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The thesis began by an introduction which shows the

importance of the items associated with my research such as
Alteration, Social Alteration and Development with its
different types such as economic Development, Sociological
Development and Human development. Sociological
development is considered one of the most important
phenomena which cope with the human society, but I can also
say, it is for sure the most important feature of Human
societies. Development and alteration of human societies is
After that, the researcher represents the different
definitions of the Social Alteration, its factors, features and
then the results and impacts of the Social Alteration. F. Allen
ensures that Social Alteration affected the structure of the
family with its duties so it has an impression on the change of
its status and social roles
The researcher identified the core of the issue by studying
the development policies of Malaysia and their impacts on
Social Alteration which happened in Malaysia.

Then the researcher identified a number of

key questions of that issue to clarify the impact
of development policies on the sociological
alteration in the Malaysian society some of these
questions are:
1-Have the policies of education and scientific
research played a vital role in achieving high
standards of development and economic

2-Has the large budget dedicated for education

participated in development of education and
supporting development of Malaysia?
3-Has the leadership of the political regime led
to the development and social change?
4-To what extent did the cultural component of
the Malaysian community contribute in the
development of attention?
5-Did the political parties play a vital role in
supporting fields of development?
6-Is there a relationship between the
democratic political stability and the success
of the economic political experiment of
7-Is the political situation in Malaysia supported
by suitable proprieties to exceed the limit of
economic development
because Malaysia
did not face the problem of any military
The Malaysian developmental experiment is
considered an important model to get the
attention of experts. Malaysia was only an
agricultural country which depended on rubber

and also the extraction of tin. It is now a

manufacturing country.

So that, it can be said that the scientific aim of the

research is:
1-To focus on the different dimensions of
developing policies in Malaysia and how it
integrated with the economic plans of
development and co-ordination among its
2- To recognize the levels of human development
in Malaysia and analyze it according to aims of
the 3rd millennium by focusing on its
achievements in the field of health and
education. Also to put an end to poverty and
achieve an accepted limit of social safety.
3-To draw conclusions about our analysis for the
Malaysian real experiment whether they were
successful lessons or elements of strength or
varieties that controlled that experiment of
development and renaissance.

That will be followed by an explanation of the

concept of developmental policies and aims of the
international development. Also to clarify the form

of economic and sociological polices, Additionally

that is required to clarify the key elements of the
economic and sociological Strategy and the role of
the government in it. Justice in all sectors of the
country such as education. Health and social

After that the researcher began to deal with the

issue of his research according to the theory of
Gunnar Myrdal because development is a
method to cause the social alteration which is
responsible for building the society and its
systems. Development is an aspect of social
alteration which appears through the cultural
and sociological frame of the society.
Development according to that meaning is
responsible for social alteration if its programs
goes forward under scientific supervision.
The researcher showed the 6 principles of
Gunnar Myrdal. He also focused on the
psychological factors for any development
process. It is considered a complicated process.
It is obvious that Mr. Mahathir Mohammad the
successfully by his country from a small
developing country to be one of the best Asian
Economic tigers with one of the fastest growing

economists in Asia and Pacific Ocean. He did

not depend on the European developing model
but some Asian developing experiments like
the Japanese experiment, South Korean
Experiment and Chinese experiment as models
for the Malaysian development.

That is followed by presenting the previous

studies with their results on social alteration.
There are 3 developing experiments for South
experiments must be observed carefully
because of having many useful guidelines for
developing countries to put an end for their

The researcher focused on the developing

polices of MALAYSIA. Polices taken before the
development and polices taken after the
development to show all the factors that
supported the developing process to go
forward like economic and political factors. He
also mentioned some obstacles which faced
the development process in Malaysia. He
focused on the role of Asian traditions and the
friendship co-operation among the different
races of Malaysia as an entrance to the issue of

his research the social alteration The study

focused also on development polices on
economic and sociological fields from 2000 to

Research Methodology:
The researcher used the historical analysis as a
descriptive methodology to interpret the
periods of alteration in the development of
Malaysia. Moreover, the comparing method to
compare quantity indexes in order to recognize
the developing policies before development
and after development. This study represents
the historical period from the social perspective
of the different dimensions of development.
The study showed that, there is a successful
experiment made by Malaysia to transfer from
a poor country that grow rubber to a very fast
model in developing among undeveloped
countries in the last 50 years.
1.The study showed that policies of economic
and sociological were planned accurately
and to be achieved in a long period of time.
Some economic and political factors helped
to achieve its success too.

2.What was achieved in the field of

sociological safety and security from one
prospective to decrease the rate of poverty.
Malaysia tried to expand the cover of social
insurance too.
1.The government must adapt a policy
which is responsible for
economic development exactly such as
Malaysia in its experiment.
2.It is essential to put an end to corruption
by all its aspects (Administrative,
financial, moral ... etc).
3. The need to correct the great imbalance
in the national wealth and national
distribution exactly such as Malaysia in
its experiment.