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Oct 7th, 2016

Attn: Human Resources Nurse Recruiter
Re: Ms. Karen Hatch
It is my pleasure to provide a letter of recommendation for my current student, Ms. Karen Hatch. Karen will be graduating in
December 2016 from The University of Arizonas Registered Nursing program with her Bachelors degree in Nursing.
Presently, I am now teaching two of Karens required senior year nursing capstone courses. The theory course known as, Nursing
Leadership and Management in Health Systems, is a 5 credit course that introduces core systems management and leadership content,
including leadership and management roles and their application to a variety of health care settings. The 2nd course, known as
Transition to the Professional Nursing Role is a 6 credit clinical practicum that provides an opportunity to perform in the role of the
professional nurse in an acute hospital setting. Both of these courses are senior nursing capstone experiences.
In our senior clinical course, nursing practice consists of 180 acute care hours in a hospital setting which Karen completed
successfully at The Veterans Administrations hospital (VA) in Tucson Arizona in their Medical Surgical Care Unit, 2 South. This
particular unit at the VA is an extremely busy area, giving Karen opportunities to perform in the role of the professional Registered
Nurse, and to gain valuable experiences with critical thinking and the application of theory to nursing practice with patients. At the
completion of Karen clinical rotation, Karen successfully provided safe clinical nursing care for 5 ill patients with confidence and
expertise. As her clinical faculty, I was impressed by Karens preparedness for her clinicals each day, leadership abilities, as well as
her intellect and professionalism in caring for her patients with a positive attitude. Additionally, during this rotation with me, many
staff commented favorably concerning Karens clinical judgement, maturity, and warmth in caring for her patients.
As you are aware, Karen is committed to a career within your facility as a Registered Nurse. I strongly believe Karen is well suited to
this service endeavor. As a nurse, I have personally observed Karens excellent clinical initiative and leadership abilities, and unique
understanding of clinical prioritizing, and treatment. Karen also possesses the ability to think and respond quickly in time-sensitive
situations. As her faculty I have also admired her sincere work ethic, commitment to solid teamwork, exceptional attention to high
quality patient care, as well as her tremendous sense of caring she provides to all of her patients. These personal qualities of Karens,
I believe, are key ingredients leading to exceptional RN clinical practice and patient care.
Without hesitation, I highly recommend Karen hatch as one of the top RN applicants you will consider among others. I am happy to
be contacted by phone to speak further about Karen Hatch, and to answer any additional questions. I can be reached at 520 626-7025
or via email at Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this exceptional student nurse and leader.
Sincerely Yours,

Mary OConnell, Clinical Instructor and Course Chair, College of Nursing, The University of Arizona