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Student Arrival / Dismissal Information / Attendance
Student Arrival Procedures
Students may begin to enter the building at 9:00 am. The front door is for bussing
students only. The VermontJefferson Ave., Best St., and Dodge St. and Bremen street
entrances open at 9:00 am and will remain open until 9:30 am. Students will immediately
proceed to classrooms upon entering the building.
Dismissal Procedure
Children may begin to get ready for dismissal at 3:05 pm.
Walkers are to be dismissed at 3:10 pm. Parents picking up their children are to
use the Vermont StJefferson Ave. door. Family members picking up children are to be at
the school no later then 3:20. At that time, any student remaining will be escorted to the
main office and a parent will be contacted. Children will not be dismissed between
Bus children are to wait quietly in their classrooms. Buses will begin to be
called at 3:10. Listen for bus number and animal name. grade level to be announced
and escort children down to the door by Rm. 109. Children are to walk down to the
common area towards the main hallway. TTeachers are responsible for monitoring the
exit of their children and the common area as children walk and get on their busthrough
the areas to the front door. If a students bus is not here, proceed walking them into the
auditorium and monitor the student until 3:35. At that time, an administrator will stay
with these children until their busses arrive. Any buses that have not arrived by 3:35 will
be called to wait in the main hallway (no more than 3).
Please Note: It is critical that every staff member be attentive to the children. Our
goal is to facilitate a safe and careful entry and exit at all times.
Late Buses
Should there be more than 3 buses that have not arrived by 3:35, volunteers will
assist with monitoring the students in the classroom areas. When there are only 3 buses
that have not arrived by 3:35, they will be called to wait in the main hallway.Please
remember that if a students bus is not here when you walk them around for dismissal,
you need to continue to proceed to the auditorium. DO NOT STOP on the sidewalk as
this creates a back up with the other grade levels.
Please check each childs tag for correct information. Remove any old tags. No
child will be permitted to board a bus without a bus tag. All questions/changes
regarding bus transportation should be directed to the transportation coordinator. We will
not be issuing one-day bus passes. Post a list of children and which bus they ride and
list the walkers by your classroom door. This should be hanging on a clipboard and
accessible for any substitute in your room.

Any child arriving after 9:30 A.M. is tardy and must report to the late desk in the
main hallway to sign-in. The child will be issued a late pass, which must be given to the
classroom teacher before being admitted to class.
Please Note: Children who are tardy because of late buses ARE NOT to be marked tardy.

District Attendance Policy

The attendance policy begins upon the first day of formal enrollment in each
class. Enrollment in class begins when a teacher is notified of placement. An absence is
recorded for any activity not sponsored by the Buffalo Board of Education.
Procedures for Taking Attendance
All teachers will take attendance via Infinite Campus.
Attendance will be taken for each subject.
All attendance must be marked in Infinite Campus by 4:00 pm daily.
When a teacher is absent, attendance will be entered by the main office staff.
Visit the online resources for tutorials on Infinite Campus.
Attendance Referral Procedures (DEMARIO)

Discuss with students the importance of being in school every day and how it
relates to their success in school.
Keep Track of student attendance for your room. Check the attendance card and
the student attendance category reports each month.
Students approaching 5-8 days absent should receive a phone call home by their
Make contact with a parent/guardian if a child is chronically absent, or you notice
a pattern of absences.
If attendance does not improve, refer student to the AP or social worker. A letter
will be sent home (a copy of this letter will be given to you for your records).
Make a referral when absences reach more than 8, or if you cannot contact parent.
Please indicate this information on the attendance referral form.
If students are absent for 3 consecutive days make a phone call home to parents.
Inquire about the child and ensure parents that make-up work will be available
upon students return.

Keep logs documenting the actions you have taken in response to students absences.
This information will be needed to properly fill out the Attendance Referral Form.
Make and Keep one copy of completed Attendance Referral Form for your records.
***Refer to the school attendance policy and procedures on the schools webpage.***
New Pupils
Any new pupil assigned to your room must be accompanied by a completed
registration sheet that indicates room placement. Add these students to your room list
immediately. Every effort will be made by the office to give the teacher advanced

warning so that they can prepare for this new student and obtain a desk, and needed
IMPORTANT - When pupils arrive in your room, check to see if you have their name on
your class list. Any new child not on your list should not be allowed into the room
without a new registration form from the office. Be sure to place an E on the attendance
card for the first day the student reports to school.

Release of Pupils During School Hours

Buffalo Public Schools Directive
The procedure which governs the release of pupils from school during school
hours represents a policy of long standing in the Buffalo Public Schools.
Teachers should always refer any request for the release of a child from classes to
the main office.
A child may not be released to any person not known by the principal or teacher
to be the legal parent or guardian of the child. As a result of divorce or separation, a
parent sometimes does not have legal custody of the child.
When a child is ill, the clinic will notify parents if it is necessary for the child to
be sent home. The clinic should then notify the main office that someone will be coming
to pick the child up.
Under no circumstances should a child be dismissed or be permitted to leave the
building while school is in session except as indicated above.
If a parent wishes to have a student excused earlier than the regular dismissal time, he/she
must bring a note signed by the parent with a phone number, stating the reason, date and
time. The note must be sent to the office and the parent must then sign the release of the
student in the designated sign-out book located in the main office. Students will be
called to the office when the parent arrives. Be sure to confirm with the main office
that the parent is physically in the main office before releasing the child. When
possible please send students to the office with an adult. Students may not use the
office phone to call parents for early dismissal.