reminder. These reminders in the back of your head help you to
overcome procrastination and laziness. So as I will be a teacher in the future I must do my best and work
hard to achieve all my goals without help anyone . in addition I will use all the advice that I have it and
.achieve it with my goals

Professional Activities

EPC 2903

Teaching Practice Booklet

Commitment to the Profession

Evaluate the importance of a range of professional activities across the school (assembly, bus duty, extracurriculum clubs)
Actively participate in professional activities across the school

& Date



I attend Arabic class to see what the

.students learn

Arabic class


In this planning meeting I set with my

MST and other teacher just for grade
.one about the planning for next week

Planning meeting




My MST have a break duty in some

days and in different breaks. The
Gymnastics that she teaches sport for
grade three and four with other
teacher after her students go to home
.just twice a week

Break duty +


Sport class after her classes time




I teach the students math about

.counting and Phonics

Math + Phonics


I teach them Phonics and I set with a

.group and tell a story for them

Phonics +
Guided reading


I teach them Phonics and I set with a

.group and tell a story for them

Phonics +
Guided reading




Telling story for different levels of


Guided reading


I teach the students Math about how



EPC 2903

Teaching Practice Booklet

.to measure the high of animals




They have Incas testing first three

classes in the computer about what
.they study

Incas testing


I teach them story about dear zoo

after I finish I set with them to read a
.story for low group

English + Guided



Just observe
Gift Observe


Just set with my MST

Bring gifts for my MST and my